April 2013 – 超度法会
Posted On 25/04/2013
格萨尔王 King Gesar
Posted On 12/04/2013

This started when Ms. B came into my office 龙阁 for consultation. As this was the first time she came, she looked around curiously at the numerous statues and 唐卡(Thang-ga). One particular figure caught her attention, and that was King Gesar.


“Is that 关公” she asked.

“No, that is 格萨尔王 King Gesar” and I explain a bit of King Gesar’s history to her.

Can see from her eyes , there was a natural strong admiration for King Gesar.

“So, what would you like to know for today’s session?”

“Career” is her reply

I flipped open 3 cards and none of them symbolizes message on career.

“Are you sure you want to ask about your career? Or do you want to ask about your love life?”

Looking sheepishly, she nodded her head.

I did a spread and notice that she has no problems in other areas of her life except for relationship. “Have you or are you going through a divorce?”

Looking at me with tears swelling up in her eyes, she nodded her head again and reply, “Thinking of divorcing”.

I shuffled my cards and asked her to choose 3 more cards. Upon looking at her cards, I explained to her the symbolization. “You loved him a lot, yet you always wanted things to turn out the way you perceived and results in a lot of unpleasant situations. You exert pressure on him and thus slowly both of you drifted apart n start to have lots of conflicts. Day day quarrel over little things. This cause him to resort to negative actions. So what has he been doing??”

At this point, she was sobbing loudly and replied, “Excessive drinking”, then with a deep breath, she starts to complain about her husband’s traits of his negative character. She goes on and on. It was as thou she has many hidden grievances which she has hidden for a long time and using this chance to blurt it all out.

“Okay, let us see what is the link between you and him in your past life, and see what is the remedy?”

She nodded her head again.

After she choose the cards, I took a look and finally knew what is the issue.
“In one of your past lives, you are a royal princess while he is your servant. He is the one who serves you and do as per your bidding. Now, in this life time, his subconscious mind still remembers you as his “master”, thus whatever you asked him to do, he will do it and he will not initiate any work out of his own mind.

In your position, you need a partner who is there for you and can protect you in his own ways while accomplishing more things then you, that is why now, you cannot help but to force him to do things which he doesn’t like and hence feeling very upset about it.”

“So how now?” she asked

“Now? Accept that this is his character and the fact that whatever happened is kind of link up to your past life, there is something for you to learn since both of you are back together now. Escaping from it will not benefit it, unless you want to come back in your next life time to learn the same lesson. ”

“The solution cards shows a sign of new life thou”

“What?” she eyed at me suspiciously.

“Having a baby will resolve most of the issues for your case”

“Having a baby?! We are on such bad terms now, wouldn’t having a baby make it worst?” she asked.

“Deep within you, you have always wanted a perfect happy family. With a child, you will learn to be “softer” and not so 刚 (strong character) while your husband, will slowly change his character to be independent and trustworthy which he would want his child to look up onto.

There are no 100% foolproof solution but for you, this is the best solution for you.”

She heaved a big sigh and nodded her head.

I spread my cards again n ask her place her hands on them n ask all the Higher Beings in my office in who can assist her.

Guess what?
She has chosen the King Gesar card!
What a coincidence!

I ask her to seek advice from King Gesar n she gotten 3 cards.
1) Temperance – King Gesar tells  her that  she will b entering a new beginning & need to put down the past

2) Strength – King Gesar wants her to be strong and that she can always pray to him and ask for inner strength as well as empowerment.

3) Four of  Wands – King Gesar remind her that the family ties are still strong. She should not try and break over at her end.

Ms. B face lit up and finally a glimpse of  joy is shown, although tears continue to roll.

I led her to do a light offering to King Gesar to ask for inner strength and empowerment.. During the offering, she started to cry her heart out and she told me that she actually felt his presence and comforting!

This surprises me too.  All along I thought King Gesar is a god of war n protection. I never know that he could b so sentimental. Ha ha ha!

The moral of this real life story?
People always turn to divorce for the easy way out. Most of them doesn’t find out the root cause of the problem while others will brush the real problems aside and believe in what they want to believe, example that the other person has a bad character, does shower enough love, or bring back enough money for the family, etc.

Many root causes are related to past lives issues which have not been resolved, thus the couple is back here in this era to learn and to forgive each other so that they can move on.

Divorcing temporary solves the pending issue, until someone who comes along again with the same issue and you will have to go through everything again because you have a lesson to learn.