2012 壬辰年
Posted On 22/01/2012

Well , well well….. A new lunar year is here again

Have been so busy for the past one year , not been able to update my blog with all my interesting encounters yet.  Hope I will be able to do it more regularly this year..

This year is a Dragon year,  a very significant year for us Chinese as we like to call ourselves 龙的传人 。。 Dragon in the 12 earthly stem is known as 辰, and this year is 壬辰年, 壬 is water and 辰 is earth.  So many like to address this year as water dragon year.

Dragon is a very mystical animal, in the 12 animal earthly branch, Dragon is the only one that cannot really prove to be existing unless u have a open and active 3rd eye.

Dragons are spiritual beings that can b found in all the 5 element planes.  And they carry mystic power…which include shape shifting.

In many olden text records, there are always big changes taking place in Dragon years ..which I believe will be happening again this year.

In the element theory, earth control water. Therefore its another clashing year… which we would expect a lot of conflict around the world.

辰 in ba zi theory is earth, its also a store, a water store.
So we can see that this year water element is rather strong .

In 易经, we know that in every situation, Ying and yang is always trying to be balance, so in such a “watery” year, fire should be seen quite frequently n strongly as to balance this strong water year. Arsons, volcano eruptions and fire disasters is expected to be seen quite frequently this year.

Fire will be a very needy element, meaning ppl who run fire element industry will exp boom

Fire industries in my context are media, electronics,entertainment , beauty related industries, , F &B , tele- communications, marketing, etc.

Water is 智 and is clash by earth, so this year we see many cases of 聪明反被聪明误 instances .

This is especially more obviously display on 2nd generations that is about to or had already just taken over the 1st gen, be it in big organizations, company or even in many countries –  government.

Changes is to be avoided this year –  因以不变应万变,厉害就好莫假厉害!!!老老实实就平安,投机取巧反遭殃!

Water in element theory, is north sector and also in flying stars theory, 2 black sickness stars is also located at north sector in 2012. so we would expect northern sector of a country or of a house are “breeding” sickness . A house with door at the north sector or a cooker hood at north sector will find that their occupier tends to fall sick easily or will hv their bad Heath getting worst unless it’s being well cushioned

North sector is also a reflective area for 2nd son , so please take good care if u r the 2nd son of a family or u have a 2nd son, as they will exp bad health. So dear friends if your ba zi need water , you need to gather a lot of metal , if not ur health will b rather bad too….

For the other flying stars of this year,

The evil star 5 will be at south east. so Southeast asia country will suffer alot in this year, especially Philippines and Indonesia.

South east part of many country will exp negative issue and when zoom in to each individual household, the southeast sector will be negative energy gathering sector. do not renovate or make any changes for this sector and it should be properly cushioned, if not you might exp negative issue.

Southeast sector in 易经 reflect 巽 gua,which is the 1st daughter of the family, so we can conclude that if this sector of the house is not properly cushion with the ba zi 用神 ,the 1st daughter or the only daughter of the family will exp bad issues for the year 2012.

Houses with door, cooker hood, bed located at southeast sector n hv bad 峦头 will experience more negative events.  Star 3, the gossip and argument star will be at Southwest sector, 坤卦 this star if not dealt properly, the mother of the family will face slot of relationship problem and even ill luck.

Star 7 the bloodshed/accident star is at the northwest of the house. as this area also reflect the father or head of the house/ company , it will have to be dealt with care if not , will affect them badly in terms of health and work.

The lucky star 8 for 2011 will be flew to west sector. West is 兑卦, reflecting the youngest daughter of the house. So if this star is properly activated, it will bring great fortune to them n also to the house /shop,office, house etc etc..

This also mean the most important targeted trend should be on young ladies. As anything to do with them will bring fortune . 兑卦 also mean happiness,so 2012 is a good year to 办喜事!!! As the saying goes 一喜化三灾!

This year people born in 1940, 1949,1958,1967,1976,1985 and1994.  Most of them will exprience rather down of luck…its a very challenging year for such ppl.

People whose ba zi need metal, is a tiring year, a lot of things will be obstructed, it’s a give n give year…no gain.. Unless u can unlock the lucky 8 in the west sector!

People whose ba zi need water, this is a very very good yr for u,cos this year is a water abundance year for you . The only thing you need to be careful is food, please do not compromise with unwholesome food.

People whose ba zi need wood, is also a rather good year, but the 2nd part of the year may b a bit challenging , as a lot of effort is needed to get things done, though eventually the thing will be okay.

People whose ba zi need fire, this year is a rather tough year, lack of opportunities and helpful person. Rather struggling…

People whose ba zi need earth, is a weak health year, n lost money year. The 2nd half of the year will b slightly better.

So a general advice for 2012, DO Not invest unnecessarily! Forget about gaining in investment, it’s a honest living year. Keep ur extra cash with u. Beware of water. Do not make big changes in life….unless it’s an happy thingy such as marriage n giving birth…

Tips for 2012
The secret to remain lucky and successful is to have the involvement of ‘Monkey’.  Monkey is the secret to success for 2012.  Investing with people born under the Monkey year, have Monkey figurines all around you (soft toys, figurines, pictures, key chains, etc).

The theory of it is rather tedious, so I would not go into explaining.  Heed my advice and have more ‘Monkeys’ in all areas and you will have a lucky and smoother year ahead!

Last but not least 愿大家过个平平安安的龙年!

CNY Blessing
Posted On 11/01/2012

4 February 2012 marks the actual beginning of a new year – 立春.

It’s always believe that this day is a symbolic for the whole year. Therefore I have decided to conduct a 2012 CNY Blessing on the 4th February 2012 from 12noon to 5pm . Hoping that all will be blessed around the year.

Besides receiving energy blessing from me, At the same time, a few of my outstanding disciples will be giving oracle reading at special rates.

Chess Oracle Reading by 慈玄 (the one and only Chess Oracle Reader in Singapore), Unique Manjusri Oracle Reading by 吉祥 & Tarot Reading by Lady Shaura, are all available ????

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超度法会 – December 2011
Posted On 03/01/2012
The “AURALITE 23” – Healing Crystal
Posted On 03/01/2012

This stones which contains at least 17 of the followingpowerful
Healing Stones:

1) Titanite
2) Cacoxenite
3) Lepidocrosite
4) Ajoite
5) Hematite
6) Magnetite
7) Pyrite
8 ) Goethite
9) Pyrolusite
10) Gold
11) Silver
12) Platinum
13) Nickel
14) Copper
15) Iron
16) Limonite
17) Sphalerite
18) Covellite
19) Chalcopyrite
20) Gialite
21) Epidote
22) Bornite
23) Rutile

The “AURALITE 23” Crystal brings forth reminder of the positive
connections from the self to other beings, to paths and ways of life,
and to places that bring inner peace and serenity.

“AURALITE 23” Crystal connects to its keeper like a twin spirit.
This stone teaches that “All is as One”, reminding of how alike
one-another are to each other despite outer differences.

A stone that reads into its keeper’s spirit, searching and
highlighting that which could be improved, and that which can
benefit from healing or clearance.
“AURALITE 23” Crystal will then give support and help to light the
way to sources that can be of benefit once it has completed its

This is a stone that opens up the mind and spirit of the being,
enough to recognize connections to the inner self, and to outer
life, that are worthy of exploration and strengthening.

“AURALITE 23” Crystal teaches of the many benefits of recognizing
places of peace and serenity, and then integrating those places into
daily life. Alongside this, “AURALITE 23” Crystal removes the
‘ticking clock’, replacing it with space to breathe and relax,
bringing opportunity for inner solitude.

Also, “AURALITE 23” Crystal helps to remove feelings of burden and
stress. It is a stone that envelopes the being with an air of calm
and brings gentle waves of soothing energy.

Where there are feelings of low emotion and depression,
“AURALITE 23” Crystal can help to lift away the energies that
follow such feelings. This is also a stone that can help ease,
and even put a stop, to sleep disorders that are closely related to
Insomnia, or where it is Insomnia alone, with no known cause.

“AURALITE 23” Crystal helps to ease nerves and anxiety, as well as
helping to lower the trigger of panic attacks, and the effects that
follow. It is also a stone that can be called upon for comfort and
calming, during times of shock and distress.

“AURALITE 23” Crystal helps to relax the body and can be beneficial
in the removal of tension, headaches, eye strain; muscle discomfort
and muscle spasms. It can also be of help to vascular health,
bringing an improved function and healing.

Due to this stones relaxing and spiritual properties, it can be a
very good support during meditation, astral travel, past life
regression, and to the being that connects with spirit for the help
of the self and of others.

“AURALITE 23” Crystal resonates well with the body’s energy centers,
especially from the Heart centre, up to the Crown centre.
This stone will work positively with what is associated with these
particular energy centers.

For the being who gains comfort and support from Angel awareness,
“AURALITE 23” Crystal can be very helpful in communications and
connections in this area, as it is a stone that has an open channel
to the Angelic Realms.

This stone teaches of the law of attraction. “AURALITE” Crystal
throws light on what is beneficial to the being, giving chance of
many positive opportunities. It is a stone that removes and wards
away negativity, replacing it with positivism. “AURALITE Crystal
removes much disillusion.

A stone that also tones down anger and cools hot tempers,

“AURALITE23” Crystal teaches the being to think before speaking or
acting for the self, and towards others. Also this is a stone that
can help to remove prejudice and unnecessary judgment.

“AURALITE 23” Crystal teaches of making good use of knowledge, and
integrating it into needful areas of the self, and into life itself.