July Event in 灵宗堂
Posted On 29/06/2014

Dearest All,

We will be open on 6th July, (Sunday) from 1-5pm to celebrate 莲花生大士, 刘海禅师, 王天君之诞辰.
(Blk 3 Beach Rd #01-4825)

We will be giving blessing to clear your obstacles, remove bad energy and to enhance your good wealth and luck. First come first serve basis.

Light Offering will be available to brighten up your wisdom and clearing the path and to lead you to the heart of your guardian.

Few pieces of jade 三脚蟾蜍 are available for sponsorship at $128 each(limited pieces). The 三脚蟾蜍 can be placed on your safe box to attract wealth. For the savvy businessman, the 三脚蟾蜍 can be placed at the shop’s entrance to suck in prosperity. You can even carry it or wear it with you for protection and enhance your fortune luck. Owners of the 三脚蟾蜍 will be briefed on how to take care of the 三脚蟾蜍.

So do join us on this joyous day.


2014 – June 超度法会
Posted On 26/06/2014

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Dear all, The 超度 is completed! Those who sponsored the rituals for the poor wandering souls. I would like to Thank you on their behalf. Regards Zacken

2014 – June 超度法会
Posted On 17/06/2014

Dear all, We will be doing the monthly 超度法会 for wandering spirits on 25.06.2014 Wednesday. If you would like to contribute to the ritual, you may contact me at Any amount of merit contributions are welcome. Namaste!

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Posted On 01/06/2014

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