How It Started ….
Posted On 24/05/2012

It started 10 years ago, when I was still a hot blooded young man, I opened my 1st Feng Shui consultancy shop at Hougang Green. At that time, I did not have much financial support and experience but one loyal customer of mine supported me and helped me opened my 1st shop as my partner. My thinking back then about opening a shop was very exciting and fun, and I did not have the foresight on issues and problems which will arise in every business.
Business was exceptionally good, but more problems occurred because the goal for the business between my partner and me were vastly different. The shop was closed down after a year and I went back to focus on my main full time job. It was such a relieve then, as handling 2 career at such a young age was really tough.

However, Feng Shui and spiritual works are still an important part of me. I continued helping others through 八字 (Destiny Analysis) and Feng Shui in my spare time and on most weekends. After 10 long years, I have a calling to go back doing Feng Shui full time again. This time, with more life experiences, I tend to think and worry on more issues such as financial commitment, family commitment and many more. My wife, however, is the one who encouraged me and spur me on to quit my full time job and do what I always love. After much struggling from my end and endless encouragement from my wife, I finally have the courage to quit my full time job and embark on the Feng Shui path.

Rental was not cheap, especially for ‘newbies’ like me. I had a hard time searching for suitable office, and they are either too expensive for me, or the location is not suitable. Finally, a 贵人 called me up and told me that he has a small office which he can rent to me. The rental was very attractive, but the location was not what I wanted. I asked my spiritual guides for advice and they told me to go ahead and rent the office. I went down to the office for viewing, and I was disappointed with the Feng Shui of the office. I checked with my spiritual guides again and yet they gave me the same answer to go ahead and take the office.

And yes, I finally relented and rented the office from my 贵人. Since the location was not centralized, and it’s at a ulu part of a HDB estate, I had to relied on words of mouth for more clients to get to me. At the same time, I did all ways to improve the Feng Shui of the office. And guess what …. the Feng Shui of the office steadily gets better and better as more positive energy is being accumulated there.

As time goes by, I grew to love my humble little office. It was cozy and the energy was good. But good things never stay …. after 1 year at my cozy office, I need to look for a new place again due to some policy issues. This time round, I went for many viewings for my office, but could not find any suitable ones. Just as I wanted to take up another office which I don’t like, another 贵人 offered me his shop for rent which is at a close vicinity to my current office. The rental was 4x more than my current rent, but for bigger premises of course. Feng Shui wise was not fantastic, but was not an issue. After much thoughts, I agreed to rent the shop from my 贵人.

Talking about that, many people asked me why did I choose the shop’s name as 龙阁. Initially I have a partner for my current 龙阁 and as he was practicing 龙王法, thus the name 龙阁 was named for him. However, now the name 龙阁 relates to something else which I will be sharing in a while.

龙族 (Divine Dragons) which are part of our community have been long forgotten by people. Ever since the first day my 龙阁 has been set up, numerous 龙族 “dropped by” and “complain” to me on the sufferings they are going through, be it in the form of spiritual or physical abuse. Since many people does not know that 龙族 are actually a part of our community and with all the extensive MRT lines, digging of tunnels and destroying the natural landscape are actually acts of “robbing” the 龙族 home ground and family. At such, I decided to help the 龙族 by doing healing puja for them, and I made a pact with the 龙族 that they will be my spiritual guidance and support me spiritually. Now the name 龙阁 sounds very much more appropriate with such reasons!

Oh, that reminds me of a few funny incidents in 龙阁 which initial me to action on monthly rituals.

On one any other night, when I was in 龙阁 waiting for a customer, my front panel door suddenly goes “kok kok kok”. It’s like someone knocking on my door panel. As my door panel is the see through type, I couldn’t see anyone there and decided to ignore it. But the knocking comes back louder and sounds more urgent and it was as thou my panel of doors are going to be knocked down! I walked to the door, opened it and there was no one there. I initial contact with my 护法 and ask for assistance to “chase” away the disturbing spirits. As I walked back to my seat, I heard cries and screaming. It was the sound of many, many children crying and screaming as my 护法 disciplined them. It was then, I saw the spirits of many “young children” crying and feeling very scared, I felt remorseful as they are just kids. I then request my 护法 to cease disciplinary and communicate with the young spirits.

It was then I realized that in the past, there was a illegal abortion “clinic” in this estate. The young kids were the aborted fetus from ages ago and have stayed in our physical plane for so long! This was really pitiful because as wandering spirits without a physical body, all they can feel was suffering, suffering and more suffering. When they are hungry, there is either no “suitable” type of food for them or they couldn’t “eat”. When they are cold, there is nothing they can do. All they can do is to wander around mindlessly and time was infinity for them. I decided to do a monthly 超度 in 龙阁 to help the spirits in this estate as well as my customer’s deceased family.

Every day before I leave 龙阁, I will double check to see all the power points, air con and fan is off. Since it is a daily routine, I have no problems with it until one particular night, my neighbor called me up after I was gone for 20mins and told me that I left my air con on. Feeling puzzled as I am quite sure that I have off everything, I went back to 龙阁 and yes, the air con was on! I was thinking, perhaps I am been absent-minded.

Following this, the same thing happen again on subsequent nights and it left me wondering, was it me or someone is trying to tell me something? The next time someone called and informed me that my lights / air con was not off, I went back to 龙阁, lit the joss stick for my 土地公 (Earth deity) and asked for guidance.

My message from 土地公 was that the spirits around the vicinity was trying to catch my attention and wanted me to help them. Knowing that I could do 超度, they request me to help them 超度 to be sent off to pure land. This is an easy task for me and I agreed immediately. No similar incidents happens after the promise is made. I did a major 超度法会 during this year 清明节 and incorporate the 超度 on a monthly basis. Ever since, the energy of my humble office gets better and better.

For many people, the very mention of 超度 means during the funeral, the monks or priest will do a series of chanting and burning of joss sticks. After this ritual is done, the deceased will be 超度 and off to pure land or rebirth. The cold hard fact is that nowadays there are many “fake” monks or priest who do the 超度 ritual just for a show for the deceased family to feel at ease. When asked, many of them do not know what they are actually doing or chanting! So, the 超度 ritual is actually just an assurance for the living that all has been done to sent the dead off.

Besides that, the family members or friends of the deceased “plays a part” on not allowing the 超度 to be successful. Why is that so? I am sure many of you have come across or are guilty of crying and pleading to the deceased NOT to go and STAY with you. Although this was said during the moments of sadness and mixture of emotions, this small action can actually jeopardized the 超度 and disallowing the decease to carry on their after-life. Although the deceased has shed their physical body, the emotions running through their spirits are still there. Ask yourself, will you bear to leave this plane if your loved ones are crying and begging you to stay instead? So do brace yourself when you are faced with such situations and tell yourself that the decease will be off to a better place rather than staying in this plane with you and suffer!

Perhaps all the above reasons indicates why I can rent another shop in within the vicinity in such a short notice. I will do my best to help all spiritual beings and mankind in all that I can do ????

超度法会 – May 2012
Posted On 21/05/2012
超度法会 – May 2012
Posted On 17/05/2012

Dear all,
The 超度法会 for May 2012 will be on the 18 May 2012. Do email / sms me the names by today! Thank You.