Random Thoughts

Posted On 18/01/2010

tired…very drain…a rather long day for me… morning fengshui appt,afternoon ritual,evening DG coaching and jus now some day job assignments… everyday, i hv many events to go thru and every events, i seems to hv a role to play…and most of the roles its not my real self… one of the role i hated most is MR…i hate to be MR cos MR need to help ppl even he dun like the person…he need to teach ppl even he dun like..the person read BFG reply to my FB shout out…i feel like slap him..he is really living in denial…….i really wish to throw him out of my class….i see him as a pain in my neck… emo freak..act nice n freindly towards the rest..showing them he is  nice, but in very fact he is trying to win their good books due to his ego.. i ask myself many times am i being personal becos of wer??? no leh..i already buay song him b4 im with wer… i myself make 6 tarot reading and ask zar 2 times if i can kick him out.. but answer is no…shit… i think its my test…test f0r my patience… ok..cannot kick him rite..nv mind i will make him leave on his own!! yesh i will do it… he is really not fit to b my student…n with him around i i feel unsafe for the rest..


Ai blog mai????

Posted On 18/12/2009

erm..hv not being blogging my encounters for quite sometime.. not that i hv no new encounters…its jus that recently alot of changes is going on in my life….but ok all r good changes……….

spending too much time to adjust the good change ,so much so that i hv lagged in my consultations and blogging ………..guess this year, i wun b able to cleared my this yr appointments liao…gt to qian guo nian liao…

ok ok…will continue wat i hv been doing after chrismas……….. ????


Posted On 09/11/2009

erm……..its never easy to be a Ling cultivation mentor for my age…


facing students n their families…facing their problems, facing their tao xing/ren xing problems.. facing their xiu xing obstacles and tests….facing their doubts…facing their emotional turmoils..facing their betrayal, facing their disrespect…facing nasty comments pass by others….there r so many times…i feel set backs n really wana giving up ….and jus go bk and report for my failure…

however today after i see my students performing a “feat” which i hv been always been preparing  for the past 2 years…the sense of joy..really overwhelm me.. ..it really make me feel watever i put in also worth it de….


well its a  reminder…i should never give up my mission jus becos of some minority of them…i will fufill my “mission” no matter hw much i need to give up …no matter hw much i need to swallow….can save 1, i will save 1…


long long  time no feel so happy le………..

some self reflection..

Posted On 28/09/2009

Just came bk from an oversea assignment…

for the pass 2 nites i was all alone in the hotel room doing soul seaching n meditation…..

reflect alot abt my life, my love life, my students and my life mission…

im not doing it good…in all the areas..

I still lack of courage to move on to my next point of life…maybe im being over careful..too safety concious..

my love life….. erm.. im definitely not putting enough effort… too much.. too much expectation for the other party… feel sorry for her..

my students…..erm..im really too lax on them…. not strict… not maxi their capabilities… cosing them to b lag behind their individual schedule…

my life mission…though still within the main frame…but some changes need to b made..however courage..is still wat i lack off…guess its my form of cultivation ..i need o break thru it…n i know i will..n i must!!!

jia you Zack!!! ????


Posted On 27/05/2008

different ppl hv different perspective towards the same thing or same person..

how our perspective is form is depend on our character/IQ/EQ…and also what we hv been through in life and what kind of ppl we are mingeling with…

Most  but not all of us..always form a perspective with a state of mind that we r right..or the other party is ignorant…

the word ‘me’ is always on a higher ground than the word ‘ you’

most of us is still not use to the ideal of putting urself in ppl’s shoes b4 a perspective is form..

we all like to judge…but many times we are poor judges..

we all like to use the words like ” i think”, ‘I believe’ , “i feel”

we form conculsions base on our thoughts…

we dun bother to find out what is the real or actual happenings going on in the other party mental/physical/emotion/subconcious…state that hv cause the person to done the actions  / speech  /reaction

our perspectives is never fix..it changes according to space/time and happenings..

many times when we look back at perspectives that was form earlier…most of us will tend to regret silently… how often are we brave enought to say/express sorry to those ppl or things at we had from a wrong perspective earlier???

how often after feeling regret with that impulsively formed perspective we start to b more  concious with perspective that froms in our mind?

the 5 poisons mention by buddha are like 5 devils poisoning our mind continuously…24hrs tiredlessly…haunting us…

the fight between ourself and this 5 devils is really a sacred war….fighting this war is really consider a great cultivation…

hv we mantra chanters/dharma believers/ buddha followers/ “high beings” join  in this “sacred war” ?

look at ur


students/son/daughters/friends now…..

if u hv ever form a wrong perspective towards them and if u hv already realise it…

sincerely say a sorry to them now in ur heart  ba…………

and chant 7 times







(7 times ok ???? )


Posted On 23/04/2008

went to AMK hospital to  visit a camp mate 2day with TH and Alvin…

A fine young man…2day was lying on bed..lost of partial memory, speech difficulty, cant control legs or hands properly…vision problem…all this is jus due to an unexpected  fall from work…causing the brain injury…

Really not able to accept the scene when 1st saw him laying on the bed looking at me blankly..

was once a hardworking  and strong headed young man but now……….

not sure wat to kind of tone to talk to him…a sympathy tone? a relax tone?  or a ???? dun know lah…

was dumbfolded when his father ask me y he being such a devoted buddhist, such thing will happen to his son..I think explaination was not meant for that moment..

my heart really can feel “sour” when saw his parents feed him with food..spoon by spoon..

even Alvin, such a strong person..can see he nearly cried out..

accident..or shall i say the revenge of our karmic debtors..really come without notice..silently..they jus visit you…

would u ever expect to hv met a fall/accident today  when u going to work today?

would u ever expect this moment is maybe the last time you are looking at this computer screen with ur healthy /normal body?


i guess as a friend..the only way i can help him is to do more healing for him..keeping my finger cross..that my ling energy wun fail me..

A new forum…

Posted On 20/02/2008


Lor Ah Soo……..

Posted On 11/01/2008

Today was my 1st day of my this yr reservist…thought that  for the next 10 days i will hv “peaceful” life..jus bk in bk out nia…but 2day early morning i recieve a call from my old client…he wanted me to respond imediately…

Mdm Goh  live somewhere in lor ah soo….and recently 2 days ago there r 2 corpse found in a house jus next to her house. When the police were removing the corpse, her 2 daughter happend to jus came bk hm from sch and saw the corpse…

Immediately that night, her elder daughter had a fever and was weeping whens he was sleeping and the next day morning she was cry for no reason and refuse to go school..

the younger 1 had a sleep walking that nite and went to her dad pull his hair and beat him for no reason…

befor i went into their house, i went over to the the “victimise” unit. I sit outside the door and start chanting di zhang wang mie ding ye zhen yan….

there were negative energy felt but not those fierce fierce type…..i chanted for 20 mins and seal the door with my energy seal.

I went into my client house i look at the children, the elder 1 was bad…her face was tinted with darkish green energy….while the young 1 quite ok…

i ask the elder ger to sit infront of their goddness of mercy while i start chanting…i blast my energy at the kid from the crown charkra, she start to tremble…i point n press my index and middle finger on her head…she tremble even jia lat…

it took abt 20 min when her tremble die off…

i prepare a bucket of chanted  salt and vineger solution and ask her to bathe with it…

for the young 1 , i merely do a energy sweeping for her..and lastly i did a blessing for the house and energy seal the windows and door…

Many time young children tend to b more sensertive to such nergative energy than adults..thats y i always advise my client not to bring children to wake or hospital visits.. unnessarily…

after the ritual..i felt very happy..i always feel good n happy when im able to solve my client problems…but behind such sense of satisfication…i did sacrifise alot…i need time to cultivate n during the process of cultivation i need to tahan alot of physical and emotions torture…and even changes in my mind and sub concious..i need to swollow alot of misunderstandings from parents, lover and friends…

to them…when they see how i cultivate, they thought i zhou huo ru mo..keep saying negative stuff to throw me wet blanket…and keep using ren xing to judge me…and suspect me…

yeah these is how my close 1 treat me…when they dun need my help…but when they need my help in cosmic energy stuff..they expect me to acomplish it..they tot things jus happen like dat..they dun noe. behind my success completetion of the job…i need to pay alot of hardwork and stand their negative comments…

haiz…maybe these are tests meant for me…well i can only gracefully accept it…

cos after weighing..the joy in helping and solving a problem is greater than the sadness i recieve in facing my loves 1…during cultivation…


Posted On 03/01/2008

phew… jus came bk from coffeeshop….i seriously understand the phrase…”shun xi wan bian” kakaka

was at the coffeeshop with a uncle who is a mi zhong practitioner for the past 15 yrs…he is a serious practitioner of bu dong ming wang jing gang fa…

i was drinking tiao yu and he was drinking beer..we were happily chatting abt some ying guo stuff and some mi zhong fa meng….

while we were sharing abt something abt ying guo, another uncle sitting at the next table drinking beer suddenly cut into our conversation, saying my uncle was tokking nonsense…not practical, maybe due to the effect of beer, my uncle flare up and start using aggressive tone to shoot the uncle, and i believe unaware to him , he actually spill up some “life secret” abt the other uncle. He gt fedup and stand up gave my uncle a push..the push was so great that my uncle feel dwn….uncle loh stand up and start closing his eyes chanting bu dong ming wang xin chou, i witness b4 the effect of the chant, it will make my uncle into a fighting babarian…i quickly pull my uncle away, but the other uncle still mai pang sua..keep yelling and threw a glass at us, i siam and ask him to stop, i was very sacared…im not scare he will beat us up, wat i truely afraid is my uncle ..cos i know once he summon the jing gang ..there will surely be blood shed….i keep pulling my uncle loh away and say sorry  to the other uncle…at the same time i keep chanting gate gate paragate,para some gate bodhi so ha , hoping the mantra will ease my uncle and stop him from summoning the energy…

i really use up my energy trying to  pull my uncle away….  it was really a scene…alothoug is was 2 am , but still many was at the kopitaim..all crowd around to see show..haiz…

finally i manage to pull uncle loh to a safe distance, he open his eyes n start scolding me…saying im wrong to pull him away, he want to use jing gang to teach him a lesson..i look at him..and really buay lun liao, n told him off…

“uncle! im ashame of u…u r my senoir and yet u still so fooling trying to yi bao zhi bao!, u really not fit to be call a xiu xing ren”

” u r wrong boy, the reason why there is existent of jing gang hu fa is to punish ppl like that person, im ashame of u, u r not helping me and instead u keep saying sorry to him, u r really a whimp, waste my effort in teaching u the jing gang fa meng”

” uncle, i think u really need to restart everything n bk to stage 1 of xiu xing!, jing gang hu fa is use to protect dharma, and not use to fight, n do u know the person is a layman, he know nutz abt tao xing, u should be hving patient with him n not jus tell him off like that, tonight u really  火烧功德林!!!”

after listening to this phrase, uncle loh , finally simmer dwn and slowly walk away….

a simple chatting session nearly turn out to  be a blood shed scene..haiz, is it the person karma, a test for my uncle or a lesson to be learn by me?

a person with so many years of cultivation still can commit such wrong..i guess i hv to keep remind myself…i must not let ren xing rules me….


Posted On 24/12/2007










Posted On 06/12/2007





To be…

Posted On 27/11/2007

To be in the world , but not of it………

sounds simple…but not easy..

play ur role well in life…but dun get affected by it..

continue to love and recieve love, continue to trust and be trust,

treat life as a game, play hard but dun be a fanatic,

dun hurt urself or hurt others during the game, its only a game

win or lose…u still recieve the same door gift…the game is just a game

when in the game enjoy the game….the happiness,sadness, anxiety etc etc surface during the game…is all ur self delusion…du hv to keep carry it …

a passing tots….

Posted On 23/10/2007

while meditating yesterday,

below words..came to my mind…

erm..seimple but yet rather useful to me……..





Im not sure you others can see thru the meaning…but its really very meaningful to me..

the difference between shang jing xin & tan xin?

Posted On 09/10/2007

As usually meet up my kopi kakis today and hv our normal TKSS session.

One of the kakis shared his woes abt his stress and unrelax mind over work…

I commented his jus too greedy..wanted too much and over his treshold…

however he asked me 1 Qn after a while… ” am I greedy or am i hving shang jing xin?”

wah…i like mouth being stuck and couldnt answer with in that moment..

it took me awhile before i explain to him..if while we are aquiring our life goal..we can still contain peace and ease in ourself , its fine…but if it hv over our threshold…then it is extreme  liao and could call greedy liao…