Yearly Forecast

2017 Forecast

Posted On 28/01/2017

Happy New Year everyone!

Chinese New Year comes early this year, in the month of January, are you ready for it?

Let us take a look what 2017 has in store for us.   For 2017, people who needs the Fire or Earth element will be in luck!  Congratulations! On the contrary, people who needs the Gold element will need to be more careful for this year.

2017 will be a year where most of us will be “lost” or indulge in some worldwide craze (like last year’s Pokemon craze).  Associate self with more art related hobbies or outings, learn to relax is the key to breeze through this year.

Industry relating to finance, oil, metal and mining will still be going through the down slope for this year.  If looking for jobs, working in a government related job will be beneficial to you.

There will be many relationship problems surfacing and divorce rates will soar an all-time high. This year is not an ideal year for marriage and pregnancy needs to be well taken care as miscarriage rate is high.

For this year, do not take the risk and engage in any big investments.  In fact, small investments is the way to go for 2017.  Property prices will drop further in the 2nd half of the year.

You might consider avoid visiting Australia and New Zealand for 2017. There will be many changes happening in the world for 2017, turbulence times ahead. US and Japan will be ideal countries to visit and the Japanese Yen will be a good choice to invest.

One must take good care of your eyes and heart.  Ulcer and HFM rates will be going up as well, do take note and prevention is better than cure.  Drink more green tea every day for good health.

People staying around Bukit Merah, Redhill and Havelock should be more cautious on the road (accidents).

Bonus tips: Dragon wallpaper on your handphone will be the lucky accessory for 2017.

People born in the year of Dragon will be your 贵人. Wear yellow to boost your luck!

All the above forecast is of a general one, for a more explicit forecast for each individual, a Ba Zi analyst should be done.

For general Feng Shui, 

2 – Northwest – Do not place any red color objects here (Fathers in the family needs to take care of their health)

3 – West – No big renovation or red colour in this area

4 – Northeast Can use water element to increase “studying” luck for students

5 – Southern – Do not place any red color objects here; 2nd daughter of the family may encounter bad health

7 – Southwest – Mothers in the family will be accident prone; special items can be place here to advert the negative

8 – East – The eldest son of the family will be good, keep this area clean and bright. Eastern side of Singapore will be the best place to place your lottery bet.

9 –  Southeast – Water feature can be placed here to activate good luck

Have a great Chinese New Year everyone and see you on the 4 Feb 2017 for the annual blessing event at Light of Life Meditation center!

Yearly Forecast for 2016

Posted On 15/02/2016

It’s the time of the year again and CNY is just round the corner!

Many of us are busy getting ready for next week and let us take a look at what is going to happen in 2016.

In this 丙申年, 丙 represent fire (big) whereas 申 represent gold (small). Element fire burns away the gold element, thus for 2016, people who requires the fire element will be in luck! However if you do not need the fire element, your 2016 will be full of problems and obstacles. For those people who need the element gold, you will also suffering this year.

In a fire + gold environment, the chances of having bad times are high. Industries relating to gold such as mining, bank, car, metal and oil will have a bad year ahead And this will extend over to 2017. An advice to minimize loses will be that you should liquidate your assets and have cash with you. Year 2018 will be a much better year.

Brunei, Malaysia, Middle East, France, US and England are the countries which you might consider avoid visiting for 2016. Chances of natural disaster in 中国东北 (黑龙江省、吉林省、辽宁省) will be high.

One must take good care of the heart (fire) as heart attack rates will be high. Eyes illness will be on the rise too especially in May/ June 2016. One should eat more carrots for 2016 in order to protect the eyes and that carrot is a root plant (Earth element), it will be ideal for one.

The 5th day of lunar New Year will be an auspicious day to start work.
In 2016, Earth will be the best element to neutralize the damage from the fire / gold. Things associated with Earth will be yellow color, square, etc. Snake will be the auspicious animal / logo for 2016 and people born in the year of Snake will be your best 贵人 – look for them if you need help!

People staying around Seng Kang and Punggol should be more caution on road accidents .
The above forecast is of a general one, for a more explicit forecast for each individual, a Ba Zi analyst should be done.

For general Feng Shui,

Flying Star

1 – Four 转运竹 can be place at this sector as it increases lottery luck. Paya Lebar, Eunos and Aljunied will be the best places to place your lottery bet.

2 – There should be no metal or gold elements in this sector.

3 – Lots of 小人 xiao ren for Father – Zacken99 specially made宝瓶 can be place at this location

4 – Use yellow color, to increase “hardworking” traits for students

5 – Inauspicious location, the Northeast sector in the house is very important. If this location happens to be at your main door, do not place any red color objects, triangular objects or horse figurine there.

6 – Invalid location

7 – Put water feature, Hand injury or the 2nd son (young boy) in the family will be prone to injury.

8 – Auspicious location (Earth), Mother’s wealth will be good but with great wealth comes poor health especially stomach / gastric – If your main door is at this sector, you are in good luck as this sector represents the wealth luck for 2016. You can place plenty of red color objects at this sector. However if your mother’s health is not good, do away with the red decorations.
9 – Auspicious location , There should be NO red color over at this sector.

Bonus Tips:
Standing at the center of the house, at 225 degree and NE45
degree, place Zacken99 specially-made 宝瓶 there to generate good fortune and to reduce misfortune.

Zacken99 specially-made 宝瓶 will ONLY be available on 20th February 2016, Saturday during the CNY Blessing event and it comes on first come first serve basis – no reservations or early ordering.

2015 CNY Blessing Event Poster

Yearly Forecast for 2015

Posted On 18/02/2015


In 2015, it is the year of wooden goat. First part of the year symbolizes wood element and the 2nd part of 2015 symbolize earth element. Since ancient times, Chinese believes that the year of goat is not an auspicious year for many. There will be war and diseases resulting in the death of mankind. Twelve years back, we have SARS which killed many and twenty four years back, we have the gulf war which many suffered. So what is in stored for us in this 2015?

For those who required the wood element in their life pillar, 2015 will be a beneficial year for them and for those who required the earth element, you need to be more careful and aware of the circumstances. For those whose names have the character 蔡, 李, 林, etc will have better luck than those names with 土,王, 石, 玉, etc.

In 2015, there will be more natural disasters such as typhoon and Earthquake especially China’s 西南方. Travelling to US, Taiwan, Korea and Fu Jian (China) needs to be avoided as the risk of epidemic diseases is very high. Good countries to go travelling for 2015 will be Thailand and Malaysia. At the same time, do not get yourself involved in the investments related to the US market, currency, petrol and properties.

Whereas for us staying in Singapore, industries relating to environmental, floor tiles, farmer, properties etc etc are not that ideal; industries in the medical, teaching and rubber will be up and coming. Do not quit your job without a backup plan as it will be difficult to secure a new job in 2015. If you are looking to own a property, it is best to get it in November 2015 rather than the early part of 2015. March, June, September and December, there will be higher death rates, so all should exercise caution when driving and take good care of your health.

One should eat more wolf berries, ginger and tomato in the year 2015 to boost your energy. Always carry a Dragon blessed item eg 天禄 with you for good fortune.

For those borned in the year of goat, dog, dragon or cow, many have advise that these are the people who 犯太岁. However in Master Roy’s context, this is not the case, so do not worry too much. Only when any of the 3 pillars which coincides with the day, month, year, and time of goat, dog, dragon or cow, one will then suffer from bad luck. If you are born in either in the year of goat, dog, dragon or cow but your day, time, month doesn’t coincides with it, you are rather “safe”.

Now let us take a look at the 2015 flying stars and the remedy. To get the exact direction, you should be standing in the middle of your house, if not the particular room which you are looking to enhance.
Flying Star
At the North (0 degree), you can place a round clock in white, silver or gold (no red color). This is to ensure that no unforeseen misfortunes

At your Southwest (225 degree), you should keep that area clean and place a salt lamp there to enhance its energy.

To enhance your luck for getting offspring, at your North (0 degree), It should be clean and place 6 bottles of mineral water there .

If you would like to get more people to assist you in your life, you can light 3 red candles or place 3 bright lamps at your south area (180 degree).

At your Northwest sector, you can place 4 black tourmaline stones (blessed by 文殊菩萨) to enhance study or learning path.

For those who are looking for your other halves, you can place 9 stalks of pink tulips or flowers at the Southwest sector (225 degree) to enhance your romance luck.

Overall, the above is some simple remedy for you to enhance your Feng Shui.

For a complete and wholesome remedy, you can contact me at for a Feng Shui consultation.

2015 will not be a good year for all, but let us look at the positive side of it and make the best out of it!


Yearly Forecast for 2014

Posted On 29/01/2014

Hello everybody,
It has been a long long while since I blog.

2013 has been a busy year for me and I would like to thank everyone for all the support.

With the new year, a new 灵宗堂 meditation centre will be opening in February! With this new centre, we will be having meditation, chanting and healing programs for all who are interested. Stay tune for more updates!

2014 is a wood horse (and Horse represents fire) year.

Wood will enhance to Fire ,therefore 2014 is a strong fire year, thus in 2014, expect to see a lot of clash and outburst of fire (literally).

This 2014 year only people who need fire element will be good. Those who need the other 4 element may be tough for them

Foremost, fire represent relationship, with such strong fire year, one is prone to bad temper and loses it cool easily. Therefore, it is important to remind yourself to control your emotions and avoid any unnecessary outbursts. Relationships with family, friends and colleagues will be strained thus try and stay harmonious at all times.

This will be a bad year for those born in the year of Horse. And those born in the year of Rat, especially those born in lunar 10th & 11th month needs to watch out !

Horse year aka 午年, 午is 四正桃花位,Generally, 2014 is a bad year and a year with many (unnecessary) blossom luck.  Married couples or those are in steady relationship should stay faithful and be harmonious to avoid getting involved in extra-marital affairs!!

10 Advice for 2014
1. Avoid all things related to Horse and Fire (the colour Red). This includes figurine displays in the house or office, clothes/shoes/cars with horse logo, horse riding, etc

A lot of unethical Geomancer will advise people to put horse figurine at South this year just because south is 午 n horse is 午. But they forgot 午午will 自刑。placing a horse in the south will cause the family to have legal issue n worst will break up the family

2. If there are elders at home, you can encourage them to wear yellow colour clothing to smooth out the fire.

3. If you are driving Red colour cars, please be extra careful and Red cars will be more prone to accidents.

4. Avoid traveling to Japan, Korea and Taiwan especially in May 2014 as there may be volcano eruptions, war or fire disasters happening.

5. Australia is best place to visit for 2014 and for investment, you can invest in Aussie dollars.

6. Ensure that your kitchen equipment are kept and maintained properly to avoid any fire in the house.

7. NORTH is the best direction for 2014. You can place water features in the NORTH sector to install harmony in the family

8. Ensure that there are no leakage of water in the SOUTH sector as it is a bad omen and bad Feng Shui.

9. Do not put any red colour objects in the EAST sector as it will affect badly the 1st son in the family.

10. Carry a goat motif item if things get rough in 2014

May all of you have a great year ahead and a Happy New Year to you in advance!