Posted On 31/08/2011

On the last day of the lunar 7th month, one of my student did a 烟供 for all sentinent beings, bringing the wandering souls back to the place where they could cultivate and recarnate.

Lunar 7th month is never a month meant for burning of joss paper for deceased. Would you want your deceased family/friends  to continue staying in hell or wandering around as a wandering soul with lots of ‘money’?  I’m sure you would very much prefer them to be in a better place where they could continue accumulating merits and get out of the samsara.

烟供 is the compassionate way to treat all suffering souls; not the burning of joss paper.   烟供 can be done by anyone with the correct procedure and of course, it brings much merits to the one doing the 烟供.




Posted On 29/08/2011

超度法会 done by one of my students.