Yearly Forecast for 2014
Posted On 29/01/2014

Hello everybody,
It has been a long long while since I blog.

2013 has been a busy year for me and I would like to thank everyone for all the support.

With the new year, a new 灵宗堂 meditation centre will be opening in February! With this new centre, we will be having meditation, chanting and healing programs for all who are interested. Stay tune for more updates!

2014 is a wood horse (and Horse represents fire) year.

Wood will enhance to Fire ,therefore 2014 is a strong fire year, thus in 2014, expect to see a lot of clash and outburst of fire (literally).

This 2014 year only people who need fire element will be good. Those who need the other 4 element may be tough for them

Foremost, fire represent relationship, with such strong fire year, one is prone to bad temper and loses it cool easily. Therefore, it is important to remind yourself to control your emotions and avoid any unnecessary outbursts. Relationships with family, friends and colleagues will be strained thus try and stay harmonious at all times.

This will be a bad year for those born in the year of Horse. And those born in the year of Rat, especially those born in lunar 10th & 11th month needs to watch out !

Horse year aka 午年, 午is 四正桃花位,Generally, 2014 is a bad year and a year with many (unnecessary) blossom luck.  Married couples or those are in steady relationship should stay faithful and be harmonious to avoid getting involved in extra-marital affairs!!

10 Advice for 2014
1. Avoid all things related to Horse and Fire (the colour Red). This includes figurine displays in the house or office, clothes/shoes/cars with horse logo, horse riding, etc

A lot of unethical Geomancer will advise people to put horse figurine at South this year just because south is 午 n horse is 午. But they forgot 午午will 自刑。placing a horse in the south will cause the family to have legal issue n worst will break up the family

2. If there are elders at home, you can encourage them to wear yellow colour clothing to smooth out the fire.

3. If you are driving Red colour cars, please be extra careful and Red cars will be more prone to accidents.

4. Avoid traveling to Japan, Korea and Taiwan especially in May 2014 as there may be volcano eruptions, war or fire disasters happening.

5. Australia is best place to visit for 2014 and for investment, you can invest in Aussie dollars.

6. Ensure that your kitchen equipment are kept and maintained properly to avoid any fire in the house.

7. NORTH is the best direction for 2014. You can place water features in the NORTH sector to install harmony in the family

8. Ensure that there are no leakage of water in the SOUTH sector as it is a bad omen and bad Feng Shui.

9. Do not put any red colour objects in the EAST sector as it will affect badly the 1st son in the family.

10. Carry a goat motif item if things get rough in 2014

May all of you have a great year ahead and a Happy New Year to you in advance!

January 2014 – 超度
Posted On 23/01/2014

Dear all, The 超度 is completed!  Those who sponsored the rituals for the poor wandering souls. I would like to Thank you on their behalf. Regards Zacken 20140122_201500 20140122_201508 20140122_201515 20140122_201714 20140122_201725 20140122_201918 20140122_210516 20140122_210639 20140122_211700 20140122_213223 20140122_213237 20140122_213816 20140122_213845 20140122_214142 20140122_214200 20140122_214446 20140122_214453 20140122_214919 20140122_215041

January 2014 – 超度法会
Posted On 20/01/2014

Dear all,
We will be doing the monthly 超度法会 for wandering spirits on 22.01.2014 Wednesday.

If you would like to contribute to the ritual, you may contact me at

Any amount of merit contributions are welcome.