Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Posted On 05/09/2011

Energy healing is very common nowadays, they came in various names such as Reiki, Chi healing, Sound Healing, Prayer Healing, etc – thus some of you might be confused by which is which; generally they are the same, just using different methods.  Normally, we consult doctor when we are not feeling well. However do you know that many times, it’s not the physical body that required attention but the person’s own energy field which needs attention. This is the example when one visited the doctor or specialist who couldn’t find anything wrong and was sent home with pain killers or sleeping pills.

Everyone of us have our own energy field or aura.  Our aura changes color and shape when we are having different feeling at any time of the day.  While using public utilities or being in a place with many people, others aura (if stronger) then ours, tends to interfere with our own energy field and more than often, this is not a good thing.

Anger or sadness are very strong emotions. When your energy field gets ‘disturbed’ by such people’s strong emotions, you’ll tend to be easily irritated, or feels very tired easily.  That is the effect when your own energy field gets ‘interrupted’.  Smudging Sage or bathing with sea salt can assist in clearing the negative bits and pieces in your everyday life – this is the maintenance part for your own energy field.

For some others, energy healing is required before they can self maintain.  This is because, too much negative energy or ‘disturbing energy’ has interfered with their own energy field.  Their energy field can no longer sustain on their own and unknowingly, they will ‘suck’ on the energy field of others, making people around them a victim of the energy vampire.  The ignorance energy vampire however, will be emotionally unstable and cannot think properly.

Some others felt that instead of asking others for help, why don’t they learn energy healing themselves?  For those who have a positive and clean energy field, they are able to self heal themselves and even help others.  But for those who are already full of negative energy, self heal does not help much and what do you think happens when they tried to heal others?  Passing on their negative energy to their ‘patients’? Oh no!

To be able to help others, you must help yourself first.  Build up your positive mindset, energy field and physical body; only then you can help others.  Even if helping others is not on your list of things to do (people are too busy nowadays!), having a positive energy aura is the love you can give yourself to lead your life to the fullest.

All you need, is to be willing to accept the healing with an open heart (no doubts) and the path to a better life will be yours!