Feb 2013 – 超度法会
Posted On 28/02/2013
Feb 2013 – 超度法会
Posted On 25/02/2013

Dear all,
How is your CNY? After all the visiting and feasting, it’s time to settle down and go on with our daily lives.

The 超度法会 for February will be on 27.02.2013, Wednesday.

I will be doing 超度 for the wandering spirits and unborn baby spirits. Any amount of merit contributions are welcome.

Do contact me if you want to make any merit contribution.

Posted On 18/02/2013

Thank you all for coming to this yearly event. May all of you benefit from this 黄财神祈福法会!!!! A big Thank You for all my helpers for this event.  Greatly appreciated!  

2013 CNY Energy Enhancement – 黄财神祈福
Posted On 13/02/2013



2013 CNY Energy Enhancement 黄财神 ( Yellow Zambala)祈福
Location: 龙阁
Date: 17 February 2013, Sunday 初八
Time: 1100hrs – 1800hrs

Dear all,
It’s the annual CNY Energy Enhancement event at 龙阁!! You are cordially invited to attend this auspicious event!

Bring along your friends and family!!

There will be a mini bazaar which you can purchase auspicious items and have it blessed too!

If you have auspicious items relating to 黄财神 (yellow Zambala), you can bring it for energy enhancement too!

Hope to see you there!



黄财神是藏传佛教各大教派普遍供养的五姓财神之一,因其身相黄色,故称黄财神。修持黄财神法、持诵其密咒,可获得黄财神庇,佑能增长福德、寿命、智能、物质及精上之受用,不被生活所逼,以及一切经济压迫,可安心向道。但修法者需发无上菩提心,广结善绿,勤行布施。万勿悭贪成性,护法降罪也. 黄财神即黄布禄金刚,黄财神面慈目善,头戴宝冠,坦胸露腹,戴着珍宝璎珞、珍宝耳环、珍宝手镯和珍宝足钏,上身穿丝制天衣,下身着丝制裙子,右手于右膝上捧喷焰末尼,左手握着吐宝鼬,以威镇坐姿坐在莲花宝座中央。


Year of Snake 2013
Posted On 11/02/2013
Finally I have time to take a breather and to talk about the Year of Snake which finally happen ????
Have been sooooo busy for the past one year that I have not been able to update my blog with all my interesting encounters ????
Anyway, let’s start talking about the Snake!  This year water snake year, 癸巳年is a water-fire year where water extinguish fire, meaning 2013 will be favorable to the people who are in need of the water element but not for those who are in need of the fire element.
People who need water element will enjoy the good fortune for 2013, many good things will happen to them!
People who need wood element will also enjoy the good luck for 2013, but it all come through effort.
People who need metal element, is a exhausting year. A lot of life problem n issue need to be resolve.
People who need fire element – Well is a rather down year. No luck no helpful person around to help. A lot of obstacles arise throughout this year.
People who need earth element, is a achieving year. As long as you put in effort you will see result. Its a good year but its a self depending year.
Travellers should avoid traveling to middle east area.
As there are too much water energy this year. I would like to urge all Singaporeans beware of the greatest enemy of 2013 … The ades mosquitoes!!!! Yes! Mosquitoes  causing dengue fever will be the greatest problem face by Singaporeans in 2013.
Mosquitoes unknown to many is actually an water element creature and in this water abundance year this creature became a negative . So friends do beware.
People born in 1932, 1941,1950,1959,1968, 1977,1986, 1995, 2004 should be more careful in 2013. No risk taking events or dangerous activities. Must look after health and stay low profile in 2013.
North Sector- a good area to be activate with big aquarium or water feature for investment luck and good social luck.
South Sector- a good area to activate with bright  real flowers, red stuff  or light if wish to developed a good relationship in family for love.
East Sector- a bad area in 2013. Arguments n legal issue can b cause by this area if this place hv too much water or greens.
West Sector- this sector will b activated if you place a lot of metal stuff here. By activating this area family members may experience accident n young children may have health issue.
Southwest Sector- if your house have a old n sickly mother please no red stuff or too much movement here ,if not sickness start will be activated.
Northwest Sector- a very safe sector
South East Sector- having more plants n water here will improve the learning of children.
Northeast Sector- best sector in 2013 , make it red n having constant moving object here is a blessing to all in the house hold.