2015 – February 超度法会
Posted On 25/02/2015

超度法会 has been successfully completed! I would like to thanks all who have support this event by physical or monetary to make it happen on behalf of the sentiment beings 2 3 4 5

2015 Annual CNY Blessing
Posted On 25/02/2015

Happy New Year to All!
Our annual CNY Blessing event will happen this weekend (1 March 2015, Sunday) from 12.30pm to 6pm.


CNY Blessing
Do join us on this special day and be empowered so as your path for 2015 will be smooth sailing!  We welcome all to join!


Yearly Forecast for 2015
Posted On 18/02/2015


In 2015, it is the year of wooden goat. First part of the year symbolizes wood element and the 2nd part of 2015 symbolize earth element. Since ancient times, Chinese believes that the year of goat is not an auspicious year for many. There will be war and diseases resulting in the death of mankind. Twelve years back, we have SARS which killed many and twenty four years back, we have the gulf war which many suffered. So what is in stored for us in this 2015?

For those who required the wood element in their life pillar, 2015 will be a beneficial year for them and for those who required the earth element, you need to be more careful and aware of the circumstances. For those whose names have the character 蔡, 李, 林, etc will have better luck than those names with 土,王, 石, 玉, etc.

In 2015, there will be more natural disasters such as typhoon and Earthquake especially China’s 西南方. Travelling to US, Taiwan, Korea and Fu Jian (China) needs to be avoided as the risk of epidemic diseases is very high. Good countries to go travelling for 2015 will be Thailand and Malaysia. At the same time, do not get yourself involved in the investments related to the US market, currency, petrol and properties.

Whereas for us staying in Singapore, industries relating to environmental, floor tiles, farmer, properties etc etc are not that ideal; industries in the medical, teaching and rubber will be up and coming. Do not quit your job without a backup plan as it will be difficult to secure a new job in 2015. If you are looking to own a property, it is best to get it in November 2015 rather than the early part of 2015. March, June, September and December, there will be higher death rates, so all should exercise caution when driving and take good care of your health.

One should eat more wolf berries, ginger and tomato in the year 2015 to boost your energy. Always carry a Dragon blessed item eg 天禄 with you for good fortune.

For those borned in the year of goat, dog, dragon or cow, many have advise that these are the people who 犯太岁. However in Master Roy’s context, this is not the case, so do not worry too much. Only when any of the 3 pillars which coincides with the day, month, year, and time of goat, dog, dragon or cow, one will then suffer from bad luck. If you are born in either in the year of goat, dog, dragon or cow but your day, time, month doesn’t coincides with it, you are rather “safe”.

Now let us take a look at the 2015 flying stars and the remedy. To get the exact direction, you should be standing in the middle of your house, if not the particular room which you are looking to enhance.
Flying Star
At the North (0 degree), you can place a round clock in white, silver or gold (no red color). This is to ensure that no unforeseen misfortunes

At your Southwest (225 degree), you should keep that area clean and place a salt lamp there to enhance its energy.

To enhance your luck for getting offspring, at your North (0 degree), It should be clean and place 6 bottles of mineral water there .

If you would like to get more people to assist you in your life, you can light 3 red candles or place 3 bright lamps at your south area (180 degree).

At your Northwest sector, you can place 4 black tourmaline stones (blessed by 文殊菩萨) to enhance study or learning path.

For those who are looking for your other halves, you can place 9 stalks of pink tulips or flowers at the Southwest sector (225 degree) to enhance your romance luck.

Overall, the above is some simple remedy for you to enhance your Feng Shui.

For a complete and wholesome remedy, you can contact me at for a Feng Shui consultation.

2015 will not be a good year for all, but let us look at the positive side of it and make the best out of it!


February – 超度法会
Posted On 13/02/2015

Dear all,
We will be doing the monthly 超度法会 for wandering spirits on 23.02.2015 Monday. If you would like to contribute to the ritual, you may contact me at

Any amount of merit contributions are welcome.