2014 – 七月初一 超度游魂法会
Posted On 28/07/2014

Thank you for the support and donations.  The  超度游魂法会 has been completed and some of the procedures can be view as below:

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Lunar 7 Month Events
Posted On 21/07/2014

Dear all,

During this 7th lunar month, we will be conducting 3 events as highlighted below. Do contact me at (only) if you would like to participate in any of the 3 events.

(1) 27/7/2014 Sunday (七月初一) – 超度游魂法会

Soul release ritual for wandering souls

Offering: Any amount

Closing date: Two days before event (25/7/14 Friday 12pm)

(2) 10/8/2014 Sunday (七月十五) – 祖先超度/功德供养祖先

Soul release and merits transference ritual for deceased parents n ancestors to enhance their well-being in another plane.

Fee: $100 per participant’s name

Closing date: Two days before event (7/8/2014 Friday 12pm)

(3) 24/8/2014 Sunday (七月二十九) – 地藏王菩萨宝诞法会

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Birthday Ritual and offering of merit lotus to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

Lotus sponsorship: $100 per participant’s name

Offering: Any amount

**Note: Only 49 lotus available at first come basis

Orders coming through from SMS, Watsapp and Facebook will NOT be acknowledged. Please only sent through my email