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卡阴 – Solution

Posted On 05/03/2012

Many hv email n pm me on how to 解卡阴。

I dun think its wise to do it urself. Should leave it for the professionals.  In fact what u shld learn is protect urself from 卡阴…

阴, is actually a kind of neg n dense energy.

According to law of attraction, what u hv, u will keep hving more of it.  Meaning if a person keep having negative tots in his mind or he keep repeating negative phrase, he is definitely more prone to 卡阴 than anyone else.

Character mould ur life .. What kind of character u hv determine ur life … A person who is narrow minded, abusive, revengeful, vindictive, ego, jealousy , quick temper… U r definitely the best target to 卡阴。

Stress n worries easily build up negative energy in u.  For a yin to b attach on u, u hv to b a good “breeding” ground for them.  Therefor in order for them to b able to attach on u, they will 1st create a favourable conditions in u 1st

Learn not to take things too serious… N learn to slow dwn … dun b illusion by them n get worry easily.

Relax, positve thinking , letting go of negative character n of course a good energise living environment is the best way to protect urself from 卡阴.

Most of the time karma play a very big part for the yin to b attach on u.
Being able to repent on all the wrong doings u hv in this life n previous lives is also a good protective measure for u against those 阴.

Greed, greed in wealth, in love, in status in career helps u to open a big channel for the 阴.. Remember 知足常乐!

So u c the simplest way to counter 卡阴 is to start your cultivation n do it diligently.

Cultivation not only means meditation, chanting or praying its means your correction in ur way of living.  Live a life with a healthy body, quiet mind n a strong soul makes you an insulator towards all 阴.


Posted On 02/09/2010

Teo is in his early 40s currently….

He is abt 1.7 tall, well built and one distinct feature of him is his body full of tattoos , not normal tattoos ….but tattoos of buddhist scripture and pics..commonly know as sakyants…

Teo was exposed to theravada buddhist since 4 yrs old. He gt a uncle who then always like to bring him to thai temples all round sg…introduce monks and amulets with all sort of buddhas n devas images on to it..

As Teo gets older, his uncle start to bring him to thailand, to visit all sort of temples from normal temples in the street to temples “hidden” in mountains for their amulet quest…

When Teo gets older, he became a amulet collectors, he easily hv thousands over amulets in his house…he knows those monks who make “powrful” amulets much better than TV celebraties. …
he remember clearlyr which amulet is for wat n the kathas that can so call enhance it very very well…

He will always carry a small magnifying glass with him where ever he go..and when any of his amulet crazy peers show him a amulet, he will use it to examin the amulet and correctly tell the era the amulet is make , which monk make and even which batch was it from…and the reason for making it…he is basically a encyclopedia for theravada amulets…..

He was very well known in his this cirlcle of friends…and to many who knows him he is a very very devoted buddhist becos he is always seen to wear a big gold chain that hang 9 amulets around his neck..and also all this pali scripture that is tattoo on his body…

some even address him as a master…..

However, Teo know nuts about buddhism ….to him, what he bother is hw much can the amulet he gt from those famous monks will fetch him when he sell it to his peers….he only cares which amulet can make him strike 4D…

He doesnt hv a proper job as he cant hold the job more than a week….he bascially make his living by trading amulets…to him being respectful to holy object is rubbish, amulets is his rice bowl…its jus his sale object…his not a real buddhist at all! cos no real buddhist will ever engage in the sale of amulets…

One of my client J happen to b a ‘supporter” of Teo.. one day J book an appointment with me for ba zi, after the analysis, J showed me a amulet…he request me to test the amulet power..i laugh n say i dun wan..but he insist, n told me the seller taught him a chant n when holding the amulet n chant, the amulet will hv power n it will turn super cold!…

well this interest me! i ask him to demo n listen to his chant.. i gt a shock! true enough , the amulet freeze…but not becos its being powered, but its actually summoning evil spirits into the amulet! i quickly stop him and explained to him…i ask him to stop chanting and dispose the amulet to sea!

The session ended and i forgot abt the whole issue and then 1 day, Teo called me to make an appointment…i only know the whole story after Teo explain to me that day after i advise J, J actually went to him and scolded him n both hv a big fight. Its J that pass him my contact as Teo wana confront me…

After hearing this, I tot i will be confront by Teo, but he din in-fact, he told me he knows I am right….cos this wat his teacher who taught him explained to him…

The reason why he wana teach his client this chant becos the summoned spirit will initially fullfilled their client wishes before haunting them.. n this will make his amulet to fetch higher price…

Well as usual, i preached him again…n he does express his remorse ….but wat he really wanted me to do is to actually help him to get out from the clutches of those evil spirits that he hv summoned!

After practisng the chant for 1 whole yr, Teo got wet dreams almost every nite and he will see lots n lots of illusions as n when and hear lots of funny laughter..bascially he jus cant function…as normal n he feels his body gt weaker n weaker as days goes…he plead me for help…

after answering a few of my Qns, i conclude that Teo life force is depleting…as they were absorb by evil spirits ….and at the rate he is going, i think he only left 6 months of life…

I want Teo to promise me to give up this trade and dispose all his amulets and to enrol for a basic buddhist course at those decent temple 1st b4 i teach him the cure.

1 week later after teo hv done wat he is suppose to do, i did a 6 hr energy cleansing for him and taught him my 光音法门 meditation which he will hv to prac daily without breakage for 2 hrs daily for 3 yrs ..to purge the evil spirit energy out from is body….

well it hv been sometime since i last contact Teo, but from wat I know he is truely no longer in the trade n was into some hawker business. guess he hv been prac wat i told him…cos he is still alive…

Alot of ppl r mislead by physical ….cos they r blind by their greed n ego….n alot of mislead ppl… is good at misleading more ppl….


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from >>>> 靈修法門部落格


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How do you know if you, or someone you know, is an Indigo or Crystal Child or Adult?

We will describe the main features and characteristics of these people. But we want to stress that the Indigo/Crystal phenomenon is the next step in our evolution as a human species. We are all, in some way, becoming more like the Indigo and Crystal people. They are here to show us the way, and so the information can be applied more generally to all of us as we make the transition to the next stage of our growth and evolution.

The Indigo Children have been incarnating on the Earth for the last 100 years. The early Indigos were pioneers and wayshowers. After World War II, a significant number were born, and these are the Indigo adults of today. However, in the 1970s a major wave of Indigos was born, and so we have a whole generation of Indigos who are now in their late twenties and early thirties who are about to take their place as leaders in the world. Indigos continued to born up to about 2000, with increasing abilities and degrees of technological and creative sophistication.

The Crystal Children began to appear on the planet from about 2000, although some date them slightly earlier. These are extremely powerful children, whose main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution, and reveal to us our inner power and divinity. They function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, and they live by the” Law of One” or Unity Consciousness. They are a powerful force for love and peace on the planet.

The Indigo and Crystal Adults are composed of two groups. Firstly, there are those who were born as Indigos and are now making the transition to Crystal. This means they undergo a spiritual and physical transformation that awakens their “Christ” or “Crystal” consciousness and links them with the Crystal children as part of the evolutionary wave of change. The second group is those who were born without these qualities, but have aquired or are in the process of aquiring them through their own hard work and the diligent following of a spiritual path. Yes, this means that all of us have the potential to be part of the emerging group of “human angels”.

The following extract describes the difference between Indigo and Crystal Children. It is from Doreen Virtue’s article Indigo and Crystal Children:

The first thing most people notice about Crystal Children is their eyes, large, penetrating, and wise beyond their years. Their eyes lock on and hypnotize you, while you realize your soul is being laid bare for the child to see. Perhaps you’ve noticed this special new “breed” of children rapidly populating our planet. They are happy, delightful and forgiving. This generation of new lightworkers, roughly ages 0 through 7, are like no previous generation. Ideal in many ways, they are the pointers for where humanity is headed … and its a good direction!

The older children (approximately age 7 through 25), called “indigo Children”, share some characteristics with the Crystal Children. Both generations are highly sensitive and psychic, and have important life purposes. The main difference is their temperament. Indigos have a warrior spirit, because their collective purpose is to mash down old systems that no longer serve us. They are here to quash government, educational, and legal systems that lack integrity. To accomplish this end, they need tempers and fiery determination.

Those adults who resist change and who value conformity may misunderstand the Indigos. They are often mislabeled with psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Sadly, when they are medicated, the Indigos often lose their beautiful sensitivity, spiritual gifts and warrior energy……….In contrast, the Crystal Children are blissful and even-tempered. Sure, they may have tantrums occasionally, but these children are largely forgiving and easy-going. The Crystals are the generation who benefit from the Indigos trailblazing. First, the Indigo Children lead with a machete, cutting down anything that lacks integrity. Then the Crystal Children follow the cleared path, into a safer and more secure world.

The terms “Indigo” and “Crystal” were given to these two generations because they most accurately describe their aura colours and energy patterns. Indigo children have a lot of indigo blue in their auras. This is the colour of the “third eye chakra”, which is the energy center inside the head located between the two eyebrows. This chakra regulates clairvoyance, or the ability to see energy, visions, and spirits. Many of the Indigo children are clairvoyant

The Crystal Children have opalescent auras, with beautiful multi-colours in pastel hues. This generation also shows a fascination for crystals and rocks……

Indigo Children can sense dishonesty, like a dog can sense fear. Indigos know when they’re being lied to, patronized, or manipulated. And since their collective purpose is to usher us into a new world of integrity, the Indigos inner lie-detectors are integral. As mentioned before, this warrior spirit is threatening to some adults. And the Indigos are unable to conform to dysfunctional situations at home, work, or school. They don’t have the ability to dissociate from their feelings and pretend like everything’s okay …unless they are medicated or sedated.

Crystal Children’s innate spiritual gifts are also misunderstood. Specifically, their telepathic abilities which lead them to talk later in life.

In the new world which the Indigos are ushering in, we will all be much more aware of our intuitive thoughts and feelings. We won’t rely so much upon the spoken or written word. Communication will be faster, more direct, and more honest, because it will be mind to mind. Already, increasing numbers of us are getting in touch with our psychic abilities. Our interest in the paranormal is at an all-time high, accompanied by books, television shows, and movies on the topic.

So, it’s not surprising that the generation following the Indigos are incredibly telepathic. Many of the Crystal Children have delayed speech patterns, and its not uncommon for them to wait until they’re 3 or 4 years old to begin speaking. But parents tell me they have no trouble communicating with their silent children. Far from it! The parents engage in mind-to-mind communication with their Crystal Children. And the Crystals use a combination of telepathy, self-fashioned sign language, and sounds (including song) to get their point across.

The trouble comes about when the Crystals are judged by medical and educational personnel as having “abnormal” speaking patterns. It’s no coincidence that as the number of Crystals are born, that the number of diagnoses for autism is at a record high.

It’s true that the Crystal Children are different from other generations. But why do we need to pathologize these differences? If the children are successfully communicating at home, and the parents are’nt reporting any problems… then why try to make a problem? The diagnostic criteria for autism is quite clear. It states that the autistic person lives in his or her own world, and is disconnected from other people. The autistic person doesn’t talk because of an indifference to communicating with others.

Crystal Children are quite the opposite. They are among the most connected, communicative, caring and cuddly of any generation. They are also quite philosophical and spiritually gifted. And they display an unprecedented level of kindness and sensitivity to this world. Crystal Children spontaneously hug and care for people in need. An autistic person wouldn’t do that!

These children are worthy of awe, not labels of dysfunction. If anyone is dysfunctional, it’s the systems that aren’t accommodating the continuing evolution of the human species. If we shame the children with labels, or medicate them into submission, we will have undermined a heaven-sent gift. We will crush a civilization before its had time to take roots. Fortunately, there are many positive solutions and alternatives. And the same heaven that sent us the Crystal Children can assist those of us who are advocates for the children………

The following is an extract from Celia’s forthcoming book,”The Indigo-Crystal Adventure”. which explains more about the metaphysical aspects of the Indigo-Crystal experience.



The Indigo and Crystal children that come to the planet are known as “starchildren”. Often this is because their souls are more at home in the stars, and they have not incarnated on Earth before. They come at this time as a “special assignment” team to assist Earth and her inhabitants with their transition and rebirth as a higher dimensional “New Earth”.

But while these beings appear like ordinary human beings, they do in fact have access to a greater range of human potential. They are more open to who they are, closer to a recognition of their divine origins and essence.

Indigo children are born onto the Indigo Soul Ray of Incarnation and Evolution. This means they have access to the gifts of clairvoyance and healing. They are also able to access what may be termed the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions of Consciousness, while most humans have access only to the Third and Fourth. This Higher Dimensional access, together with the Indigo Ray soul gifts, means that Indigos are naturally more intelligent, more sensitive and more clairvoyant. They are also creative, and often able to access the left and right brains with ease, making them artistically gifted, but also technologically competent and adventurous.

The Crystal children, on the other hand, are mostly born into the Gold Ray of Incarnation and Evolution. They are born on the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness, with the potential to open up rapidly to the Ninth Dimensional level of Full Christ Consciousness, and then from there to the Thirteenth Dimension which represents Universal Consciousness.

With these gifts and abilities, Crystal beings are immensely powerful and creative. Many of them carry the Gold and Magenta Rays, which makes them masters of creation, especially with light and sound. This manifests as artistic and musical creativity on the Earth plane. Those who carry the Indigo-Silver Ray, are also gifted as the “mothers” and “goddesses” of the planet, and carry the feminine vibration of healing and nurturing. Those on the Red-Gold Ray, on the other hand, carry the masculine vibration of manifestation and are often the leaders in the more active sense.

The Future Crystal child will be known as a “Rainbow Crystal” being. This is the fully developed Thirteen Dimensional Universal Human Being, able to carry and transmit all the Rays of Incarnation and Evolution within their vibrational field. There are Rainbow Crystal beings already on planet Earth, but they are yet to open into their full potential.

The exciting thing about these evolutionary developments, for ordinary people, is that the Indigo and Crystal beings bring these vibrations to the planet in order to share them with others. By their very presence, they assist others to move into these new vibrations and open up to their full potential as well. The Indigo-crystal gift to the planet is the gift of Evolution and access to our full potential, for every human being on the planet today, if they so choose.

At this point, many people who are allowing this shift or transition within their own auric fields, have moved from their original Third Dimensional state of awareness into the Indigo and then the Crystal states, with the assistance of the children who hold the vibration. These adults are now able to hold the Gold Ray of Evolution in their Eighth chakras, and are helping to create a matrix for the creation of the New Earth. This pulsating Gold light can be clearly seen in their auras by those with clairvoyance and the ability to perceive auric colours.

The Human Angel

One of the gifts of this transitional process, is that Humans are becoming aware of who they truly are: that they are Spirits in Human bodies, and that they are, in other words, Angels in human form.

We have been aware of our connections to the higher realms for many thousands of years, but have always felt that out “human” and material state somehow “shut” us off from our angelic inheritance. We would speak about our “Higher Self”, knowing that we had access to this aspect of ourselves, but somehow it was not quite a part of who we were, and could only be accessed in meditation.

Part of the reason for this was that our physical forms were locked into the Third Dimension, but our Higher or Angelic self was of a much finer and higher vibration and was more at home in the Higher Dimensions. So there was always a “gap” between the material manifestation of the human body and consciousness and the spiritual reality.

Now, however, with the vibrational shift that the planet is experiencing, which is aptly called “Ascension”, the Earth and her inhabitants have the opportunity to “ascend” from the Third Dimension of consciousness upwards into the Higher Dimensions. As the consciousness ascends higher, the spiritual world comes closer, until there is no longer a “gap” but a continuum that is termed “Multi-Dimensional Consciousness”.

In this state, the human being is able to access both the material and spiritual realms with ease. There is no longer any need for intense meditation, since the access to the spirit realm is immediate and evident. People in the Multi-Dimensional state have accessed their Angelic presence or state, and recognise themselves as Spirit beings or Angels who also have a human body and are able to function in the material plane as material beings.

At this point, the Higher Self and the Lower self can be said to have blended, and the Human being is now a Human Angel.

The Human Angel is constantly aware of themselves as Angelic and as Powerful and Creative. They have no time or need for things such as fear and victim dramas. Their time is better spent in creating the kind of reality in which they would be happy and content.

Many Indigo and crystal children are already almost at this point of awareness, if not fully within it. As are many of the Indigo-Crystal adults who have made the transition to this state. It is these new beings, able to claim both their human and angelic inheritances, who will create the New Earth.

It is important to state, at this point, that it is imperative that those who make the transition into awareness of their angelic selves, be also aware of how important it is to be human and to be well grounded in the material dimensions or planes. The whole point of the Transition is to bring “Heaven” to “Earth”, and not to drift away into some ungrounded paradise state.

For Human Angels there is work to do. Creating a New Earth that will bring Heaven to Earth. And since “heaven” is not so much a place as a state of consciousness, these Human Angels must work to bring the higher dimensional states of consciousness to the Earth plane. Once this is achieved, then a planetary culture will be birthed that will respect all beings as manifestations of the Divine Essence. And this culture will reflect that respect in its peace, harmony and creativity.

The Nature of Multi-Dimensionality

Until fairly recently, all humans born on Earth were born as Third Dimensional beings. This means that they were fully in the material plane or realm, and their consciousness was “locked” into the Third Dimension. They functioned on the first three chakras, the material, the emotional and the mental. Where there was spirituality, it was usually seen as something outside or other than normal every day functioning.

The Third Dimensional being is aware of him or herself as a separate and unique individual. There is no real sense of the unity or oneness of consciousness that is a factor of higher dimensional consciousness. Because of this sense of separation, humans have built a society that has very little awareness of the interconnectedness of beings and actions. And because of this lack of awareness, humans have created a planet of sorrow and suffering, where individuals see no need to be responsible for their thoughts, feelings and actions. Fear of not surviving on the individual level, because of lack of resources, has led to greed and imbalances that need to be addressed in order to create a stable planetary home for all humans.

The Indigo children arrived with the key to multi-dimensionality. They were born into Third Dimensional bodies, but their consciousness was effectively in the Fourth Dimension and capable of moving into the Fifth. When this “wave” of Indigo consciousness arrived on the planet in the early 1970s, the way was opened for all humans and the planet itself to shift into the Fourth Dimension.

At the Fourth Dimensional level of Consciousness, humans become aware of the Universal Law of One, otherwise known as “Unity Consciousness”. This Law states that we are all One, we are all connected and that whatever affects one of us affects all of us. Indigo children carry this awareness in their consciousness, and it leads them to be warriors for many causes that will heal the Earth and stop humans from destroying and polluting their environment and harming other humans.

The Law of One also fosters the understanding in Indigo beings that we are all equal, and that no one is greater than any other. This group consciousness and group awareness is the path to the future for humans. We will learn to function co-operatively and for the good of all if we are to create the New Earth that we desire.

Indigos respect the talents and abilities of each individual, but these talents do not make any one greater than anyone else. The play of ego and self-importance has no real place in the life of an Indigo.

When an Indigo awareness opens into the Fifth Dimension, it becomes aware of itself as a Creator. Fifth Dimensional awareness loves to create. All the religious belief systems and the economic systems on Earth today are Fifth Dimensional Though Form creations that we hold in place by our continued support of these thought forms. They form a Fifth Dimensional grid around the Earth. Most lower- dimensional beings are completely unaware that their thoughts and behaviour patterns are being controlled from this level.

When the Indigo awareness opens to this level, there is often a rejection of all belief systems and a consciousness of the freedom to create new and alternative ways of thinking and being. The Indigo person takes on the planetary mission of creating and bringing in new ways of thinking and being for Planet Earth. But, at this level the consciousness is still concerned with dualities of “good” and “bad”, that determine what kind of system is best for Earth. The next step in consciousness is to move beyond duality and into a realm where all is seen as part of the greater good and for the good of the greater whole.

This advanced state is known as Sixth Dimensional Consciousness, and is the realm of the Christed Child or Magical Child. All Crystal children are born into this level of awareness. They have immediate access to the magical and spiritual aspects of who they are, and are able to blend imagination and creation in fantastic and joyous ways. If they were left to their own devices, they would immediately create a magical planet. But, they still have to deal with a largely Third Dimensional consciousness, and they struggle with the patterns and behaviours that they find here.

When an adult Indigo consciousness makes the shift into the Crystal state or awareness, they enter into Sixth Dimensional awareness and the Christ Consciousness seed. They are rebirthed, in consciousness, as a Christed or Magical child. With this comes an awareness of the playfulness of life, and the play of Spirit through human beings on this planet. Then all life is seen as magical and blessed, and all life is directed and advanced through the work of spirit. At this point, the being understands the principle of surrender to the flow of the greater evolutionary wave, while still exercising the right to be a creator on the individual level.

The Crystal consciousness, when it has matured enough at this level, can then move into the Seventh Dimensional level, where awareness opens onto the nature of the spiritual mission of the being. A Crystal or Christed adult at this level is ready to take on a planetary mission as a carrier of higher dimensional consciousness to others. The work may involve teaching and healing on a grand scale, or it may simply be to carry the energy in the auric field so that others may access the higher vibrations in their own upwards ascension path.

The Crystal child and adult now carry the potential to open fully to the Ninth level or Full Christ Consciousness. This incorporates the Eighth level, or Archetypal level, where the being has full control over the “story” of their life on earth, and the Ninth level, where the being assumes full responsibility for stewardship of the Planet.

The potential then exists for the being to continue on the journey to the Tenth level, where the being accesses his or her Solar System responsibilities; the Eleventh level, where the Galactic level of consciousness is accessed and finally the Twelfth level, where the Gold Ray of Universal Consciousness inaugurates the being as a Full Universal Being. The Thirteenth level represents the Master, who enters into the Divine Mystery as a fully conscious spark of the Divine Creative Essence.

An Evolutionary Leap

As can be seen from the above discussion, the Indigo-Crystal adventure represents a huge evolutionary leap for the human species. This is initially a huge leap in consciousness, reflected in the auric colours and the access to multi-dimensional layers of awareness in an individual.

But, what is manifest in the subtle or spiritual bodies must eventually make itself manifest in the physical or Earth plane body of each individual. And eventually, in the physical body of the Planet itself. Indigo and Crystal children and adults are an integral and dynamic part of the evolutionary leap into a new and Golden future.

Higher levels of consciousness, awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and a desire for an empowered and creative life will soon become the characteristics of all humans on Planet Earth.





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Erm…Q should be currently 38,

he was a young chap who led a different life from many.

Since young, he is very intrested with occult..by the age of 12, he can fully memorise the characters or traits of all horoscopes..

at 14 he can draw a astrology chart off hand and he know them by hard…

at l6 he divert his intrest to eastern occult…and he master eastern occult fast…

at 17 he start to learn meditation..along the way he learn from many masters from taiwan…

at 20 after army, Q became a full time cultivator…dispite alot of objection from his family , he simply refuse to continue his studies or join the work force…he spent most of his time locking himself in his room doing meditation…

he became very “addicted” to his meditation , becos he keep hving alot of feelings from his meditation…

from seeing diff colors of lights to seeing bright lights
and then he start to feel energy from his body..
at times he even feel that he is floating…
then he start to feel throbbing at all his chakras…
and then warmth spreading all over his body..
and right behind his spinal chord, he felt energy …from books n his trachers, he thought he hv reached the level of so call kundalini….n this excited him…
he continue day n nite with his meditation…n very soon, he starts to hear things.. he hear wonderful wonderful great music…n then he start to hear ppl talking, though there is nobody

then there is one day while he is meditating a voice start to communicate with him….the voice told him alot alot ..about him, his past lives n things in the cosmic world and start to teach him diff diff ways of breathing to improve his meditation…

at times the voice will tell him things that is going to happen and they did happen..

as times goes by….Q faith with the voice grew day n nite….n became more n more reliant to it….

then 1 day after Q hv shut himself in his room n being away from the outside world…almost 3 years, the voice ask him to leave the room n go reach out to ppl ..to help mankind..

after hving sooo much faith with the voice…Q…follow the voice advice..Q ‘s family were in great joy..they tot Q hv finally wake up from his dream…

They were hard to believe Q abt his cosmic ability ..but after Q hv said n advise on few of them..things do happen n a few were really seeing wonders …

the “magic” of Q soon spread among his family n friends…ppl start to flood to his for help n advise…soon…Q start to hv a group of believer n the group start to grew….

one of the member in the group happens to b my friend cum client…n he told Q abt me..n suggest to Q to take me in as disciple..n he start to tell Q abt me…

this arouse Q intrest in me n he actually called me n made an appointment with me for his ba zi consultation…

and as a blur boy… i gong gong take his booking..

on the appointment date, as usual i waited for him at that faithful mac…jus b4 he reach…a chill feel overwhelm me..my whole body became very weird…i keep hving a leaving feel…but..too bad.. he reached..

we shake hands and start to self intro…a short 1 n then we start looking at each other..he observed me n i observed him…

his ling energy is super…super till i feel like puking n headache..but its not of a right feel..n his lig energy is pure dark blue..seldom gt ppl hv pure color…n my instinct hv told me he is not a sincere seeker but another tester…

so i bluntly told him he is not there for advise but to test me..so hw he feel abt me….

he smile n said im good n if i want, he can take me as disciple..n will groom better to b a better practitioner…cos i still hv alot of room for improvement…

i was amuse..n thanks him…n told him..i agreed with him there is still alot of room for me to improve but will not learn from him..n i told him abt the unusual energy he is hving…n i advise him to be careful…
he was abit annoyed by me.. n told me to stop 班门弄斧…n he start to tell me about my life destiny pattern n even threaten me that he will show me hw good he is that nite n the following day i will beg him to take me in as disciples…i laugh lor…

then he gt up n leave……………………………………………..

that nite while i was meditating…a strong negative energy came….i was abt to react to it..but it went off…i think must be my protector chase away the negative….after the session..i did a reading…n confirmed that Q hv 走火入魔 n was led by demon….
soon the whole event was clean forgotten by me.. cos along the way i hv meet too much naive practitioner like Q…


it was almost 1 year plus later , i gt a call from Q…his tone were rather dwn..he wanted to meet for kopi….being a kaypo i agreed…cos i also wana to know how he wana amuse me this time….

so we met 3 days later at mac…

Q seems to b total changed man…his egoistic look seems to b gone, his face was even more pale n his energy was of even darker color..
his ling energy was rather weak too…

after a bit of normal greeting, Q start to tell me abt his life…as wat i wrote earlier but with more juice la…..

after he end…so i ask him wat he wana see me today…Q eyes change ..became very very scared n sad….he told me…for the pass few months.. the voice suddenly change its attitude…it wants Q to hv sex with his female followers ,want Q to request for sex from his client..instead of money…Q was reluctant initially, but he seems to lost control of himself…..he follow instruction from the voice uncontrolled by himself n things gt worst ….the voice now even want him to hv sex with his male client ….
Q was totally depress…n there is nothing seem he can b do…he totally uncontrollable….he beg me to help him…

i look closer at his ling…its more than 80% changed…thus no more help…totally no help at all…i told him, i cant help…n im sorry….
he then left silently…..

the last i hear of him….a few yr bk, he met an accident n was on wheel chair…

The reason why Q ended up this way, from what i see is becos he dun understand 中道…and he didnt gt to know a right teacher…and most importantly…he didnt cultivate his mind…. from the start when he is so carried away by the so call “feel” he hv during his cultivation is already a sign of deviating from the correct path…n with wrong info n wrong teachings from those half past six teachers n books..it jus made him gt nearer n nearer to the dark side….

when a person soul is more than 70% influence by the dark force…basically no cure liao….for Q..is losing a pair of legs can settle the issue…its already a blessing…


Posted On 16/11/2009


The Pali word metta is a multi-significant term meaning loving-kindness, friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, fellowship, amity, concord, inoffensiveness and non-violence. The Pali commentators define metta as the strong wish for the welfare and happiness of others (parahita-parasukha-kamana). Essentially metta is an altruistic attitude of love and friendliness as distinguished from mere amiability based on self-interest. Through metta one refuses to be offensive and renounces bitterness, resentment and animosity of every kind, developing instead a mind of friendliness, accommodativeness and benevolence which seeks the well-being and happiness of others. True metta is devoid of self-interest. It evokes within a warm-hearted feeling of fellowship, sympathy and love, which grows boundless with practice and overcomes all social, religious, racial, political and economic barriers. Metta is indeed a universal, unselfish and all-embracing love.

Metta makes one a pure font of well-being and safety for others. Just as a mother gives her own life to protect her child, so metta only gives and never wants anything in return. To promote one’s own interest is a primordial motivation of human nature. When this urge is transformed into the desire to promote the interest and happiness of others, not only is the basic urge of self-seeking overcome, but the mind becomes universal by identifying its own interest with the interest of all. By making this change one also promotes one’s own well-being in the best possible manner.

Metta is the protective and immensely patient attitude of a mother who forbears all difficulties for the sake of her child and ever protects it despite its misbehavior. Metta is also the attitude of a friend who wants to give one the best to further one’s well-being. If these qualities of metta are sufficiently cultivated through metta-bhavana — the meditation on universal love — the result is the acquisition of a tremendous inner power which preserves, protects and heals both oneself and others.

Apart from its higher implications, today metta is a pragmatic necessity. In a world menaced by all kinds of destructiveness, metta in deed, word and thought is the only constructive means to bring concord, peace and mutual understanding. Indeed, metta is the supreme means, for it forms the fundamental tenet of all the higher religions as well as the basis for all benevolent activities intended to promote human well-being.




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修行生活 ,生活修行 修行與生活到最後是沒有分別的。 但在達到這最後的過程中,兩者是分割的,充其量只能將修行歸類為生活的一部分。 之所以這麼說,是如果剛開始就將生活與修行劃成等號,那就很容易會『退道』。 這個結果是很可惜的。 原本的生活慣性思維,很難改變,所以需要借『修』來改變錯誤的『行』。 這個『修』是不同於原本的慣性思維,所以在社會上容易被視為『異端』。 因此修行歸修行,生活歸生活。 透過這個『修』的了悟覺知,逐漸改變生活上的『行』。 修行開始與生活融合。 使生活上的『行』逐漸向正確的方向去『趨近』。 最終修行與生活合一,達到行、住、坐、臥如一的境界。 如果開始便將修行與生活合一,那麼便容易忽略『修』而完全回歸於原本的生活慣性中。 藉由『修』與生活上『行』的交叉互動,才有漸次了悟的可能。 『修』的了悟,進而付諸『行』的實證。 『見山是山,見水是水』。最後仍是『見山是山,見水是水』。 只是此山非彼山,此水亦非彼水。 修行是透過交互運用,才能使之相融,偏執於『修』也不行,偏執於『行』也不行


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一個人的成敗,與他的心量有很大關係。念念都是為一切眾生,決定成功;念念只想到自己、名聞利養,凡事損人利己,就註定失敗。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)


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當 產生心魔之後,心魔會開始運作,首先它矇蔽了我們的理性地思考,使我們陷入無止盡的負面思想中而不可自拔。而旁人任何有助於當事者的建言,也會在心魔的作 用下,而失去作用,不是過耳不聞,就是把這些善意的建議,在他的腦海內轉化成惡毒的批評,使當事者更加反感,進而壯大心魔的控制力量,使情況日益惡化。而 任何好聽但無效的言語,反而會全部聽進耳並牢記在心。就這樣日積月累下,慢慢地走上無法回頭的路而自我毀滅。而對於當事者而言,如果在事後回想起這些歷 程,就像夢中人初醒,而驚訝自己當初怎麼會出現這些不能理解的行為。

這 些情況在每個人的成長過程中,自己或多或少都曾經產生過,或是遇到有這種情形的人。心魔的力量有大有小,小的就像是一把無名火,來的快,可能也去的快,但 也可能小小的無名火變成烽火燎原,差別在自己的控制上,或者說是”內觀”,這樣可以使心魔的作用減少到最低。而當心魔的力量成長到一定的程度時,可能會開 始產生傷害自己會是別人的念頭,有時候,甚至會付諸行動,而做出不可挽回的行為。

那 又該如何幫助已經被心魔控制而無法自我解脫的人呢?這時候前人的智慧就很好用了,我們會遇到的情況,前人當然也會遇到,只是解說、敘述的方式不同而已,但 是解決的方法都一樣。最好的方法是”一語驚醒夢中人”,但最快的方法則是”一棒打醒夢中人”,心魔的力量有多大,我們就需要用更大的力量來幫助當事者擺脫 心魔的控制。而佛家也有”獅子吼”、”當頭棒喝”的法門,這些都是前人的智慧結晶,也是擺脫心魔的利器,應當多加發揚使用才是。。

extract from http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!JvQxaNqRQUPCOIp61Pu0DOk


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修 行,修行,就是修改那些不符合生活内涵的行为。而生活的内涵不是你一个人的事儿,是你与周遭一切人发生关系的事,所以这就要你研究做人的事,研究做人的问 题。你想做的那些事,是不是别人想做的;你想要的,是不是别人想要的。你只知道你想是不够的,你必须得知道别人怎么想。你如果能了解你的丈夫、你的小孩, 你周围的亲人,邻居,他们怎么想,你就是一个够格的人了。你从来没有关心过他们怎么想,都是把你的想安在他们身上,认为他们也是这么想。你做的菜,以为他 们也喜欢吃,哪有这会事?

什 么是觉悟?你们如果能觉到别人的需要,觉悟到别人的情感,那你们就是一个觉悟者,那时你们做的事都会符合别人的利益,别人都会那你们为重要,亲近你们,听 你们的,你们本身一定不会苦,这个就是做人的原则。你们如果不这样,一定会苦,你要想自己不苦,就必须使别人不苦;使别人苦,你就非得苦。因为苦不是作用 于一个人的事儿,你周围都苦,你能不苦,哪有这样的事?佛也是一样,众生苦他就苦,他怎么能不苦,他就是苦着众生的苦,乐着众生的乐,所以你们学佛,就是 要做这个事情。

你 如果觉得不累不苦,你就为活着而活着,那你就活着吧。天下的人个个如此。当你觉得生活不只是这样,因为这样不能得到真正的满足,不能得到真正的快乐和幸 福,你觉得自己对人生没有真正的把握,自己不能说了算——不管你有钱没钱,你都做不到;不管你官大官小,你都做不到,这时你开始研究这个问题了。所以得缘 到,等逼到份儿,你就知道为什么要修行了。“为什么要修行”,不是别人说的,是你自己明白的。知道苦了就知道修行了,修行就是改苦。但是如何能不苦,你得 通过慢慢修才能知道。

你 给别人带来烦恼,别人的烦恼再转到你的身上去,这就叫轮回,就这么简单的事。事情都是小事,小事要细做,不是为了自己做,而是为了别人做,只有这样你才能 得到。你为了自己做,一切乐你都得不到,累死你,你只是一头驴子,活该倒霉,什么也得不着。你总认为自己有了什么,其实你收受不了那些,它跟你没关系。等 你死了,那些东西还在那儿。不要为拥有、不要为满足这个拥有的心而活着,去挣扎,去奔命。任何东西够了就好,吃饱了就是饱了,再使劲吃就遭罪,有什么用 啊?

有 时间不用来探讨生命的意义,不向内求,然后有一件事情就在后面等着,那就是死亡。如果你认为死了一切就不再存在了,那么你何曾知道你是怎么来的?你能知道 吗?你连怎么来的都没搞懂,你不是从没有来过吗?原来有你吗?当你归到没有处时,那个不是还是没有吗?那个没有就是结束吗?那个没有要是结束的话,大家从 哪儿来的?你不知道这一切,你只知道生命这个横断面,你认为这一切已经这么样了,你就可以不负责任,想怎么就怎么,哪有这等子事儿?生命不是这样的概念, 我们的生命不断变换着各种身体体貌,然而生命的内在是永恒的,无休止的存在。

你 们看见庄稼在年年的种,田里的庄稼从看不见到长出苗,到青了,然后穗黄了,到收割了,到庄稼死了,种姓死了吗,它在哪?在地里?在杆上?还是在家里的袋子 里?种性永远存在,只不过是他根本的表现形式变化罢了。那个种性就是生命的形式。什么是生命?那个黄的是生命,还是那个绿的是生命?杆是生命,还是苗是生 命?长在地里的是生命,还是砍倒了扛到家里的那个是生命,那个是死,那个是活,把这个能搞懂,生物不都是一个道理吗?人也是这个样子,你看见蝴蝶、虫子, 蚕、茧变来变去,要变那么多花样,你不知道人也是要变的吗? 所以生命的实相不是泛泛之辈能够了解的。我们知道的甚浅甚浅,太可怜,太悲惨了。然而今天的人个个都像老大的样子! 可笑!

金刚上师——圆顿 开示



舉個例子來說。有位學佛多年的男眾居士,他在一家大型醫院擔任藥劑師的工作,是個十分虔誠的佛教徒,只要佛寺有任何法會或活動,他都會參與,對於出家 師父也很恭敬護持。他每天早晚都會誦持一部經典,在修行方面也很精進,可以說是一位很標準的佛教徒。但,他卻過得很不快樂,甚至有輕微的憂鬱症,後來和他 談過話後,我才了解他的問題所在。原來他學佛是有所求而來,比如說
:他布施是想要得到一些福報,誦經是想要得到一些感應或功德,讓自己的人生可以一帆風順,平安喜樂。但當他作完這些事後,他發現現實生活並沒有改變,醫院 裡的惡性鬥爭依然存在,夫妻的感情也沒有變好,生活周遭還是充滿著人我是非,這一切都讓他十分苦惱,甚至對修行逐漸失去信心。


,是為了求福報、求感應,這些都沒錯,但卻不是佛教的宗旨,也不是佛陀的本懷。因為再大的福報也有享盡的一天,再多的感應也不能根斷我們的煩惱、解決我們 的生死問題。學佛要走的是一條解脫道,而所謂解脫道,就是要放下一切執著,以無所求的心活在當下,隨機應物,自在無礙。修行若有所求,貪念已生,必有得失 之心,已是背道而馳,解脫之日恐怕遙遙無期。所以我們要很清楚地知道,修行並不是為了要得到什麼,而是要捨棄我們的執著

眾生因為無明覆心,三毒熾盛,所以妄念紛飛,憂悲苦惱。正因為如此,所以我們才要學佛。佛是覺者,教是教育,所以佛教就是一種覺悟的教育。覺悟什麼 呢?覺悟世間的無常,生命的短暫;覺悟因果如影隨形,諸惡莫作



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卡陰 其實還是有分輕重.



如果長期卡陰 外靈開始入身就會臉色黯淡,情緒個性跟之前判若兩人。演變成所謂附身。

Posted On 22/04/2008

大乘佛法「正定」與「邪定」的區分,就在於有沒有明心見性。四禪八定只是世間禪定,不能出三界,所以屬於「邪定」,所以小乘阿羅漢雖然證得九次第定,已經超出六道輪迴,但是沒有明心見性,世尊在楞嚴會上仍然批評他是「邪定」。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)

Protection boundaries method

Posted On 01/04/2008

Well , I never thoughT my studentS hv progress so fast in 练灵,aka ling energy training..many hv start increase in their ling sensertivites…

Most of us are commoner, we cant see cant feel those non physical beings around us..

actually there are tones of non physical being around us..its jus tHat we r not sensertive enough to see or feel them..

When a person start to increase their ling energy they will tend to feel them..

Most of them are harmless…cos they could be OUR spiritual protectors for us and they could be even be our pass away relatives or fore parents..

I will now pass a protective boundaries method to ppl who hv strong ling sensertivitive..

chant: OM BO LUN LAN ZHE LI X 21
















Posted On 01/04/2008



Many cultivator hv encounter with negative ling during thier training path..many student hv ask me to teach them mantra that can ward off spirits and demons…

so today i will reveal a fa meng that one can learn as self protection..

One of the ever best fa men to deal with evil spirits and demon is using 大白伞盖佛母法门!

This fa mmen if 1 can sincerely practise everyday..the mantra energy will be very great..

not only can ward evil but can protect family and country…

I will reveal the steps now…..

1> paste this mantra logo on your altar table. can use fresh flowers as offerings


2> chant the 四归依,














4> Chant the mantra 108 times











Those people that I hv do the 启灵, can start practise and you will feel the energy immeditately. Those ppl I hv not do the 启灵, might only be able to feel the energy after 2 to 3 yrs of practise…

However once you start practising this.. there will be protection energy…


Posted On 22/03/2008

during my monkhood retreat in thailand, the 1st day was a very happy and intresting day for me, after taking the tonsure..i was brief by the abbot for many hours, then i went around the temple making friends with the other monks…

during the 2nd day, i start to feel very uneasy, my mind was very clutty, alot of disturbance came from things happening in sg..i make a terribly mistake by keeping my hp on..alot of disturbing sms came, and after reading them, i start to feel vex..beside the sms i actually feel a very lousy feeling in my mind and emotions..there is this scary tot of giving up this retreat and go bk…the whole 2nd day was supper terrible..on the 2nd night i could hv any sleep at all…

the next day i was instructed to go to a cave behind the temple and samadhi there…i stay there for 4 hrs, and i could not tame my mind at all…it was so unusual for me..at that point of time..it never came across to me its my karmic debtor that is fooling me…

that very nite, i really cant take it liao, i took a stroll in the temple compound, and came to a  buddha statue near the back exit of the temple…

i shouted at the statue, ” Maha! u make me here, and y did u make me so uncomfortable! what do you want!”

the turmoil in my mind  was really horrible, it was though i was being put to hell…now when i think bk, i still can feel hw horrible it was, i guess it was hw depression was like..

I know i was too rude, hw could i shouted at buddha, but i really cant contain the anger liao…after fuming a little while, i close my eyes and stand rather still infront of the statue..

suddenly i will my whole body was shaking….it was those trancing feel i hv when i trance phra Lersi or phra Ngan when i was a occult master…i tot to myself..”on no…! am i going to trance?”

i try to tame my emotion…i kept breathing deep , my body vibration got worse, …my palm n feet were totally numb….then! suddenly my hands actually without control raise up!!

i still keeping my eyes close, in my mind i tot i was abt to trance liao, i keep struggle with my emotion, wanted to be calm and easy…

the slow movment of my hands suddenly went faster n faster n faster….they were like shaking..but very funny i know its not trancing…but its movement is totally beyond my control…i open eyes…i was panting…though i was standing still but i feel i hv jus run 2.4km…

i was sweating..my robe was all wet by my sweat…i try to calm dwn and figure was going on…i start to sit dwn and went to samadi position…with in sec..i was in it…total void..

after dun noe hw long i recover from meditation…the feeling was great..hey, the b4 bad feel is totally gone!!..erm…i tot to myself is it buddha who came help me??? alot alot of funny tots came…as a very inqusitive person i decide to try 1 more time…

after a toilet break, i came bk standing infront of the staute again,i close my eyes and start to chant Chinabournchon in my heart…suddenly, my hand raise again..and start to move on its own in funny ways..its like im doing taiji, but the fact its im not controlling it at all!!!!!!

after abt 10 min of taiji, a very funny thing came..i start to do waist rotation…kakaaka..

so ugly, u imagine a monk doing waist rotation.., then nex, my hand was being pull bk  by its own and i was back bending dwn, till my head touch the floor..if there is some1 around seeing wat i do, they sure tot i being prossessed.. by then, there was no longer scary feel in me , instead i think it was quite fun..hahhaah..

after awhile, i return to stand stright, my both hand raise by its own again from its side..and i start to spin……..machiam those tuo luo..spin n spin….i think i spin abt 15 min n then it suddenly stop and i fell flat on ground…pain..super pain…

i gather my self and stand up again, i look around me..i try to use my ying yang yan to see if any spirits around..am i being disturb or wat???no leh..no ghost , no deva , no human..only me n the statue..i was really really puzzel…but at that point of time i was feeling damn good..all those previous bad feel all gone..i was like a new born person..shoik!…i decide to call it a day and when bk sleeep..

the next day i woke up feeling very good and went to collect alms with my teacher..and  after that  had a 2 hr chanting with the rest in the hall in the afternoon…this time something strange happen again…my body was  swaying without control while chanting…my 3rd ye chrakra was like being peirce by a screwdriver..super pain…i was enduring the pain, and trying hard to keep my body still but i guess. the other monk hv notice my wired behaivour..after the chanting, my ajhan ask me to go to his area, he ask me wat happen and i told him my exp the previous nite..he quicky ask me to get into meditation positon, he put on his robe and shouted for the other 2 elders and 3 of them start sitting around me and start chanting..they were chanting Dhamma cakkappavattana sutta and anatta lakkhana sutta…i guess they must hv tot i being prossess…i feel shiok when they were chanting and my body was uncontably swaying again, this time, my crown charkra and 3rd eye chackra was like being press and forceing to be tear open…there was a heat flowing in my body..thought hot but was nice…my hand suddenly without control raise again, my left hand with the palm facing up was raise high above my head and my right hand with the palm facing the ajhan, i could feel there is a kind of energy absorbing by my left hand and there is a out going energy in my right hand..my body was trembling ..after the chanting, the monks ask me hw i feel, i told them i feel great, and i ask them am i ok.. they say im perfectly fine…, my ajhan try to expain to me in thai, but my thai was really half past six…i left the place after the talk..

the next few day was rather peaceful for me n i learn alot of new things from the monks but at the same time i could feel a kind of energy was growing in my body..n during meditation i start to see funny things..but i jus simply bo chap them, i know they were jus illusion…

then 1 nite..when all the monk was asleep i went to the statue again and start the standing thing again, this time my hand rise very fast…and start the tai ji thing again…but suddenly i start to run..not forward but backward….!!!!round n round…my eyes were open wide and the fear of falling dwn was there..ran abt 10 min..i suddenly stop..not scared but puzzle…

after the even the next few days things went on peacefully, on the 2nd last day, the phra kru actually ask me to do a 24 hr meditation b4 leaving..i was like huh?? How could it be possible??? but since he say liao, i bo bian loh…

I went into the meditation hall with the rest of the monks..i start meditation and they also start chanting..without i notice i was in ddep meditation liao..n dun noe after hw long, i suddenly see a bright glaring light with my eyes close..the light was so glaring , my whole body was like on fire..my crown,3rd eye, hear and the lower back of mine was having a very hot sensation…and suddenly i saw a golden light with silver lining…and i start to hear a voice tokking to me…

after dunnoe hw long..i suddenly hear chanting again..and when the chanting stop, Phra kru ask me to open my eyes..and i went thru the huan shu procedure..and left the temple in the evening…

Back to sg, i dun let the matter rest…i did alot of research library, internet, chinese sinseh, some qi gong teacher and also doctors…i finally conculd that i hv unconcioulsy learn a kind of so call qi gong~~~~自发功!

This kind of qi gong from my findings hv actuallt created alot of miricle..its not only good for a person health and also very good for a person spiritual development…

i still prac the standing bk in sg.. the movement after 1 month plus went slow…lesser movement, but when i do meditation, my spiritual self actually improve trmendously..and i start to understand alot of theory form the buddha dhamma when i make refrence from my exp and wats on the sutra…i was very happy..i actually by mistake aquire a gem….

after abt 4 month of pac i was totally convince of this zi fa gong….and i start to teach ppl around me…the very very 1st was my good buddy jeff.. he is a a real talent..15 mins, he gt the hang of it..and he was totally amaze..i further expalin the zi fa gong to him..and i mornitor his progress..things went very well…

and within 4 months i though abt 200 over people this zi fa gong….no complaints but full of praises..many hv really improve their health, their spiritual understanding…though the start all of them was amaze that they body can actually move by its own.. and there is really such thing call ling! as this teaching goes on..i hv gt a very clear pic of TAO…and many new understanding was archieve…

then………..suddenly come 1 day…………………..I met the ever 1st “defeat”

i was being engage to see a beauty salon fengshui, i went to the salon on time, and when i was opening the salon door, my hand was shaking…the whole hand was numb! my crown charkra was like pounding n pounding…i start to wonder..

i went inside the shop and saw the femaile owner..Ms Su..

When Ms Su saw me, surprisingly her hands also start to tremble.. we look at each other with surprise….

after shaking hand..i start to view and expalin the fengshui to her..she was quite a nice lady of 40s…

b4 everything was abt to end, she suddenly ask me, y was there such a reaction.i ask her hv she eveh learn any qi gong or spiritual cultivation…she said she never but she is keen to learn..so i share with her the zi fa gong..she is very intrested , and wanted me to initiate for her..

her hubby and a 16 old daughter was around too…

so expalin the fundamental of zi fa gong to her and start the initiation for her..

i was dumbfolded…with in 5 min, she is already doing the tai ji thing and she could actually feel the crown chakra…wah i tot to myself she is really a tain cia with very strong ling…

i past her my zhi fa gong mannual and left…

i though everything is going to be fine..(but my nightmare is actually starting………..)

abt 2 am that night my hp ring…i answer.. its was Ms Su, she was crying away.. she told me her hands cant stop ..keep moving, and she start to vomit..and she keep seeing funny things and also she cant help to stop crying…

walao..i was like super shock!..i aks her to quickly go sleep and dun think too much and speak to her hubby..her hubby was also very scared..i promise the next day i will pay her a visit..

the very next day i went to them…her husband answer the door and start to rattle all the funny thing ms su hv done..

i went to their room, i saw ms su was actually lieing on the floor weeping..

i smell a very fould demon smell and the aura colour of ms su was black!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shit! i ask her husbandwat did she do last nite..

her hubby said  the evening when they gt home, ms su start to prac, n she was prac for 3 hr , she refuse to stop when her hubby ask her to..

i quickly sit dwn n start to chant, when i start to chant, Ms su start to yell! and shouted”stop!! stop chanting u bastard!!

from lei on floor crying and yelling, she suddenly behave like a snake.sissing away…, i din stop chanting….the worst part is i din bring my tools..i can only keep chanting….

then from snake..she suddenly behave like a kid..start to jump around laughing away..

I know there must be more than 2 spiritual body in her body…i ask her hubby to pin her dwn and i beam  my Ling energy to her thru her crown charkra..i feel a kind of cold energy was passing over to my body…i can feel a demonic force is trying to take over my body..the tot came to my mind…shall i jus perish with him…jus as i was abt to..the stuggle went dead..Ms su pass over..and i was totally drain…after resting for few hours, Ms su wake up and i also regain my energy..

My mind was full of ???? wats going on here…

i ask her husband to drive us to my thai temple…and whloe traveling i called my ajhan and explain to them wat happen n wanted them to get ready…

inside the car, ms su keep saying”help me, help me”

I was super stres.. wats going on???how come for the past 200 over person everything is fine..but this time…

when reach the temple, i ask her hubby to carried her up 2nd floor, i went to get ready..

suddenly i heard a scream from upstair”ah buddha!!!ah buddha!”

i rush up with other 6 monks….we saw the lady rolling on the carpet like a snake hissing away, we all quickly sit forming a circle around her and start chanting..

she upon hearing the chanting scream and yell…then suddenly channg to a sitting poisitng start to sing chinese opera and weeping away…phra kru of the temple start sprinkle holy water on her and she yell again  n change to a kid laughing and jumping away…and even kneel dwn infron of the buddha statue laughing away..

the monk look at each other..totally no clue at all..i ask is she being prosses..the monk say no…if its is.. the spirit would hv been drive away..

i was very uptight n panic, i hv totally lost my cool..i dash forwad and grab her head and without realising i start to chant a mantra which i totally never learn b4…she scread and yell and scrach my hand….then suddenly she fainted…

her hubby and dayghter was kneeling at one corner crying away.. the other onlookers was totoally blur.. hte monks hv no clue at all ..all the people there was looking at me..n frankly speaking i was also clueless…………….

after awahile she wake up and i start asking her wat happen..

she said she could feel ther r many people in her body…all trying to control her and she hv no say at all…

suddenly…i look into her eyes…i see many things..a story line after a story line.. i saw man skining a snake , i saw a opera singer was being strangle, i saw a kid was being run over by a truck…im not sure wat is all this images…am i crasy or am i hving illusion??

i tried very very hard to calm myslef down..i suddenly remember the things that the voice hv told me during the 24 hr meditation..i know liao…its not ghost or demon…its the karmaic debtors that hv been hiding in the ling of ms su….i ask her hubby to drive her to hospital for a check up…i thanks the monk for help and quickly went bk home…

i tried to contact a zi fa gong teacher in taiwan, and discuss the matter with him…

he told me actually he hv came across similar case b4.. but its very very rare for 6 yrs of teaching he only came across once..but that person after start to gui yi mi zhong, he is fine liao..

i ask further a few questions and thanks him..

i quiet myself dwn and start to meditate…the voice came as i expected..he told me the solution..and i quickly dash to hospital..check with her hubby, she is fine liao..

i expalin to ms su wat is actually going on…and i told her the solution…she willing to accept

the conculsion for this post.. is that…its essential to wake up our ling b4 we can do any xiu xing..but not all ppl is able to overcome karmic debtors to hv a smooth xiu xing path…

this was a very treasured exp i hv encounter…

it make me understand the big word karma and karma debtors…

no devas,or even buddha can ward off karmic debtors…

only ourself, our genuie guit ..and sincerity in repent can ease the hatred of our karmic debtors…

one hv to ease alot of karmic debtors b4 he can wake up his ling…and with a awaken ling, then the person can cultivate the ling energy…with strong ling enrgy, one then can hv wisdom to gain enlightenment…and break thru from samsara…

its really a grave mistake of me to be so careless to check her ba zi b4 teaching her zi fa gong….luckily she is very ok nw…and she hv become my most hardworking student ever..

i did her ba zhi in detail…i know..she hv alter her life template liao…..wat she is doing nw will never be happen…if she din go thru this ordeal..

from this case i hv also become very alert..i will never teach a person to wake his ling without confirm her karma debt…

after this case i was totally dwn for 3 weeks…i took 3 weeks to sort out everything in place..

dharma is really powerful….fa hua jing, jing gang xing ..are very very detail…they really tell u the truth of this living world…



Liao Fan~~~~~~

Posted On 30/12/2007

Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons
THE FOURTH LESSON: from http://www.amtb.cn.com


Arrogance Invites Adversity while Humility Gains Benefits

Five True Accounts of Virtuous People

Humility enables us to preserve our good rewards. Without it, we will lose what we are trying to accumulate and all of our efforts will have been in vain. We need to rely on humility for it enables us to preserve our goodness. Therefore, the Diamond Sutra explains that we should use endurance to preserve what we have accumulated from our practice of giving which is accomplishing good deeds. If we were unable to endure, then no matter how much we cultivated and accumulated, all would be lost. According to the Confucian teachings, the way to retain what we have cultivated is to practice the virtue of humility.

In I Ching, the Book of Changes, the combination for Humility stated that, “The law of heaven takes from the arrogant and benefits the humble. The law of earth will bring flowing water from areas that are full to those that are lower as it passes by. The law of spirits brings harm to those who are arrogant and good fortune to those who are modest. Even the laws of people despise the arrogant and like the modest.”

A good example to help us understand the “Law of Heaven” is the waxing and waning of the moon. After the moon is full, it begins to wane. Before the moon becomes full again, it gets brighter and brighter each day. This gradual increase is the virtue of humility. From this, we can understand natural law and the will of heaven.

The “law of earth” is a natural law. Water will move from areas that are filled to lower areas. When some spirits see that we have become successful, they become jealous and try to cause problems for us. When we are destitute, they feel sorry for us and try to help. People are the same way. The “laws of people” prefer those who are modest to those who are arrogant.

During the Qing Dynasty, Guo-Fan Zeng held the highest post as governor-general of four provinces in China. He was almost like a small emperor. Being highly educated, he knew that he had already advanced very high and that this was not good. So, he named his study “Room seeking Imperfection”, to make known his aspiration. Most people seek perfection, but Mr. Zeng sought moderation. He sought to lack a little, to not have too much. He believed that as one’s position was elevated, one should be more modest. Thus, he was able to maintain what he accumulated. Even to the present time, his descendents are quite prosperous. Due to his accumulated merits, virtuous conduct and the following of his teaching by his descendents, the prosperity of the family was prolonged.

In I Ching, the Book of Changes, only the Humility combination contains all good and no bad outcomes.

In I Ching, the Book of Changes there are sixty-four combinations. Every one of the explanations or predictions has the possibility of good fortune and misfortune, invariably mixed. Only the Humility combination, also called “high mountain under the ground”, representing humility, has no possibility for misfortune. Thus, the higher we are, the more modest we need to be.

The Book of History explains that, “Arrogance invites disaster and humility gains benefit”.

Those who are the most modest receive the most benefits and advantages.

I often went to take the examinations accompanied by others and every time I would meet scholars who were very poor. I noticed that before they succeeded in passing the examinations and became prosperous, their faces radiated such humility that I felt I could almost hold it in my hands.

Based on the observation of his own life, Mr. Liao-Fan found what was written in I Ching and the Book of History to be logical and applicable to our daily lives. At every imperial examination that he had attended with companions, the students who passed were the most modest. From this, he could accurately predict who would pass the current examination.

Several years ago, ten of us from the village went to take the preliminary imperial examination. Jing-Yu Ding was the youngest and extremely humble. I told one of the applicants, Jin-Po Fei, that this young man would definitely pass the examination this year. Jin-Po Fei asked how I could tell. I told him that, “Only those who are humble receive good fortune. My friend, look at the ten of us. Is there anyone as honest, generous and never tries to come in first, as Jing-Yu? Do you see anyone who is as respectful, tolerant, careful and humble like Jing-Yu? Do you see anyone like Jing-Yu, who when insulted does not talk back or who when slandered does not argue? Any person who can achieve such a level of humility will receive protection from the earth, spirits and heavens. There is no reason he will not become prosperous.” Sure enough, when the test results came out, Jing-Yu Ding passed.

One year Mr. Liao-Fan went with several other people to take the examination. Based on his observations of everyone, he commented to one of his companions that Jing-Yu Ding, who was the most modest, would pass despite his young age. His companion Jin-Po Fei asked how he could tell. Mr. Liao-Fan said that, “only those who are modest receive good fortune”. He asked Mr. Fei to consider the ten travelling companions. Was anyone else as loyal, honest, kind, sincere and agreeable as Jing-Yu? He explained that Jing was respectful and modest, a rare person who would remain undisturbed and be tolerant when others humiliated or offended him. Those with great tolerance possess tremendous good fortune. As predicted, Mr. Ding passed the examination.

One year in Beijing, I was staying with my childhood friend, Kai-Zhi Feng. I noticed that he always carried himself in a humble way with a kind and accommodating appearance. He was not a bit arrogant, which was an immense change from his childhood ways. Kai-Zhi had a friend named Ji-Yan Li who was straightforward and honest. Ji-Yen often scolded him for his mistakes, but Kai-Zhi always accepted the accusations calmly without talking back.

This refers to the year when Mr. Liao-Fan was in the capital city with a friend named Kai-Zhi Feng. Mr. Liao-Fan had noticed that Mr. Feng had changed greatly since his younger years. After only a few years, he had become a completely different person. Mr. Li was a good friend of Mr. Feng. When he saw any faults in Mr. Feng, he would immediately criticize him right there and then. It did not matter to Mr. Feng whether or not Mr. Li was right in correcting him. He would accept all criticism from others. There is a saying “If we were at fault we need to correct it. If we were not, we need to correct mistakes if we have made any and guard against them if we have not”. We do not resent others, if they wronged us for a non-existent fault. It is always good to be admonished. Actually, only those who reproach us genuinely care and look after us. We would reproach our children if they made mistakes. Why would we not admonish those of neighbors? Therefore, although it may be an unjust accusation, still it rose out of a heart of loving-kindness. Thus, we need to accept criticism willingly, to be grateful for the teaching.

I told him, “Just as there are signs that warn of coming good fortune or misfortune, we can see that prosperity or disaster comes to those who have cultivated the cause for it. Heaven will help those whose hearts are humble. You, my friend, will definitely pass the imperial examination this year!” Later, he indeed passed the examination.

Mr. Liao-Fan told him that good fortune and misfortune can be predicted. Mr. Liao-Fan had learned well. He had mastered the art of prediction from Mr. Kong. But knowing how to predict a person’s fortune or misfortune is still secondary. When we end our erroneous ways and accumulate merits and virtues, we rewrite our own destiny. Thus, Mr. Feng passed the examination that year as Mr. Liao-Fan had predicted.

There was a young man from Shandong Province named Yu-Feng Zhao who passed the preliminary level of the imperial examinations before he was even twenty. Unfortunately, try as he might, he could not pass the succeeding examinations. When his father was moved to Jiashan to accept another post in the government, Yu-Feng went with him and came to greatly admire a well-known scholar in that village named Ming-Wu Qian.

Yu-Feng brought his essays to this man. (He had no idea that) Mr. Qian would pick up his calligraphy brush and blot out his entire essay. Not only was Yu-Feng not angry, he sincerely accepted all of Mr. Qian’s corrections and immediately made the recommended changes. The following year, Yu-Fong passed the imperial examination.

When Zhou’s father was working as an official in Jiashan County, he greatly admired a scholar named Ming-Wu Qian. After Yu-Feng took his own work to Mr. Qian to ask for advice, Mr. Qian would make substantial changes to his essays. Usually, when this happens to us, we feel terrible or become offended. Even if our work was not that good, we would still feel that it did not deserve so many corrections. Surprisingly, not only was Yu-Feng not angry but he was extremely grateful and modest for he sincerely wanted to learn from Mr. Qian. Because of his sincerity, humility, respect and diligence, he made significant improvement and passed the examination the following year.

One year, I went to the capital to pay my respects to the emperor. I met a scholar named Jian-Suo Xia who had all the qualities of a great man without a trace of arrogance. I felt the intense aura of his virtue and humility all about him. When I returned home, I told my friend, “When heaven wants a person to prosper, it will first bestow him with wisdom. Such wisdom can make a pompous person honest and well disciplined. Jian-Suo is gentle, kind and good. Surely, heaven will now make him prosperous.” Sure enough, when the test results came out, Jian-Suo had passed the examination.

It was in that year, when he went to have an audience with the emperor that Mr. Liao-Fan met Mr. Jian-Suo Xia. He was stunned by how humble and respectful Mr. Xia was towards others. The important message in this account is that before heaven gives us good fortune, it first gives us wisdom. If we do not have wisdom, then regardless of our cultivation, we will be unable to accumulate good fortune. There are real and false good fortunes as well as half and full, that we do not know about. If we do not understand this, we will commit serious offenses, all the while believing that our efforts are commendable and meritorious. The most important point is to learn and understand what the field of merit is so that we will know how to properly accumulate good fortune. Once we uncover our wisdom, we will naturally restrain ourselves, as we become calm and dignified, kind and modest, respectful and gentle. By possessing these characteristics, Mr. Xia passed the examination.

There was a scholar named Wei-Yan Zhang from Jiangyin who was very learned and wrote good essays. He was also very well known among scholars. One year while taking his examination in Nanjing, he stayed at a temple. When the test results were posted, he found that he had not passed. He became furious and loudly accused the examiner of being blind for not recognizing his obvious talents.

At that time, a Taoist monk stood by smiling and Wei-Yan immediately directed his anger towards him. The monk said the essay must not be good. Wei-Yan got even angrier and demanded how he knew it was not good when he had not even read it. The Taoist replied that he often heard people say that the most important element in writing good essays was a peaceful heart and harmonious disposition. Wei-Yan’s loud and angry accusations clearly showed that his mind was not at peace and his disposition was violent. How could he possibly write good essays? Wei-Yan acceded to the Taoist’s words and in turn asked him for his advice.

The Taoist explained that he had heard that good writing only comes from a peaceful and harmonious mind. With Wei-Yan’s bad temper and arrogance, how could he possibly write a good essay? Fortunately, as a scholar, Wei-Yan recognized the logic in this and realized that the Taoist was right. Thus, he had no choice but to concede. After realizing his faults, he asked the old Taoist for advice. From this, we can see that Wei-Yan was able to change once he realized that he was at fault. This is a true learning, true practice.

The Taoist said that whether or not one passes depends on destiny. If someone is not destined to pass, then no matter how good the paper is, he or she will still fail.

This is truly understanding that destiny, that the Law of Cause and Effect is perfectly accurate. Passing or not passing the examination had little to do with the quality of the paper but with destiny. It is the same with fame and prestige. Whether we become wealthy or not has nothing at all to do with how we plan and manage our lives. The question is whether our destiny holds fame and prestige. When someone is destined to be wealthy, it does not matter whether or not they are knowledgeable. They do not have to know how to obtain wealth. They just receive the amount of money they were supposed to. If we are not destined to become wealthy, then regardless of how much we plot and scheme, we will fail.

Today, people do not know or believe in destiny. They think that they can commit all kinds of offenses and still obtain good results, good fortune. Where is the logic in that! Why is it that in ancient times, most people would see the results from their offenses quickly, while today, we do not seem to suffer from them. Because too many people are committing too many offenses. There are too many for people to receive their retribution one by one. The debts will be collected at one time. Our education, abilities, good fortune, long lives, a peaceful death, everything depends on destiny. Creating destiny is the most intelligent and wisest thing we can do. Otherwise, if we fail to achieve this and seek what we were not meant to have, then all our time and efforts will have been wasted. This would truly be truly sad!

The Taoist concluded that Wei-Yan would have to make a few changes in himself. Wei-Yan asked how he could change destiny. The Taoist further explained that although the power to form our destiny lies in the heavens, the right to change it lies within us. As long as we are willing to do good deeds and to extensively cultivate hidden virtues, we will receive what we seek.

If he wanted to change his destiny, he had to do just as Master Yun-Gu had taught him. Mr. Liao-Fan knew that he alone could change his destiny. It is a constant that can be completely extrapolated from mathematical calculations. If we break the habit of committing offenses to cultivate good deeds, to accumulate merits, then we create the variables to rewrite our destinies. But, if we do not correct our erroneous ways, then we will remain bound by our destiny throughout our lives.

Wei-Yan said that he was only a poor scholar and questioned his ability to do good deeds. The Taoist explained that practicing good deeds and accumulating hidden virtues all stem from the heart. As long as we constantly have the intent to practice goodness and accumulate virtues, our merits will be infinite and boundless! He used the example of the virtue of humility. It does not cost anything. Wei-Yan should reflect within himself instead of berating the examiner for being unfair.

Wei-Yan said that he was a poor man. What could he do to accumulate merits? The Taoist replied that money was not necessary. More often than not, those who are poor are able to accumulate great merits while the wealthy may not necessarily do so. The Taoist then used Wei-Yan’s behavior as an example, saying that his behavior just then had been very arrogant. If he could only be a bit more modest then he would be virtuous and good. To do so does not cost anything. When he did not pass an examination, he should reflect and reform within. How could he blame the examination official? It is obvious that good or bad, fortune or misfortune, all lies in an instant of thought.

Wei-Yan listened to the Taoist monk and from then on suppressed his arrogant ways. Everyday, he put forth additional effort to do more good deeds and accumulate more merits.

Three years later, one night as he slept, he dreamt that he had entered a very tall house and saw a book that contained many names. He also saw many blank lines. He asked the person next to him what it was. The person replied that the book contained all the names of the applicants who passed the examination that year.

When Wei-Yan asked why there were so many blank lines, he answered that the spirits of the underworld check on the applicants every three years. Only the names of those who practice good deeds and are without faults are listed. The blank lines used to bear the names of those who were supposed to pass the examination, but due to their recent offenses, their names had been removed. Then, the person pointed to a line and said that for the past three years Wei-Yan had been very careful and had exerted such self-control that he had not made any mistakes. Perhaps his name would fill the blank. The person hoped that he would cherish his opportunity and take care not to make any mistakes. Indeed, Wei-Yan passed the examination that year and placed one hundred and fifth.

Dear fellow readers, if you believe in these matters, you are fortunate. The spirits of heaven and earth are closely linked with our world in our every gesture, word and smile. This is the truth and not superstition. When Mr. Jing-Zhou Zhu was still alive and I was a Buddhist novice, he told me many stories that he had experienced first hand. No one dies by accident, not even in a war. Life or death is destined. How we will die is recorded in the underworld. No one dies unjustly. Although we live in a high-tech environment and know much of science, we cannot escape the control of the king of the underworld when that is our destiny. This is the truth. It is time for us to be awakened. We would do well to believe what the sages have taught us.

Humility and Modesty are the Foundation for

Good Fortune

From the previous examples, we know that spirits and gods are three feet above our heads. To be able to obtain good fortune and to prevent misfortune depends on ourselves. As long as we have good intentions, refrain from wrongdoings, do not offend the beings and spirits of heaven and earth, are tolerant and not arrogant, then the beings and spirits of heaven and earth will constantly have compassion for us. Only then will we have a foundation for future prosperity.

There are beings and spirits of heaven and earth who are watching us at all times. We alone are responsible for every good or bad deed we perform, for every good or bad result that happens to us. Thus, we need to be awakened in every thought. Buddha Shakyamuni taught us to be awakened instead of deluded, proper instead of deviated, pure instead of polluted. He also taught us to sever all attachments and to practice giving. We need to be extremely careful in our every thought, word and deed and to accord with the teachings and codes of behavior. Practicing Buddhism is to set a good example for all sentient beings. To perfectly have a kind heart, to do kind deeds, say kind words and be a decent person is to be a Buddha, a Bodhisattva.

Since we choose to practice the Pure Land method, we need to incorporate the teachings from the Infinite Life Sutra into our thinking, viewpoints and behavior. Then, there truly will be no difference between Buddha Amitabha and us. This is practicing the true teaching of the Buddhas. We mold ourselves by upholding within, according with the mind, vow, understanding and conduct of Buddha Amitabha. Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons can be used as an invaluable aid in our learning. The Infinite Life Sutra is our main course of study. When we are abiding by the precepts and practicing Buddha Name Chanting, we are practicing both the primary and supporting learnings. This will assure us of being born into the Pure Land, to never again regress until we become Buddhas. It is to wholeheartedly be a Buddha, not to settle for being a Sound-hearer.

In the past, Zen practitioners used the expression “go drink tea”. Today, I teach “go become a Buddha”. We really can become one. This is the truth. True believers will be guarded and protected.

Those who are filled with conceit are doubtless not destined to be great. Even if they do prosper, they will not be able to enjoy their good fortune for long.

Look around and see all the wealthy people who live in the east and in the west. Many of them are not genuinely happy. They really do not know how to use their wealth. I have heard of some wealthy people who live in hiding so that they will feel safer. There is no joy in possessing such wealth, there is only suffering. A human being should live a truly happy life. That is true prosperity and happiness.

Intelligent people would definitely not make themselves small and narrow-minded and refuse the good fortune they are entitled to. Besides, those who are humble always increase their opportunities to learn. In this way, the kind deeds that humble people can accomplish are boundless! For those who wish to cultivate and improve upon their virtues, they especially cannot do without the virtue of humility.

It is essential for us to learn modesty for it is the key to cultivating and improving our virtue. We need to sincerely learn that others are better than we, that they excel in what they do. Even if others cannot see how we really are, if we are only pretending and are conceited, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and the beings and spirits of heaven and earth already see us with extreme clarity. Thus, modesty must come from deep within us. It must be without the slightest pretension. We are no better than other people. If others accumulate merits and I do not, then they are above me. Others who commit offenses, when I do not dare to are also above me. Only by doing so are we completely modest. This is putting into practice the teaching of humility in the fifty-three visits of Sudhana in the Flower Adornment Sutra. I am the only student. All others are my benevolent teachers whom I can learn from. Sudhana learned about humility from the fifty-three visits and in the end, he perfectly attained Buddhahood.

The ancients said that, “Those who have their hearts set on attaining success and fame, will surely attain success and fame. Those who have their hearts set on attaining wealth and position, will surely attain wealth and position.” A person who has great and far-reaching goals is like a tree with roots. A person who has set down great and far reaching goals must be humble in every thought and try to relieve other’s burdens even if the occurrence is as insignificant as a speck of dust.

If we can reach this level of humility, we will naturally touch the hearts of heaven and earth. Furthermore, I am the creator of my own prosperity. Look at the applicants who sought fame and wealth. In the beginning, they were not sincere, it was only a passing notion. When they wanted something, they sought it. When their interest waned, they stopped seeking it. Mencius once said (to Emperor Xuan of Qi), “If you can expand from the heart, which seeks personal happiness, to that of sharing happiness with all your subjects and make them just as happy as you are, then surely the nation is bound to prosper!” This is also true for myself in seeking to pass the imperial examination. (I and I alone can seek and thus change my destiny.)

It is said that once we set our goals, we must work towards accomplishing them. If we do so, then naturally, our humility will touch the heart of heaven and earth and we will attain what we seek. Mr. Liao-Fan used a quote from Mencius for his conclusion. When we are enjoying our happiness, why not share it with others? Enjoying happiness with others is genuine and authentic happiness. Good fortune is to extend our happiness to the lives of others. For example, many people today are caught up in the drive to obtain wealth. The governments of the world would do well to realize this and join with people to create wealth, prosperity and happiness so that all can enjoy it together. “To like what people like, to dislike what people dislike”. In so doing, we will be conforming to the heart all others. We should use wisdom to accumulate merits to create wealth to help those who have none. If we only accumulate wealth for ourselves to enjoy then trouble lies ahead. This is a momentous and worthwhile endeavor and is worthy of our sincerest efforts.

smudge with dog poo……..

Posted On 27/12/2007

some people..since born had very poor ren yuan…no matter how hard u try to please ppl around.. ppl jus dun like u at the 1st sight..

also many of us should hv exp sudden hate for some1 for nothing…

especially…in bgr…..u may suddenly see ur bf or gf very irritating for nothing and start to show rude attitude or even fury attitude as if he or she is being smudge by dog poo.

well y does all this happen?

actually its becos a person negative karma energy could actually cos ur ling to give out negative energy cosing ppl to dislike u or shoot u with firey attitude….jus like dog poo smudging u..giving out disgusting smell making ppl siam u or against u…

if a person want to hv good ren yuan..1st thing u hv to do is to cleanse ur ling..make sure ur negative karma energy is kept low….

as i always say…chanting OM MA NI PEH MEH HUNG  and dedicate the chanting merits to ur past life karmic debtors, wishing them happy and free from sufferings is a good way to ur ling clean from “dog poo”

of cos beside the above karmic issue, learning social etiquette n hving high eq is also essential…..

many times.. me , myself was also being affected by the “poo” in the ling of ppl around me…maybe my cultivation is still very very low………………………………….. haiz…

Posted On 26/12/2007

☆ ☆ ☆ 持 咒、結 手 印 的 力 量 ☆ ☆ ☆

持咒、結手印,是佛教高僧修行的一種重要法門,不單是持咒、結手印,當然這個世界上的所有事物都要有「身、心、靈」的堅定意志力。 身為佛教的修行也是一樣,藉著鍛練心靈、鍛練身體、累進修業才能練成不可思議的力量。有時一被瀑布擊打、有時斷食、數十小時誦讀經文‥‥,入了佛門的僧人累聚嚴格的修業。 不過,持咒、結手印的魅力在於即使不是正式施行,仍可以發揮相當的威力。 結手印指的是印契,原本是顯示佛或菩薩本性的形狀。其後則變成手指所組合的手形。 兩手的十指代表所有的意義,以此來觀大宇宙。十指的屈伸,從地震、洪水等天變地動,到人事的禮節、送迎都能呈現,並把自己帶入那種境界中。 簡單來說,若以十指組合大海印,就會變成海中人,若組合火焰印,則自己會變成火焰。 咒語是指咒旬、咒文、真言,又稱為「曼陀羅」。「曼陀羅」原本是婆羅門教(佛教之前的印度教)祭典時所用的咒文。 它們大多數可以視為呼喚宿在宇宙或自己體內不可思議之力的秘密暗號。並進而與菩薩的意念相結合,將慈光的庇佑神力,加注於自身的元氣之內。 這個宇宙充滿了科學所無法解釋的不可思議之力。為了引出這股力量,各種方法紛紛出籠。其中有「獨特之形」的東西。如西洋魔術中所使用的六角星或五角星等就是代表例。此外,使用手指所作的手印也是很優美的形。再者,全世界各民族所傳承的咒文,也被認為是使用宇宙不可思議之力的一大要素。


只要眾生一心虔誠呼唸其名號,「觀音菩薩」即能尋音聲救苦,故名之為「觀音」。 因此,制化陰煞、除靈去厄,「觀音菩薩」當為第一! 若有沖煞、不安者!請虔誠禮拜其法像,一心頌念「大悲咒」及「六字大明咒」, 手結「普賢三昧耶印」或「大金剛輪印」!即能去除惡煞,安神定氣、身體舒暢!

【禮佛、持咒、結手印的準備動作】 ★★

禮拜佛菩薩,是一件很莊重的事!因此,在禮佛之前一定要先「淨身」:即清淨身體、端莊衣著。最好是先洗澡,換上乾淨整齊的衣服。若不方便洗澡,至少也要洗淨手、臉。切忌穿著短褲或過於暴露的衣服。 在家禮佛的地方,當然有佛堂最好!若無,書房也可以,當然安靜不吵雜是最重要的。若是書房與臥室在一起,也無妨!只是要注意室內不要太凌亂! 一切都準備好了,有檀香,是更好的了!點一些就好,現在很流行「臥香」或「精油」,也是非常好的。都可以幫助我們放鬆心情,讓精神能很輕鬆的來凝聚潛意識中的「靈覺意識力」! 若有沖煞、不安者!請虔誠禮拜其法像, 一心頌念「 大 悲 咒 」及 「六 字 大 明 咒」,

手結「普 賢 三 昧 耶 印」或 「大 金 剛 輪 印」! 即能去除惡煞,安神定氣、身體舒暢!

【 六 字 大 明 咒】 嗡、嘛、呢、叭、咪、哄! ★★★「大悲咒」 是至高無上的「大慈大悲千手千眼無礙大悲心陀羅尼神咒」! 是「觀世音菩薩」的神咒。★★★



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靠山,山会倒, 靠人,人会老 靠己,是最好

most of us since the sec we are born, we start to find support in life….

we start with our parents, we cry to attract their attention, we cry to gain their support.. its seems to be our nature instinct that we need supports…

however, the ideal of gaining support in life, became our weak point…many times we do alot of things jus to make sure we dun lose the support… friends, lovers etc , we give alot…with an ideal they will give bk….if they dun, we will be upset…sometime we will try harder to make sure we can get bk wat we give…and also not to lose such support… we see many of friends around us when out of love, he or she will cry, will beg their lover not to leave them, even to an extent , they self torture…hoping to  soften their heart… hoping to gain bk the support..

we all afraid of losing support,…the want in keep it is a biggest torture we ever hv…  we often forget.. we came to this life all  by ourself..and when we die we leave by ourself too.. its ignorant to think that some1 will always acompany u or support u..all the way in life..

a happy person is some1 realise it and is able to self support… we all becos of affinity we met,  affinity..takes time to gathern also take time to difuse…n when time up..affinity will jus dismiss…

there is a time span for affinity…

beside ppl, we also tend to rely on object….

i guess many hv this 臭臭 thing…it could be a pillow or a doll u hug to sleep since young, n this thing never been wash…every nite must smell it then can sleep..this r sign of insecure …

some cannot lost the support of religion, everyday b4 step out of house must wear they amulet..sometime forgt will whole day feel uneasy n insecure..n hv to quickly go hm n take…wonder its u r the 1 who wear amulet or its the amulet that wears u….

another latest thing  most of us cant leave hm without  it….handphone….

emotion could also become a support…some ppl will indulge in self pity..sadness or anger..cos with such emotions it gives then the strenght to live on…n it become a support in life for them…and some time its soooooo acustom to the feelings that u jus angry for the sake of  angry n sad for nothing…

idolizingis also a form of attachment….we project an imaginery goodness on another person,another human that is also suffering from neg karma living in a realm same to u and me….we often see fans of singer or actor doing things to express their love for their idol, without knowing them truefully we start to shout I LOVE YOU…, scream and cheers…we ignorantly take him or her as a flawless human.. we take all his words as divine instruction, we tried not to remind ourself  that the idol that we idolize might not even aware of our extistent , if yes..he or she might jus take us as a customer that buy their product

its all the insecure in u that makes u think that u need support….and its the wants in keeping and holding on to the support that makes u led a suffering  life…

so in simple words….if a person want a happy n carefree life…u must learn to b self sufficient…n be the support for ur ownself, also we shld min all our attachments

Having attachments.. is the root of sufferings…


Posted On 25/11/2007

世間情執一定要放下,貪愛五欲六塵、名聞利養,決定障礙往生。經上說,有機會聽到淨土法門、無量壽經,這都是過去生中曾經修過無量劫的善根福德,有這樣深厚的善根,為什麼還不能成就?就是因為情執沒放下。如果我們還是放不下,空過這一生,來生恐怕要再經過無量劫,才能夠遇得到這個稀有難逢的機緣。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)

“YOU hypnotize me!!!”

Posted On 21/11/2007

few days ago Met a man born in 1971  for a ba zhi consultation. A very charismatic chap working as a marketing consultant.

He is a Tian fu xing person , so i hv expected him to be a money sensertive and full of pride person. By right , such a person will not be intrested in knowing ba zhi..but he seems to be very eager to meet me…

as usual i met him at my favourite Mac…from his eyes i can see sadness and when i shake his hand i feel a very stale energy, so i believe 1 of his family member must hv jus pass away…n true enough after a small chat he reveal that his dad jus pass away 3 days ago…

I asked him for the reason he wanted to see ba zhi but he jus casually said that its for fun…so as usual i started my destiny analysis introduction….

as i hv expected, he gave me a  nonchalant attitude…its only till I touch the karma part..he started to show some intrest….I breifly told him what i hv in my vision…and he keep asking….

he told me actually b4 me he had already consulted 4 others and they all said the same thing abt his previous life…all advise him to  move away from his parents when he reach 35….but he refused to believe..n now he is guilty of his father death..

He was a person who take away many lives in his previous life, there are alot of ye qi carried in him…he is destined to ke fu ke mu ke xiong ke di ke qi ke zi ke nu…his liu  qing yuan is super bad…

he wants me to prove my stand….i brought him to my house….i played my mantra CD and ask him to lied dwn on the floor…i inject my ling ci li to induce his ling…his body start to shake violently…and he start to yell…my parents were shock and dash into my room….i quickly signal them to leave the room….

the yelling last for 20mins ….then i woke him up…he burst out in tears…and start to grab my shoulder and keep shouting at me , said i hypnotize him and gave him false images…he was in great depression….

He took quite awhile to calm dwn…he asked me a shocking Qn,.should he kill himself to atone his sin.. so that his mom and his wife will not be affected..

it took me alot of effort to ease him and talk him round to follow my advise of xiu xing…

well.. tis 1 is really one of my headache cases…to make a guilty person to continue  facing  life positively is really tough….

this case do affect me alot…karmic debtors, they r soo well coordinated………..they can attack us through our siblings and loves 1…also through emotions and mentality…

i hv no confidence at all ….i can only try my best..haiz…im still a ling trap in a body after all………..


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受戒燃香,跟點蠟燭的意義相同,也就是發願要以智慧、才藝、體力和所有的一切,盡心盡力幫助一切眾生破迷開悟,離苦得樂。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)

having Money is having good fortune????

Posted On 18/11/2007

one day there is an old demon, he saw that the human world is too peaceful n nice liao…he wanted to create some havoc..so that human will still remember there is demon..

he sent a small demon dwn to disturb a farmer…becos he saw the farmer work very hard everyday but he gain only very little yet he still live his life happily..he is very contented..this make the old demon very buay song..

the little demon uses his magic n change the farm ground of the farmer to b very hard so that he hv a problem to plough his land..hwever the plot of the demon fail, the farmer although abit sad but still he work even harder to plough the land without any complains…

the little demon..make a 2nd attempt..this time..he decide to take away his food and water…he tot the farmer will be angry this time but..the farmer did not angry at all…instead he think the 1 who stole his food n water must be some 1 that needs it more than him..

the little demon…think n think finally he decided on 1 plot. he transform himself to a human body n start to make friend with he farmer, becos he hv magic power n could predict weather, he start to advise the farmer when is good to farm n wat is good to farm….n becos of his accurate prediction, the farmer after 3 yrs start to accumulate some money.. n the little demon start to teach the farmer abt trading…n soon the farmer becom a trader and start to earn lots n lots of money..n become a wealthy person.

he change his house from a hut to a mansion, hv lots of servents , a beautiful wife and 2 healthy kids…he had convince himself that he is a fortunate person….

the little demon finally decide its time to complete his mission…

the demon summon a fire to b broke out in his house, the fire wipe out his house, his money,his wife and his kids….

the farmer in one day was transform bk  to a pauper n alone again in 1 day…

he was totally devastated…he was full of hatred,pain and anger…he can no longer b the farmer that was calm, peaceful n contented….from 0 to 1..is unexpected… from 1 bk to zero..was also unexpected but its soooo difficult to accept lose…

The demon hv won…


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All the closest person or the most love person around us hvtheir living needs and wants.

do not think they are god or angels,..they hv no needs in life..

The most horrible thing in life is not human,ghost,demon…..etc etc..its our self indulgence…

we all like to assume the person closest to us should be selfless,always be with us when we need them,…..we hate or try to hid the truth..that they will also sacrifise us when there is a need for it….or when we cant provide enough to satisfy them in emotions, they will also “betray” us..

when this happen, we will feel horrible, sad and even depress…..but please we shouldnt blame them…its u, urself to b blame…cause its ur own assumptions..that they will do this do that..

as long as u r a moving living thing, u will hv ur own surviving skill..animals,human….hv an inborn surviving skill..inorder to survive, our body and mind will react accordingly as we grow……

No matter , love ones,relatives,friends etc etc…we all hv expectations on them,we tot that as ong as there is such a relationship present, there is a garuntee for the fullfilling of the expectations…however the cruel truth is that there is never never a garuntee relationship..

becos of survival….in mind or in physical….relationship is fragile…

usually the 1 who hurt us most is our closes or love 1…., but actually its not them who hurt us…is u urself keep living in the memory of the “relationship pact”..refuse to accept reality..the struggle in u induce the bitter…its u..its u ….its u………..YOURSELF…

many of us must hv buy insurance…., there r all kinds of insurance in the market…but there will be no relationship insurance….n to be more blunt….there is no Insurance for our destiny..

alot of us..see ourself as the 主角 of our life…jus like a 主角 in a movie…n hv this thinking that we r suppose to b living happily and smoothly…any mishaps or unlucky is not include….if hv.its must be some where go wrong liao…..

another cruel truth is that….living itself is suppose to be full of sworrow….being lucky or good in life is an “unexpectations”…

our living world is a 共业道场….meaning becos of our bad karma, u and me are rebirth in this human realm…so dun expect smoothness…in some way or another…there must be bad happening to us….dun keep living in the dream that u  r suppose to b rich,healthy,comfortable or even had a good death….

we should always live in the present….past r mirage, future is uncertain….be responsible to ur present  role in life…

excuse me…my house gt guan yim ma bo?

Posted On 15/11/2007

heehee, the above phrase is often ask by my client when i went to their place for fengshui viewing..

alot of us tot that hving a statue of a divine being at house will meant hving them at home… well..the ugly true that, its not true… Bodhisattva ,god , goddess etc etc..are just a force of divine energy, when we r praying we r not praying to the statue or the statue is alive looking at u…. when we r praying its our intention, or in a more “science ” way, our brain waves is reaching the divine energy… so dun hv to b too particular about hw n wat the statue look…

alot of ppl spent tons of money to chrome their statue n spend bombs on high ended statue…thinking it show hw sincere they r n hoping that they will recieve more blessing… the ugly truth is that, a person praying to a gold statue without TAO intention n a person with TAO intention praying to a piece of pic or jus even to the sky…the later will able to recieve n connect to the divine energy easier….. if every house hv guan yin statue n every statue hv so call guan yin present…wah..guess…goddess of mercy must be very busy….

i know of group of ppl..even more cute…. they pray to akind of myterious god…n they hv so call ritual with dripping wax on statue,n using the statue to do funny formation, saying by such will increase the “power” of the god….its really sooo cute..if a god need his devotors to do funny things on the statue to increase its energy…wah..the god also abit pathetic…

i gt a case where by a nice lady is soooooooo against praying to the goddes of mercy… the reason is that this lady was initially when young was very devoted to goddes of mercy…she will pray to her every morning when wake up, talk to her , and must pray to her b4 sleep…really supper devoted 1…but then 1 day ..her brother meet an accident and dead…from that day onwards.. she start to hv very negative feelings to goddes of mercy..she dun understand y she so devoted n she seek the goddes for her family protection everydayn y such tragedy still happen…???? Is she being betray by goddes of mercy?

i believe this is not an isolated case…many do hv such exp..when in trouble u pray to god for protection, but problem still dun solve…..hv our prayers being turn to deaf ears by the divine beings..???? well…hving the above thinking..is really being unjust to the divine beings…. 1st..they hv never ask us to pray to them, its us out of our admiration to them n start praying to them….they r divine beings…they can still b around even without our prayers…they r not our house security guards or our insurance agents..

2nd..the real judge to our life is not the gods…its karma, that decide our life…karma is the real judge to our life….god n goddes are jus our defending lawyers… if u hv convicted crimes n wish to plead for a lighter sentences…u still need to provide our defending lawyerswith valid proof ( which is our merits) so he or she can fight for us…if we dun hv proof… there is nothing he can do…… there are so many n really tooooooooo many ppl with wrong ideal n knowledge passing dwns from parents to kids, kids to kids..around us…

if we can start to see  things with more TAO, maybe..the misery of living will be much cushioned…..

good buddhism info…

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彌陀經上「善男子、善女人」的標準,就在於「聞是經」、「聞諸佛名受持者」,佛名包括阿彌陀佛及十方一切諸佛的名號。我們現在雖然已經聽到佛的名號,但是沒有真正的受持,也就是沒有做到「淨念相繼」的標準,所以不能稱為善男子女人。「淨念」是接受,「相繼」是保持,換句話說,真正發願往生、淨念相繼的人,才是彌陀經上所說的「善男子、善女人」。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)


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知恩報恩,是做人的基本條件。別人對自己有滴水的恩德,都應該銘記在心,更何況是父母、師長的大恩大德,我們更要念念不忘;這是培養自己忠厚的品德。別人對我不好,不必放在心上;別人有好處,則要念念不忘;能夠學到這一點,我們的心地才會真正清淨,德行才能成就。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)


Posted On 24/10/2007

Alot of us may not be familiar with this term 冤亲债主, some who know it may jus choose to ignore it……………

in simple english it means past lifes karmic debtors…

if u believe in past lifes, then u will able to understand that in our past lifes, there are ppl who we own in money, 情,,helps etc etc n also vice versa…


in ur past lifes, u hit a dog, the dog was in a horrifying state and just b4 it dead, his emotional energy is added onto u, n when come to this life this dog becomes ur wife/husband

in ur marriage life u were either emotionally or physically torture by ur spouse…

so the dog was ur 冤亲债主,

many times, the ppl that harms us or cos us hurt are our 冤亲债主….some extist in physical forms some comes in no form…

no form meaning they becomes a energy in our body…awaiting..awaiting for our life force ernergy to b weaken and start to take their revenge by becoming our body illness ..or  a form of energy that disturb our mind,make us made wrong decisions in life,or even disturb our brain waves cosing us to hv illusion, lost of emotion control..etc etc…

many of us..r actually currently being huant by our 冤亲债主….in  one way or another..but we r jus not awaring…it

there r a few ways to settle the debt…but all in 1.. the basic rules is seek for forgiving..

Om Ma Ni Peh Meh Hung

aka 六字真言..is a very powerful mantra…please see…..


if u can chant this mantra with loving kindness and dedicate it to ur 冤亲债主, it may ease it…

i gt 1 case many weeks ago, a lady came to me…we meet at woodlands mac. it was around 8pm, i was feeling weird y is she in sunglass…

i ask her for the reason for this consultation session…she hesitate and took quite a while b4 she pouring it out…

she was married for 10 yrs to her hubby, n had a 6 yr old daughter, recently her hubby was seeing a china woman and hv decided  to bring her bk to stay with them…

she could nt accept it n had a big fight  with her hubby and thus gt her eyes being boxed..by her hubby

she took out her glassess n indeed a big patch of bruise .

she says she really loves her hubby , the reason of seeing me is to see if i can do a ritual for her to save  their marriage  , if not  she will hv to share him with another woman…but whatever it is, she will not divorce or leave him…

i was like wah!!! 冤孽!nowadays where gt woman so ta fang 1?????

she passed me their  photos , i “scan” the pic..

i realise its actually a case of 冤亲债……………….

the  hubby was previously this woman’s horse, she hv been ill treating him in the past life and had sold him to another owner who is  the china woman in this life..

she sold the horse to the new owner using unrightful ways and in some way , she did cheated her some money…

after i told this to the woman, she say i siao!…but well…… i told her some of her life secret..she was shocked and under the bo bian situation , she  buy my words…

so she beg me if i can do the ritual for her…

i explained to  her that .. there is no need for ritual…also i dun do ritual for ppl…

i told her, inorder to turn the situation, she hv to  start feeling  guilty for her past deeds and start chanting the mantra also,  after each sessions,  she hv to dedicate the merits to both her hubby n the woman using below format



she did hv her doubts….but i told her…if she dun try ,she will not know if it works..even if it dun works she wun lose anything except some time ..but if it works she will gain bk her marriage n also her dignity…jus give me a chance and try………

today she called me in the afternoon…thanking me….cos her hubby hv drop the ideal and he is not seeing the lady liao…she was so happy n keep thanking me..

i told her if she wants to maintian this relationship, she must not stop chanting this mantra and also she must not keep remembering this incident n hv negative feeling towards her hubby n  hv to treat him extra good instead…

haiz…………..so u see..the power of 冤亲债主!!!


Posted On 22/10/2007

I realise alot of us when we were praying,we are not sure what should we say…..below is a easy and effective “format ” to follow…..

try to follow excatly the wordings….its a “pass word” pass down by some ‘upstair beings’…………………

Poor mr Lin…..

Posted On 14/10/2007

Before I start sharing my day, I have to Thanks Shirley..she is so great!!! help me do up my this blog…

ok….Mr and Mrs Lin came my place today for a spiritual consultation…before that over the phone, Mrs LIn was very anxious,as she keep telling me Mr Lin is gui shang sheng…

When i welcome the couple at my door, i take a very good look at Mr lin face..there wasnt any dark aura around  him and could see some shen yun in his eyes, so i guess its definitely not a gui shang sheng case….

After some friendly welcom speech and introduction, i invoite them to my room and Mrs Lin start to share…

she said hw terrible was mr when he was meditating , he will let out loud roar and whole body was shaking terribly…and he will open his mouth big big almost tering the face…

i check with mr lin how did he meditates, he told me his method and i think its perfecly fine and i also explain to them i dun see any xie qi on mr lin , so he confirmed not gui shang shen…….

Mrs lin refuse to accept…so i request mr lin to demo his meditation method..

true enough, after 5 mins, he was what Mrs Lin describe…roaring away..n was like in terrible pain..

i used my third eye and look and OMG!it was actully a case of yuan qing zai zhu!…past life debtors…Mr Lin meditation method is actually summoning the zhen qi in mother nature into the body, and the zhen qi has actually stir the ye qi (negative karma energy in his body), trying to purge the ye qi out of the body…hwever the ye qi refuse to let go so easily and was fighting against the zhen qi , the fighting of the 2 energy cos mr lin to hv so reaction…it was actually a good thing, it shows that mr lin hv practising correctly , as long as the ye qi can be purge out completly mr lin will b able to clear of non physical karma…and if mr lin din do such practise, he will hv a very high tendecy of cancer…due to the work of ye qi..

i explain the whole thing to mrs lin..n after much struggle,she finially understand and accept it..i encourage mr lin to continue and dun give up..1 day when he hv clear the ye qi…he will cheng tao…

not many ppl understand ye qi, jus like mrs lin…if all of us could b like mr lin practising zhen qi meditation, then soon..cancer will no longer exist…or in another words , if all of us can do that, we will all not suffer from karmic illness….