FS Encounter


Posted On 01/08/2011

Not too long ago, I was being invited to our neighboring country for a Feng Shui audit.  It was a Feng Shui audit for a very huge factory situated at the rural side of the country.

Upon reaching there, I did my usual and took out my Luo Pan to find the directions around the factory.  From where I was standing, the needle was showing Direction A in front of me.

As I move towards the inner part of the factory (still maintaining a straight line), the needle point to Direction B. Feeling bewildered, I walked further into the factory and guess what … now the needle of the Luo Pan shows Direction C in front of me!

For the same direction facing in a straight line it actually give me 3 totally different direction reading.

Are there spirits around playing tricks with me? Checked – No.

Are there any problems with my Luo Pan? Checked – I went back to the car and got my spare Luo Pan and yet the results was the same, the direction was inconsistent.

Are there any spiritual obstacles obstructing my view?  Checked – I lit a joss stick at the factory’s altar and asked the local Tu Di Gong for more information, but Tu Di Gong don’t want to hiew me.

At this point, I was feeling a bit kan cheong.  Told the owners of factory that I need to get out of the factory to view the outer infrastructure and I used this opportunity to calm down and think of a solution.

As I stood outside the factory, I noticed that there was a greenish haze covering the whole of the factory.  But it was not the work of any evil beings or playful spirits.  I closed my eyes and suddenly an answer just popped into my head …

Since I am in the foreign neighboring country, I should have seek information from local Na Tuk instead of ‘Tu Di Gong’ since Na Tuk was the significant Earth Deity there.   There was a small shrine nearby and I quickly walk towards the shrine.  Closed my eyes and ‘talked’ to the Na Tuk, telling him my purpose there, blah blah and asked for spiritual assistance.

Once done, I returned back to the factory where the owners were already getting a bit impatient.

Took my Luo Pan and seek the directions again.  This time round, everything is consistent and the whole Feng Shui audit runs smoothly.


So there again, we must remember to ‘入乡随俗’ … when in Rome, do what the Romans do, even in the spiritual world.

A rather interesting n “educating” lesson learnt

A Foxy Experience

Posted On 25/07/2011

Ah!  It was one of the morning where I get ready for a Feng Shui audit at the western side of Singapore.  It was for a family of 3 and looks pretty normal to me, but little did I know that it has much more ‘happenings’ in store for me.

Let’s name the man of the house, Mr. Wong. He and his wife with their eldest child is staying in the apartment which I am going to audit. Their 2nd and 3rd daughter were already married and one of the reason why Mr. Wong engaged me according to him was to activate the Marriage luck for his eldest daughter, they were getting anxious as their eldest daughter was not getting any younger!

Upon reaching there, Mr. and Mrs. Wong welcome me cordially.  Mr. Wong did hint to me that his daughter is very against me from coming to do a Feng Shui audit as she do not believed in all these stuffs; but luckily she was out when I arrived.

I did the usual and was advising the couple halfway when the front door suddenly opens.  Their eldest daughter was back, she is rather pretty and in fact much prettier than many TV actress!  As her eyes falls on me, she glared hard at me and showed me a hostile face.

“Call Shifu”  Mr. Wong beckons his daughter to acknowledge me.

Miss Wong sashay towards me, still with a hostile look on her face and stands beside me.  She stands very near me, too near for my comfort and as she glared at me, she says in mandarin “what qualities do you have for me to call you Shifu?”  She repeated the sentence 3 times … and at the 3rd time of repeating she HUSH a gush of wind into my face and slowly walked off.  At this point when I look at Miss Wong, I saw a FOX face instead!

At this point, I knew Miss Wong was not okay (abnormal), yet it is inconvenient for me to discuss her issue in the house.  I quickly wrap up the Feng Shui audit n packed up my stuffs and make a move.  Told Mr. and Mrs. Wong that I will get back to them again.

I went to the nearby Kopitiam and called Mr. Wong for a meet up there.  As Mr. Wong arrives, I told him sternly that Miss. Wong is not okay and that she might be spiritually invaded.

Mr. Wong looked at me sheepishly and said, he know.  The real reason he engaged me is to ‘see’ what is wrong with his daughter.  Then he revealed that, every night Miss. Wong will sneaked out of the house and bring man back to their house.  It was always a different man each time and the man will leave before dawn.  They have found a lot of used condoms inside Miss. Wong’s room and it is worrying them to death. They did try to confront her before but landed up in very bad argument

As I probed further, Mr. Wong told me that 2 years back, they went to a Fox temple ( 狐仙庙) on a top of a mountainous area in Malaysia.  They went there to prayed for marriage luck for Miss. Wong and strange things happened after they got back from the Fox temple.

“Shifu, please help us.  Pease!”

I looked at Mr. Wong and shake my head.
“I would like to help, but this is beyond what I can do.  I do not know what promise you have made in the Fox temple and that once promise, must be done.  I would suggest you to bring your daughter back to the Fox Temple and talked to the in-charge there to solve the problem.”

With tears in Mr. Wong’s eyes, he nodded his head.

Do remember that all promises or vows to the Spiritual world should not be taken lightly.  You might have thought it was just a harmless comment, but the Spiritual world does not take it lightly.

You are responsible for your own speech and actions!