超度法会 – April 2012 清明超度
Posted On 26/03/2012

Dear all,
The 超度法会 for April 2012 will be on the 7th April 2012. This time, we will incorporate 超度 for 清明节 as well.

Do email / sms me the names by 5th April 2012!

Thank You.

超度法会 – Mar 2012
Posted On 15/03/2012
卡阴 – Solution
Posted On 05/03/2012

Many hv email n pm me on how to 解卡阴。

I dun think its wise to do it urself. Should leave it for the professionals.  In fact what u shld learn is protect urself from 卡阴…

阴, is actually a kind of neg n dense energy.

According to law of attraction, what u hv, u will keep hving more of it.  Meaning if a person keep having negative tots in his mind or he keep repeating negative phrase, he is definitely more prone to 卡阴 than anyone else.

Character mould ur life .. What kind of character u hv determine ur life … A person who is narrow minded, abusive, revengeful, vindictive, ego, jealousy , quick temper… U r definitely the best target to 卡阴。

Stress n worries easily build up negative energy in u.  For a yin to b attach on u, u hv to b a good “breeding” ground for them.  Therefor in order for them to b able to attach on u, they will 1st create a favourable conditions in u 1st

Learn not to take things too serious… N learn to slow dwn … dun b illusion by them n get worry easily.

Relax, positve thinking , letting go of negative character n of course a good energise living environment is the best way to protect urself from 卡阴.

Most of the time karma play a very big part for the yin to b attach on u.
Being able to repent on all the wrong doings u hv in this life n previous lives is also a good protective measure for u against those 阴.

Greed, greed in wealth, in love, in status in career helps u to open a big channel for the 阴.. Remember 知足常乐!

So u c the simplest way to counter 卡阴 is to start your cultivation n do it diligently.

Cultivation not only means meditation, chanting or praying its means your correction in ur way of living.  Live a life with a healthy body, quiet mind n a strong soul makes you an insulator towards all 阴.