2015 Feng Shui and Ba Zi Review

Posted On 01/12/2014

Hello everyone!
Slots are now opened for 2015 Feng Shui & Ba Zi Review. Do email me at zacken99@hotmail.com to fix an appointment date.

For Ba Zi review, do bring along the Ba Zi Analysis report.  If the Ba Zi Analysis report is lost, please email me your date and time of birth again (do note that waiting time will be longer).





Year of Snake 2013

Posted On 11/02/2013
Finally I have time to take a breather and to talk about the Year of Snake which finally happen ????
Have been sooooo busy for the past one year that I have not been able to update my blog with all my interesting encounters ????
Anyway, let’s start talking about the Snake!  This year water snake year, 癸巳年is a water-fire year where water extinguish fire, meaning 2013 will be favorable to the people who are in need of the water element but not for those who are in need of the fire element.
People who need water element will enjoy the good fortune for 2013, many good things will happen to them!
People who need wood element will also enjoy the good luck for 2013, but it all come through effort.
People who need metal element, is a exhausting year. A lot of life problem n issue need to be resolve.
People who need fire element – Well is a rather down year. No luck no helpful person around to help. A lot of obstacles arise throughout this year.
People who need earth element, is a achieving year. As long as you put in effort you will see result. Its a good year but its a self depending year.
Travellers should avoid traveling to middle east area.
As there are too much water energy this year. I would like to urge all Singaporeans beware of the greatest enemy of 2013 … The ades mosquitoes!!!! Yes! Mosquitoes  causing dengue fever will be the greatest problem face by Singaporeans in 2013.
Mosquitoes unknown to many is actually an water element creature and in this water abundance year this creature became a negative . So friends do beware.
People born in 1932, 1941,1950,1959,1968, 1977,1986, 1995, 2004 should be more careful in 2013. No risk taking events or dangerous activities. Must look after health and stay low profile in 2013.
North Sector- a good area to be activate with big aquarium or water feature for investment luck and good social luck.
South Sector- a good area to activate with bright  real flowers, red stuff  or light if wish to developed a good relationship in family for love.
East Sector- a bad area in 2013. Arguments n legal issue can b cause by this area if this place hv too much water or greens.
West Sector- this sector will b activated if you place a lot of metal stuff here. By activating this area family members may experience accident n young children may have health issue.
Southwest Sector- if your house have a old n sickly mother please no red stuff or too much movement here ,if not sickness start will be activated.
Northwest Sector- a very safe sector
South East Sector- having more plants n water here will improve the learning of children.
Northeast Sector- best sector in 2013 , make it red n having constant moving object here is a blessing to all in the house hold.

2012 壬辰年

Posted On 22/01/2012

Well , well well….. A new lunar year is here again

Have been so busy for the past one year , not been able to update my blog with all my interesting encounters yet.  Hope I will be able to do it more regularly this year..

This year is a Dragon year,  a very significant year for us Chinese as we like to call ourselves 龙的传人 。。 Dragon in the 12 earthly stem is known as 辰, and this year is 壬辰年, 壬 is water and 辰 is earth.  So many like to address this year as water dragon year.

Dragon is a very mystical animal, in the 12 animal earthly branch, Dragon is the only one that cannot really prove to be existing unless u have a open and active 3rd eye.

Dragons are spiritual beings that can b found in all the 5 element planes.  And they carry mystic power…which include shape shifting.

In many olden text records, there are always big changes taking place in Dragon years ..which I believe will be happening again this year.

In the element theory, earth control water. Therefore its another clashing year… which we would expect a lot of conflict around the world.

辰 in ba zi theory is earth, its also a store, a water store.
So we can see that this year water element is rather strong .

In 易经, we know that in every situation, Ying and yang is always trying to be balance, so in such a “watery” year, fire should be seen quite frequently n strongly as to balance this strong water year. Arsons, volcano eruptions and fire disasters is expected to be seen quite frequently this year.

Fire will be a very needy element, meaning ppl who run fire element industry will exp boom

Fire industries in my context are media, electronics,entertainment , beauty related industries, , F &B , tele- communications, marketing, etc.

Water is 智 and is clash by earth, so this year we see many cases of 聪明反被聪明误 instances .

This is especially more obviously display on 2nd generations that is about to or had already just taken over the 1st gen, be it in big organizations, company or even in many countries –  government.

Changes is to be avoided this year –  因以不变应万变,厉害就好莫假厉害!!!老老实实就平安,投机取巧反遭殃!

Water in element theory, is north sector and also in flying stars theory, 2 black sickness stars is also located at north sector in 2012. so we would expect northern sector of a country or of a house are “breeding” sickness . A house with door at the north sector or a cooker hood at north sector will find that their occupier tends to fall sick easily or will hv their bad Heath getting worst unless it’s being well cushioned

North sector is also a reflective area for 2nd son , so please take good care if u r the 2nd son of a family or u have a 2nd son, as they will exp bad health. So dear friends if your ba zi need water , you need to gather a lot of metal , if not ur health will b rather bad too….

For the other flying stars of this year,

The evil star 5 will be at south east. so Southeast asia country will suffer alot in this year, especially Philippines and Indonesia.

South east part of many country will exp negative issue and when zoom in to each individual household, the southeast sector will be negative energy gathering sector. do not renovate or make any changes for this sector and it should be properly cushioned, if not you might exp negative issue.

Southeast sector in 易经 reflect 巽 gua,which is the 1st daughter of the family, so we can conclude that if this sector of the house is not properly cushion with the ba zi 用神 ,the 1st daughter or the only daughter of the family will exp bad issues for the year 2012.

Houses with door, cooker hood, bed located at southeast sector n hv bad 峦头 will experience more negative events.  Star 3, the gossip and argument star will be at Southwest sector, 坤卦 this star if not dealt properly, the mother of the family will face slot of relationship problem and even ill luck.

Star 7 the bloodshed/accident star is at the northwest of the house. as this area also reflect the father or head of the house/ company , it will have to be dealt with care if not , will affect them badly in terms of health and work.

The lucky star 8 for 2011 will be flew to west sector. West is 兑卦, reflecting the youngest daughter of the house. So if this star is properly activated, it will bring great fortune to them n also to the house /shop,office, house etc etc..

This also mean the most important targeted trend should be on young ladies. As anything to do with them will bring fortune . 兑卦 also mean happiness,so 2012 is a good year to 办喜事!!! As the saying goes 一喜化三灾!

This year people born in 1940, 1949,1958,1967,1976,1985 and1994.  Most of them will exprience rather down of luck…its a very challenging year for such ppl.

People whose ba zi need metal, is a tiring year, a lot of things will be obstructed, it’s a give n give year…no gain.. Unless u can unlock the lucky 8 in the west sector!

People whose ba zi need water, this is a very very good yr for u,cos this year is a water abundance year for you . The only thing you need to be careful is food, please do not compromise with unwholesome food.

People whose ba zi need wood, is also a rather good year, but the 2nd part of the year may b a bit challenging , as a lot of effort is needed to get things done, though eventually the thing will be okay.

People whose ba zi need fire, this year is a rather tough year, lack of opportunities and helpful person. Rather struggling…

People whose ba zi need earth, is a weak health year, n lost money year. The 2nd half of the year will b slightly better.

So a general advice for 2012, DO Not invest unnecessarily! Forget about gaining in investment, it’s a honest living year. Keep ur extra cash with u. Beware of water. Do not make big changes in life….unless it’s an happy thingy such as marriage n giving birth…

Tips for 2012
The secret to remain lucky and successful is to have the involvement of ‘Monkey’.  Monkey is the secret to success for 2012.  Investing with people born under the Monkey year, have Monkey figurines all around you (soft toys, figurines, pictures, key chains, etc).

The theory of it is rather tedious, so I would not go into explaining.  Heed my advice and have more ‘Monkeys’ in all areas and you will have a lucky and smoother year ahead!

Last but not least 愿大家过个平平安安的龙年!

Crystalized Salt Lamp

Posted On 13/12/2011

The salt crystals in their natural state are normally found inside the mountains. It takes the process of excavation down to 800 meters deep, before reaching the hidden reserve. The raw salt crystals contain over 70 minerals and some ancient organic substances. The scientific research also stated that, the electromagnetic frequency generated by the raw salt crystals is not only highly compatible with the frequency of our human bodies and animal, but also further enhance it.

From the geological perspective, the tectonic plate of the earth crust is moving in an extremely slow motion that it takes hundreds of millions years to push the sea bed upwards, the mountains are then formed. The salt molecules were being brought up, and crystallized in the spaces between rocks, and they are hidden from the external world for millions of years. During this extremely long time, they fused with the mountains as a whole, and absorbed the essence (gravity, radiation, heat and light) of the sun, the moon, and the universe.

Now, they are being excavated, and hand carved to become the uniquely wonderful and artistic natural salt crystal lamps.

Not only the below link benefits but also can be use as a cure to eliminate quarrelsome star in 2012 

Salt lamps provide a simple, natural way to increase the negative ions in your home.

Crystalline salt is a natural air ionizer that boosts the negative ions in the air. Tests show that lit salt crystal lamps improve the ratio of negative ions to our environment. The heated salt crystal pulls water molecules from the air to its surface, the salt goes into the solution of the water, neutralizes any positive ions (and the attached pollution), and emits the neutralized molecule back into the environment.

Most common negative-ion generators incorporate electrostatic technology to produce ions. But many think they stop working after two or three months because the fine-tipped metallic needles become blunted and stop working.

Natural salt lamps are made from salt mined from deep within the Earth and it naturally occurs in white to coral colors. Many salt lamps are from crystals mined in the Himalayas.

Zacken99 has a wide range of salt lamp for you.  Contact Zacken99 at

zacken99@hotmail.com for orders!


Posted On 12/12/2011

A brass gourd vase containing energy blessed semi precious stones and a peacock feather consecreated using 孔雀明王增益法 .

Best use to activate wealth area of year 2012

The Power of Malachite – 孔雀石

Posted On 21/07/2011

At the very mention of Peacock, what comes to your mind?  Beautiful fan of tail?  Unique ‘eye’s on the tail?

For those who do not know, Peacock is also associated with many myths and legends in many context.  In Hinduism, Peacock is associated with Saraswati, a deity representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and knowledge.

In Greco-Roman, Peacock’s eyes are said to symbolize the vault of heaven and the “eyes” of the stars.

In Christianity, Peacock is seem as a symbol of eternal life.  In Tibet, 孔雀明王 is the deity which many pay respect to.

Besides the tail of the Peacock which seems to contain lots of mystical power when used correctly, the Malachite stone also possess the same power, if not more.  The Malachite stone has the ‘eyes’ of a Peacock on it and is sought after by collectors all over the world.  Malachite are formed when copper is exposed to water and are not found in crystal form.

Let’s talk about the Power of Malachite stone – 孔雀石.

Malachite stone can be used to protect young children who are more sensitive to the Spiritual world.  By placing the Malachite stone underneath the pillow of a young child, it will enable the young child to have a good night’s sleep.

At the same time, it is an ideal Talisman for the frequent travelers as a protection in unfamiliar surroundings – you’ll never know what kind of negative entities might be lurking around!

For drivers, having a Malachite stone in the car is as good as placing deity statues in it for protection.  It is not so mighty as to prevent accidents from happening, but the occurrence of serious injury can be cushioned by the Power of Malachite stone.

For the above mentioned, the raw Malachite stone alone can be used (with proper cleansing); however with additional blessing of the Malachite stone, the power to ward off negative entities will be stronger and more effective.

The Malachite stone can be used as a wealth enhancement in Feng Shui.  By placing the Malachite stone in the correct wealth position in one’s house or office, it can generates good wealth luck as well as opportunities for more wealth!  This is a must for all business man!

By placing the Malachite stone in the office,  you are able to take the unnecessary pressure off the employees as well as maintaining a harmonious environment.

Well Being
For those who does meditation regularly, wearing the Malachite stone while meditating will be a good way to get in tune with your own body and the Malachite stone in turn will balance out the energy on your chakras. Healing can be done by wearing the Malachite stone while doing meditation.

For ladies who are always in great pain during the time of the month can place the Malachite stone 3 inches below your naval to relieve the symptoms

Besides the 3 main points mentioned above, the Malachite stone have many other good properties which are waiting for you to discover.

All Malachite stone will be specially bless by Zacken99 using孔雀明王增益法 – A special ritual which can further enhance the properties of the Malachite stone.

Contact Zacken99 at zacken99@hotmail.com now for more information on the Malachite stone – 孔雀石or to make an appointment for a Feng Shui Audit to find out the best place to place the Malachite stone in the office / home.

Stay tune on www.zacken99.com for more latest news / products on the Malachite stone – protection for all / accessories for wearing.

2011 辛卯年

Posted On 19/01/2011

Well , a new lunar year is coming again…

This year is 辛卯年, 辛is metal and 卯 is wood. Therefore its a metal wood year or some call it metal rabbit year.

in the element theory, metal clash wood. Therefore its another clashing year…which we would expect alot of east and west countries confrontation in this year.. western countries like U S and eastern country like china.

In 2011, as wood is being clash by metal, wood is 仁 so we would expect to see more news on 无仁义道德事件发生。。。。

wood in element theory, is east, so would also expect eastern countries like Japan, Taiwan etc etc may exp alot of economic or disaster issues.

The flying stars for this year, the evil star 5 will be at east. so eastern part of any country will exp negative issue and when zoom in to each individual household, the east sector will be negative energy gathering sector. do not renovate or make any changes for this sector and properly cushion it, if not you might exp negative issue. east sector in 易经 reflect 震,which is the 1st son of the family, so we can conclude that if this sector of the house is not properly cushion with the ba zi 用神 ,the 1st son will exp bad issue for the year 2011.

This year star 2, the quarrel some and illness star will be at southern sector 离卦, and if it is not properly cushion, illness and quarrel might occur in the family and the 2nd daughter might get sick easily or bad social luck for 2011

Star 3, the gossip star will be at North sector,坎卦. This star if not dealt properly, the 2nd son of the family will have reputation or marriage probelm in 2011.

Star 7 the bloodshed/accident star is at the centre of the house. as its at the centre of the house, it will affect the whole energy of the house. if this star is accidentally activated….members of the family whose 八字大运/年运 is bad might exp “blood shed”

The lucky star 8 for 2011 will be flew to northwest sector. Northwest is 乾卦, reflecting the father or the male owner of the house. So if this star is properly activated, it will bring great fortune to the father of the house /owner of the shop,office, house etc etc..

fengshui involves space and time…a place will hv big fengshui change every 20 years and small change every year due to the period stars formation and annual stars formation respectively. So its good to audit your house fengshui for the 20 year period 1st and then annual stars audit, so to ensure all the family members is not under the bad influece of the stars unknowingly.

This year people born in 1939,1948,1957,1966,1975,1984 and1993.
most of them will exprience rather down of luck…its a very challenging year for such ppl

People whose ba zi need metal, congrats, cos this 2011 is a year with strong metal energy. as long as u r not born in the above mentioned years of birth. you should be hving laughter round this year.

people whose ba zi need water, this is a average yr for u,cos metal do produce some water for you in the 1st half of the yr but it was badly used up by wood in the 2nd half to strengten itself from metal clashing.

people whose ba zi need wood, is a drastic year, becos wood energy was draining from you in the 1st half of yr and given to you in the 2nd half but was constantly under the treat from metal.

people whose ba zi need fire, as fire burns metal, exhaust wood, he will be a busy year and rather eventful. do rest more and use more fire..to assit u to gather more success.

people whose ba zi need earth, is a giving year for you,health is bad and stress year. As metal use earth to produce and wood break earth, so earth energy is low..

So a general advice for 2011, do avoid eastern countries for tour, precious metal and oil is a good investment. cushion the centre,southern sector,north sector and east sector of your house fenghshui. do not mess with your east sector of house. activate the northwest sector of your house. Be appriecative towards ppl’s kindness and be benevolent……………keep your complaints!!!

HELP !! I tio gong tao!

Posted On 30/12/2010

Ah C had been a hawker since at the age 13. He start off as a helper at his uncle stall , and slowly… as times goes by he had his own market stall..he is currently 58. After All these years of slog, today finally he manage to own a landed property and a good car…and recently he jus became a grandpa…things suppose to be good for him n his wife, who married to him since 19…but just when both of them start to enjoy life…his wife gt into a terrible depression…

through some contacts, Ah c gt to know me and called me 1 late night…he start off telling me his wife tio gong tao (black magick)
and need my help badly…I dun quite understand his wife situation and ask him for more details. he pass the phone to his wife..n his wife keep repeating to me she need help

I decided to go over his place to know the situation more clearly.. and so i went over his house few days later.

it was really a big nice house…and after some warm welcome, Ah C start to explain his wife situation to me..

he told me many yrs ago, both he and his wife had a bad quarrel with their neighbor and suddenly both of them and their helper at the stall all suddenly experience bad health. they went to malaysia and gt a bomoh to help them, the bomoh told them its their neighbor who hex them and after which the bomoh help them to perform some ritual and undo the hex…after they came bk to sg, all their illness were miraculously gone and soon the neighbor were gone too.. but after the incident ,his wife became very timid and weak. things remind like that for the pass many yrs but however recently she gt worse.

She will wake up in the morning and just keep on tearing , she simply feel lousy… She keep thinking that no ppl like her, all ppl hate her and want to harm her…

he brought his wife to seek a lot of medical help even the psychiatrist . She took a lot of medicine and rest.. but things never improve..and they were no concrete medical reasons for her situation, all this had cause great stress to him and the his family. recently, his wife assume it must be them hexing her again. they tried to locate the bomoh but fail. its through some contact they gt to know me and they feel that i can help her..

I start learning Thai occult and 茅山术 since young and do hv some exposure in witchcraft and 蛊毒. in the past 7 yrs i had been practice 密法 ..so I can say that i do hv quite some exp in all so call “black magic hex”

I look at his wife using my 3rd eye and feel her ling.., i went to his house 土地公 and check with him. I did a feng shui audit for his house..
I asked those spiritual beings near the compound,and from all the above, i concluded…his wife were nt being hex at all!!!…………what actually happen is that his wife ‘s soul was being badly hurt.

our real self is our soul, our physical body is jus actually a “temp house” for our soul. due to the soul damage, it keeps sending negative signals to her mind and body thus she keep feel scared and lost of memories. the negative signal also make her feel unsafe n unwanted… actually there were many such cases of soul damage around but most ppl do not realise that n took it as a form of depression, hex, or even haunted by ghost…..

I believe her soul was being hurt long agon most likely its by that bomoh. I believe she was really being hex many yrs ago by the neighbor and while trying to clear the hex, the bomoh accidentally hurt her soul . and after so long , the damage gt worse ..and thus landed to the present situation. It might be worsen also because of her old age and her pessimistic nature. His wife is a 阴天干 person and for this 20 yrs she is under influence by her 忌神偏印in her 八字

it tried my best explain to both of them that his wife were not being hex but her ling was hurt…i need to keep explaining because i want her wife to be positive…because to heal a soul, one must be positive 1st.

After a few hours of explanation and assuring, i start to help her to do a 1 hr ling energy healing. To mend a damage soul is never easy…if a soul is hurt more that 30% its will be impossible to heal. and ppl with more than 30% damage soul, after death and for the next few lives reincarnation, most likely they will reborn as handicaps or retards…

Luckily his wife case is not that bad, 3 healing sessions should be able to stabilize her conditions. but to really fully recover, she needs to continue practicing my 光音法门 daily.

after I had completed my 3 healing sessions…she had gt better and was able to go market and assist his hubby .. Just hopes that she will continue to practice 光音法门 diligently and stop being negative…..then she can ensure her ling will be fully recover.

Well..I believe, Karmaic system did also play a big part in this case…if not becos of negative karmic energy, she wun be hex by the neighbor in the 1st place…

So we can see…actually many incidents happen in our world is actually not as simple as we see it…there r many “co operation” between, karmic energy, 灵体/灵格/灵质, environment energy, individual 五行 , 无形 and individual mind power.

well well well……..its a complicated world…


Please dun act Pro if u r not!!!!

Posted On 22/03/2010

Neo and Kay are in their early 30s…jus gt married and gt themselves a new flat in Punggol….

6 yrs ago Neo exp some haunting issue and was helped by me…
and today i was again engage by her to audit her new flat fengshui…

I went into house, n saw alot of so call feng shui cures were being displayed around the house….from the look can tell the house feng shui were being audit b4…

So i ask the couple directly…

they told me when they gt the ID to do the renovation, the ID told them he knows feng shui n will give them a free audit..n since its free, the couple happily agreed…

However after 3 months, things start to happen…Kay gt hook with gambling..he would travel to genting almost every weekends and gt himself totally dried with cents then come bk, and he lost intrest with his job..will take mc or find excuse not going to work…then slowly it gt worst…he start to dread going hm…even when hm, he will try to find fault with Neo n ended up with big arguments..in less than a few months..he was landed up with 100 over k of debts..

Neo also exp tremendous sleeping disorder ever since they move into the new house……..she hv a bad facial outbreak, lost of hair…and very very bad relationship with bosses and coll….n also grave situation with Kay

while listening to their story…i look at the house n their ba zi…i slowly can see where their problems comes from..

> both of them ba zi needs water and wood, but they painted their house in pink n best their feature wall is a big big sun pic..

> there is a very sharp corner directly facing their front door n the dis is less than 6 feet

> the master corner is jus at the door way and they place lots of so call 招财stuff

>the fm master place is full of useless gimmick feng shui cures make of copper

> the whole house shape is triangular…

> there r more than 4 salt lamp in the whole house…

> Kay is exp the worst 10 yr luck pillar of his ba zi

> Neo tio 卡阴!

becos of the above….they exp what they r today….

frankly speaking the house fengshui originally is not bad de..its the so call cures from the ID fengshui master that worsen the situation…

shake head sia…

spending 2 hrs to go thru the house fenghsui and explain to them the remedies..they were so fedup with the ID….after knowing the truth

beside the fengshui remedies, i also help Neo to shoo away the spirits she hook on due to her neg tots and bad body energy…

as for Kay, i 启灵 for him and taught him my special method of meditation, to help him go thru this 10 yrs of dwn luck…if he can diligent prac.. i believe he will sail thru this 10 yrs smoothly…but if he lazy n discontinue…well good luck then…

beside fengshui cure and personal ba zi cures, i also explain to them their past lives 因果…and taught them ways to 忏悔and 消业

I believe this case of Neo and kay is not an isolated case…many ppl is studying fengshui nowadays ..thinking that going for a few fengshui seminars or taking so call certified fengshui course..n after that they start to call themselves fengshui practitioner or even masters… and start to act pro n provide fengshui as a value added service..in their main line eg ID , property agent etc etc……

Such is really true Black sheep of feng shui world…some even best, they promote their self invent fengshui cures that is priced at sky high amt…to “lay” man

Well…i can only say>>> 人在做,天再看。。。。种善因,得善果。。。。种恶因,自食其果!!!!