Candle Magick

Candle Magick 1 Day Course

Posted On 23/06/2015

At times, do you feel lost, not knowing what to do….or perhaps you wanted to use your own ability to help yourself but feel helpless in not knowing how to do so? You will be delighted to know that there is a chance now for you to pick up a special skill which you can use to help yourself as well as others! I will be conducting a one-day Candle Magick course on the 17 July 2015, Friday (public holiday) where you will learn numerous ways on how to enhance your health, wealth, relationships, etc. Once you mastered this skill, you can also use it to help your family and friends!

Why depend on others when you can do it yourself? Grab the chance as opportunity like this doesn’t come easily! Email for more details and to reserve your seat!

Candle Magick

Posted On 02/01/2015


A simple yellow remedy candle ritual.  For helping a company and its owner to improve luck and wealth

What Is Candle Magick?
Candle magick is the practice of burning candles as part of rituals designed to accomplish a special goal. The above are examples of candle magick burning a yellow remedy candle to bring good fortune

Casting candle magic spells is common in many religion, although many other types of people are interested in candle magic as well.

Such magick can be cast for yourself or on behalf of someone else, Candle magick is white magic and not used for evil or unsavory purposes.