Zacken99 (also widely known as Master Sung, or ‘孙师傅’ to his clients and students), is a name that may not strike a chord in the mind of many but has been actively involved in the Feng Shui fraternity for over two decades.  Even at the tender age of 18, Zacken99 had already excelled in the field of destiny analysis and has since helped enhance the lives of numerous people through deciphering their Ba Zi (Destiny/Fate) and application of Feng Shui tools.

Zacken99’s foray into the spiritual world started off as a practitioner in the realms of Eastern Mystic Arts (五术) as well as a cultivator in Buddhism (显密双修). Having explored and experienced the mystifying secrets in the spiritual world, Zacken99 has evolved to be a Soul Cultivator under Soul Cultivation (灵修) which does not fall under any religion.