Amazing Boji Stones
Posted On 29/11/2011

Boji Stone is the copywritten and registered trademark for concretion stones which are found in Colorado. Their shape is usually round with some protrusion of platelets. These stones are a composite of palladium and pyrite. See Palladium for further qualities and uses.

Boji stones come in male, female and androgynous forms and in various sizes, generally from the size of a dime to as about as large as a silver dollar. The male stone is characterized primarily by the uneven, sharp, protruding patterns on their surface.

The female stones are all smooth in their configuration. The androgynous stones display a point or points of some uneven characteristics but not as contiguous as displayed on the male stones. These stones attain their full power when they are used in pairs except for the androgynous stones which can be considered as having the same energy as a pair of male and female stones.

Boji stones can transfer energy from the etheric to the physical body. It will clean, recharge and fill with positive energy, all of the voids or holes in the aura and the auric field.

Bojis will also be used from the crown to the root chakra by utilizing a spinning, moving clockwise energy field. To facilitate this, you would select one of the stones either male or female and place it above, but not touching the crown chakra and then place the other of the pair near, but not on the root chakra. Holding these in place for about five minutes will align all the chakras.

The energy within the stones will of itself, create this clockwise motion between the root and the crown chakras. Another placement would be to either hold a male in the left hand and a female in the right hand for five minutes to balance the left and right brain. This facilitates an ability to access into your artistic side more freely. This also balances the male/female energy of the body. It assists in the removal of any energy blockages within the body.

You can do this daily and will notice a large difference in how your body feels. You will feel more energy and a push pull energy flow as the blockages are removed. It sets up an electromagnetic field which enhances the energy or the electrical structure of the body.

Taking Care of Boji Stones
Handle them often and give them sunlight once or twice a week.  They prefer the morning light of the red rays and the afternoon blue rays.  They also like the rays of a full moon.  If you desire to clean them, use baking soda and a toothbrush.

To energetically cleanse them,  use Sage smoke.  Simply light the sage stick, get it smoking and then pass each Boji stone through the smoke saying a short prayer such as “Dear Spirit, please cleanse my boji stones and activate them for the highest good”.

超度法会 – November 2011
Posted On 28/11/2011

Dear all,
November 超度法会 has been completed.  May all sentinent beings be freed from all attachments!!


超度法会 – November
Posted On 08/11/2011

Dear all,
The 超度法会 for November will be on the 25th.  Please submit the names and payment before the 24th.

Thank You.