靈宗堂@ GESS

Posted On 25/11/2009


Good stuff on sale


Tarot reading by our in house “Witch”

Energy healing service

A bunch of cuties~~~~~~

Erm…recently..靈宗堂 seems to be rather active and full of activities…

frankly speaking im a person that dread events…..but i can say i ‘m really enjoy myself  during the event…happy to see my students being well organised and is able to prac wat they hv been learning and  most importantly……they work/play as a family…great!!…

Pema Tinley Rinpoche@靈宗堂

Posted On 20/11/2009

it must be my great fortune that i met Pema Tinley Rinpoche….a true tantric yoga guru that understand Ling xiu..and is able to give me more insight on Ling xiu incorporate with 密法。。。。。。。。

All thanks to his kindness…I was also being officially ordinated under Nyingma tradition…by him… @ 靈宗堂 and he had offiicially became one of my gurus…..I hv promise him to spread Cho and watever dharma he taught me to all sentiment beings…making sure..the dharma wheel will continue to turn…n turn….

I will follow his advise to make 靈宗堂..a true  spiritual school for all those who hv affinity with 灵修。。。。

and may all 灵修者。。。cultivate together ….as a family…a family that stay together with 灵性  & 道性……….

“May my guru be long live to turn the dharmal wheel! rejoice!”