超度法会 – April 2012 清明超度
Posted On 09/04/2012
Tian Lu – You Are Magnificent
Posted On 02/04/2012

As always, I have failed to update my blog as regularly as I wanted to, but then it’s better than never right? Just want to share with many of you about some of my customer’s experiences with my Tian Lu.  For more in-depth information of what is Tian Lu, you can read it over here 

Ms. BB who was a Christian came to me for a Ba Zi consultation and was complaining to me about her disturbed sleep.  It seems that ever since she attend a distant relative’s funeral 1 month ago, she keep having lucid dreams about the deceased relative and that she always cannot fall into deep sleep.  Dark eye circles were the evidence that she is having sleepless night.

I wanted to draw an amulet for her, but as she is a Christian, she is not very receptive about amulets and was  not too interested in it.  As she glanced around my office, she asked me about my Tian Lu out of curiosity.  She liked a particular one and asked if it can solve her problem.  Since Tian Lu ‘works’ for its owner and protect its owner, I don’t see any difficulty in it to solve her issue.  So, off she went with her Tian Lu after I consecrated it.

The very next day, I received a call from her and she told me she dreamt of her deceased relative again.  But this time, a mass of golden light in the shape of an animal came in front of her and chased the deceased relative away.  Thereafter, she had a good sleep for the rest of the night.  Upon hearing this, I laugh and told her, ‘Your Tian Lu certainly fulfill its duty!’  It was only then, Ms. BB realized that the mass of golden energy indeed takes the shape of her yellow Tian Lu.

Still feeling unbelievable, she told me she will see how tonight and let me know.  Deep down in me, I knew that she will have a good night sleep from this very day and I am right!  A week later, she phoned me up and told me she has no more issues with sleeping and was glad to have the Tian Lu protecting her always.
Mr. Hopeful who was out of job for months was feeling very desperate and came by my shop for a card reading.  Thou the reading shows that there wouldn’t be much opportunities for him in the next few months, he wanted very much to find something to enhanced his job opportunities luck.  So I introduced him my best selling product, Tian Lu.  Mr. Hopeful’s choice was a Tian Lu in white and he told me, it was as thou the Tian Lu was asking him to ‘Choose me! Choose me!”

After consecrating, I taught him the correct way to communicate with the Tian Lu (spiritually) and a simple meditation for manifestation.  He left my shop feeling a tad more hopeful J.  It was after a long long time later before he contact me again.  This time round, he wanted me to see the Feng Shui of his office!  Finally he found success in his career.

After the Feng Shui consultation for his office, we went to the nearby café for chit chat and he told me exactly what happens after he bought my TIan Lu.  First 2 weeks, he communicate and meditate the way I taught him with his Tian Lu and continuously until now.  After the 14 days, head hunters called him up,  companies which he have sent his resume to many months ago started calling and arranging interviews for him, he was suddenly very busy and in fact, he has got a variety of job offers to choose from!

From someone who was desperate in getting a job for months, to someone who has a choice to choose the type of job he wants is a major change of circumstances! He realized the power of the Tian Lu as Tian Lu brings luck, money and opportunities to the owner and request me to get him another Tian Lu for his current office.  Another successful example of how Tian Lu helps its owner.
On a particular night while I was meditating, a mass of Tian Lu energy came by and it was as thou it was trying to warn me something about someone.  It was however, not my own Tian Lu but one owned by my old customer, Uncle Tan.

The next day, I called up Uncle Tan and asked about his well being and he replied me all is well.  Advised him to be more careful while on the road as it was as thou this was what his Tian Lu wants him to know, thereafter, I was busy with my stuffs and forgot all about it.

I received a call from Uncle Tan around midnight and I was wondering why did Uncle Tan called me so late in the night.  Uncle Tan was speaking very fast and the words I could make out from the disrupted telephone line was – accident, siam, heng ah.  I hang up the phone and tried calling him again.  This time round, I asked Uncle Tan to speak slowly and I finally got the whole picture.

Later in the day he went to the 4D betting station and buy some numbers.  Then after driving around for hours, he planned to drove off to the kopitiam near his house to drink kopi with his friends and discuss about tomorrow’s horse betting plan.  It was raining heavily and Uncle Tan was running late, so he drove slightly above the speed limited.  At the cross junction, Uncle Tan tried to slammed on his accelerator as the green arrow was blinking.  But the road was slippery and Uncle Tan’s taxi went out of control, up the pavement and stopped in front of a huge tree.

Uncle Tan was scared out of his wits but was unhurt.  He came out from his taxi with wobbly knees and looked at his taxi.  No dent, no scratches and no nothing. People started to crowd around his taxi despite the rain and were amazed that his taxi was dent free and he was alright.  After overcoming his shock, he drove away thinking that he is so lucky that he should go and buy 4D on his taxi car plate number.

As he drove off, something fell onto the front passenger seat and into 2 pieces.  He stopped his car by the road shoulder and realized that though he and his taxi are okay, the Tian Lu he has long forgotten was broken into 2 pieces.  How could it be possible since nothing in the taxi was spoilt or scratched and his front wind screen remains intact?

Only then, he realized that the Tian Lu shield him from the accident and in turn, sacrificed for him.  He wanted to come by my shop again the next day to replace his Tian Lu J

Do not underestimated the power of Tian Lu .. They are magnificent!