February – 超度法会
Posted On 24/02/2016

Dear all, We will be doing the monthly 超度法会 for wandering spirits on 23.02.2015 Monday. If you would like to contribute to the ritual, you may contact me at Any amount of merit contributions are welcome. Namaste!

2016 Annual CNY Blessing
Posted On 19/02/2016

Hello all!

The annual CNY blessing will be tomorrow 20 Feb 2016, 12 noon till 6pm at Goldenmile Complex #03-35.

Hope to see you there!

There will be special items only available on that day which that can make your 2016 a good year! Come early as the special items are while stocks last and not taking any early reservation for the items.



Yearly Forecast for 2016
Posted On 15/02/2016

It’s the time of the year again and CNY is just round the corner!

Many of us are busy getting ready for next week and let us take a look at what is going to happen in 2016.

In this 丙申年, 丙 represent fire (big) whereas 申 represent gold (small). Element fire burns away the gold element, thus for 2016, people who requires the fire element will be in luck! However if you do not need the fire element, your 2016 will be full of problems and obstacles. For those people who need the element gold, you will also suffering this year.

In a fire + gold environment, the chances of having bad times are high. Industries relating to gold such as mining, bank, car, metal and oil will have a bad year ahead And this will extend over to 2017. An advice to minimize loses will be that you should liquidate your assets and have cash with you. Year 2018 will be a much better year.

Brunei, Malaysia, Middle East, France, US and England are the countries which you might consider avoid visiting for 2016. Chances of natural disaster in 中国东北 (黑龙江省、吉林省、辽宁省) will be high.

One must take good care of the heart (fire) as heart attack rates will be high. Eyes illness will be on the rise too especially in May/ June 2016. One should eat more carrots for 2016 in order to protect the eyes and that carrot is a root plant (Earth element), it will be ideal for one.

The 5th day of lunar New Year will be an auspicious day to start work.
In 2016, Earth will be the best element to neutralize the damage from the fire / gold. Things associated with Earth will be yellow color, square, etc. Snake will be the auspicious animal / logo for 2016 and people born in the year of Snake will be your best 贵人 – look for them if you need help!

People staying around Seng Kang and Punggol should be more caution on road accidents .
The above forecast is of a general one, for a more explicit forecast for each individual, a Ba Zi analyst should be done.

For general Feng Shui,

Flying Star

1 – Four 转运竹 can be place at this sector as it increases lottery luck. Paya Lebar, Eunos and Aljunied will be the best places to place your lottery bet.

2 – There should be no metal or gold elements in this sector.

3 – Lots of 小人 xiao ren for Father – Zacken99 specially made宝瓶 can be place at this location

4 – Use yellow color, to increase “hardworking” traits for students

5 – Inauspicious location, the Northeast sector in the house is very important. If this location happens to be at your main door, do not place any red color objects, triangular objects or horse figurine there.

6 – Invalid location

7 – Put water feature, Hand injury or the 2nd son (young boy) in the family will be prone to injury.

8 – Auspicious location (Earth), Mother’s wealth will be good but with great wealth comes poor health especially stomach / gastric – If your main door is at this sector, you are in good luck as this sector represents the wealth luck for 2016. You can place plenty of red color objects at this sector. However if your mother’s health is not good, do away with the red decorations.
9 – Auspicious location , There should be NO red color over at this sector.

Bonus Tips:
Standing at the center of the house, at 225 degree and NE45
degree, place Zacken99 specially-made 宝瓶 there to generate good fortune and to reduce misfortune.

Zacken99 specially-made 宝瓶 will ONLY be available on 20th February 2016, Saturday during the CNY Blessing event and it comes on first come first serve basis – no reservations or early ordering.

2015 CNY Blessing Event Poster