December 超度法会
Posted On 27/12/2012

Dear All,
The  last 超度法会 for 2012 has been completed.  I would like to thank all merit donors for the contributions.

May the coming Year 2013 be a better year for all sentient beings and hope more can embark in the Truth Spiritual Path!

Definition of 超度 
In laymen’s context, it means to send the deceased to a better place where their Soul will be at peace. Many have the misconception that the ritual can only be done during the funeral or in lunar 7th month; which is not true. During most Chinese funerals, you will see monks or priests chanting for nights in front of the deceased. It is a form of 超度.

However, what you may not know is that, not every 超度 is successful in every case. Why? There a few reasons, while the main one are:

– The soul of the deceased was not aware that he/she is already dead and continued living/doing as per everyday without their physical body

– The soul of the deceased which was very stubborn and refuses to leave this plane (Earth) as he/she wanted to be with their family

– The soul of the deceased which is seeking revenge

– The soul of the unborn babies (the hatred to the mother for denying their rights to live)

– The soul of animals (having the attachment to their owners, the soul of the deceased animal refuses to leave the owner)

So at times, one 超度 is not enough and it has to be done a few times to ensure the Soul has departed our plane (Earth) to where they belong.