Events For Lunar Seventh Month
Posted On 31/07/2013

Dear all,
For the lunar 7th month, we have a 3 events following up, do drop me an email ( if you would like to participate in any of the 3 events.

7/8/2013 Wednesday 七月初一
Soul release ritual for the wandering spirits –  if you would like to sponsor the ritual for the all the wandering souls
Fees: Any amount
Closing date 2 days before event (5/8/13 Monday 12 noon)
Not required to be present

20/8/2013 Tuesday 七月十四
Soul release ritual & merits transfer ritual for deceased parents n ancestors –  if you would like to make merits for your ancesters to enhance their well being in another plane/their rebirth
Fees: $100 per participant’s name
Closing date 2 days before event (18/8/2013 Sunday 12 noon)
You can attend if you want  to (Please inform before hand)

4/9/2013 Wednesday 七月三十
Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Birthday Ritual – if you would like do your offer merit lotus to the Bodhisattva
Each merit paper lotus for offering to the Bodhisattva is set at $80 for sponsorship. Only 49 pieces available.
First come first serve basis
You can attend if you want  to (Please inform before hand)

Best Regards