February 2014 – 超度法会
Posted On 24/02/2014

Dear all,
We will be doing the monthly 超度法会 for wandering spirits on 26.02.2014 Wednesday.

If you would like to contribute to the ritual, you may contact me at

Any amount of merit contributions are welcome.

Posted On 19/02/2014

Well  灵宗堂 was finally set up on 16 February 2014 at 9.30 am …….

I remember 8 yrs ago after I  have 启灵 and explore the world of 灵,I brought my very very 1st “student” who is my neighbor cum school mate to the river side and 启灵 for him …. following that … A few more neighbors joined us n we start our “training” in a cemetery near our house ….

Through my metaphysical work… I get to know more people and I found that some of them were of really good 灵修 calibre .. N I start sharing 灵修with them which they were very interested in too ..

As the group starts to get bigger I decided to change our training venue… As the cemetery i find is too yim for the beginners … I found a good place soon ….which is a temple at St Micheal road … a roof top … which i think is of very good energy because of a pagoda … training starts to take place in the temple for quite sometime …. Until one day when I was about to start class, I found the rooftop door was locked! I went to the admin office and asked them if they can open the door … They rejected me and told me off that I should not come again .. With a very disappointing heart I dismissed the class.

As I was thinking its the end of my 灵修 teachings… A good news came…one of the student’s bro in law agreed to rent us part of his office for our training ground with a very significant fees .. I quickly check with the higher beings and they agreed that I should take the offer… I was delighted.. And ask them how should I name this humble center… They said “以灵修为宗旨"and  in my mind I instantly think of  灵宗堂! 以灵修为宗旨的学堂!!!

Class start well in this center at Aliwal.. and also with guidance from the higher beings n support from all the students… The class got bigger n bigger…more n more good calibre 先天灵 joined us… It is also then I got to learn more n more of  灵的秘密 while teaching 。。problem rises and problem solve.

After a year or so… Finally the most inevitable problem came… 人性的贪嗔痴慢疑。More problems came n finally the landlord told me he is shifting n cant rent to me liao. So again I announce that class will be dismissed again till further notice…

At that point of time… Frankly speaking, my confidence level dropped …. a lot of 是非 and misunderstanding happens and the response for sourcing a new center died down too. At that point I decided… I gave up! I finally understand why no one in Singapore teach 灵修…its really too tough!!

Soon after that I start as a full time Geomancer and Destiny Analyst…  I got a less than 150 sq feet office… During that time a few of my students constantly came visit me…n I will give them pointers on their cultivation …. They also happily came to my small shop to help me do 超度for the sentiment beings… Their passion sparks me off again…

When I got my less than 300 sq feet office, class start again… Becos of space constrain, I hv to hold 3 class… Which mean 3 night a week I have to spent on teachings and it really affect the progress of my Metaphysics work… But its OK I feel more happy to spread Ling Xiu (cultivation) than anything else….

2 years went by with such arrangement….
Its was a fast moving and changing period for 灵宗堂。This 2 years I taught a lot on Taoism, Buddhism n Soul cultivation. I introduce a lot of 灵的秘密 too。And many new good calibre  先天灵 joined us. Until today , 灵宗堂 was finally setup .


This route when I looked back there was so much that we have went through … and when I look forward …  I see it so misty … I only hope the myth on “有人就有是非"will not take place in 灵宗堂… As 灵修者 are suppose to 实修实践实行。。。


The whole ideal of setting up 灵宗堂 is to first have a conducive place for 灵修,secondly to have a platform for 灵修者 to reach out to more people and thirdly to teach anyone who wish to learn how to 健身、静心、强灵 ….



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