Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Posted On 14/09/2011

There is a reason for one to keep on having the same circumstances again and again in this lifetime.  For example, Ms. A who is always a 3rd party in a love relationship.  No matter what she do, or what vows she took, at the end of the day she is still the 3rd party but in different relationships.  Others might view it as a cause of wrong upbringing or simply the immoral character of the person, but from the spiritual side, it is the karma or the life lesson that Ms. A needs to pay back or learn.

So, what is karma?

In simple terms, it means the cause and effect of things done.  For every action, there is a reaction.  It is believed that life is one big karmic classroom and we reincarnate lifetime after lifetime the way a student enrolls in school year after school year to take new courses and learn new lessons until he or she has mastered all the requirements for a degree.  So, when one has not learn the lesson which he or she is suppose to, the lesson will keep on repeating in one’s life, until one learns.

With Past Life Regression, you will be taken to a journey where you can see and feel what happens in the past that enables you to have your lessons in this lifetime.  My job is to guide you, and you will get to experience the journey yourself.  What is past is past, but the shadows of the past are still retain in your deepest memory, that is why you have repeating life lessons now.  The remorse, the unhappiness, the hurt, the anger,etc which are trapped in your memory are unable to leave you, thus after your journey back to your past life, you will then release all the negative feelings back to where they belong.

By releasing them, you will be able to be feel more like your own self and not trapped in the shadow of the past.

However, there are cases where one is unable to view their past life, thus unable to release the shadow of the past.  There are quite a few reasons, namely

(A)   Rigid mind and does not believe in Past Life Regression
(B)   Suspicious mind
(C)   Unstable mind
(D)  Blocked mindset

So, in order to gain much from the Past Life Regression, one has to come with an open mind and the willingness to accept and let go of everything seen.

You have the deciding power to make changes – It’s your karma, not mine : )