Zacken99 Metaphysics – Monthly 超度法会
Posted On 26/09/2011

Definition of 超度 (Ritual for the Death)

In laymen’s context, it means to send the deceased to a better place where their Soul will be at peace.  Many have the misconception that the ritual can only be done during the funeral or in lunar 7th month; which is not true.  During most Chinese funerals, you will see monks or priests chanting for nights in front of the deceased.  It is a form of 超度.

However, what you may not know is that, not every 超度 is successful in every case. Why?  There a few reasons, while the main one are:

–       The soul of the deceased was not aware that he/she is already dead and continued living/doing as per everyday without their physical body

–       The soul of the deceased which was very stubborn and refuses to leave this plane (Earth) as he/she wanted to be with their family

–       The soul of the deceased which is seeking revenge

–       The soul of the unborn babies (the hatred to the mother for denying their rights to live)

–       The soul of animals (having the attachment to their owners, the soul of the deceased animal refuses to leave the owner)

So at times, one 超度 is not enough and it has to be done a few times to ensure the Soul has departed our plane (Earth) to where they belong.

Ask those who have been through Singapore army and there will be lots of stories with regards to the army boys ‘seeing Japanese soldiers’ marching in the wee hours at their camp, etc.


As what I have mentioned above, those Japanese soldiers either does not know that they were already dead, and continued doing what they used to do before or, they are just too stubborn to leave Earth and to return back to where they belong.

For those mothers who had abortion before, I would strongly advise you to do a proper 超度 ritual for your unborn child.  There is a very high possibility that the soul of your unborn child is still been attached to your over the years as they do not know what to do and the only people they ‘know’ on Earth is you.

At the same time, the hatred in them to you is stronger than you thought, and that their attachment to you might affect your own energy to weaken and having negative effects. Many things might not work smoothly for you.  Have some compassion for the poor child and the least you can do is to have a proper 超度 ritual for them to go on with their ‘lives’.

Members of Zacken99 Metaphysics will be conducting a 超度法会 at the beginning of every month and the energy exchange fees will be at $100 per name/month.

During the 超度法会, you do not need to be present but rest assure that everything will be done accordingly.

For those who are interested, please email me ( with the deceased name and the transaction number (Interbank transfer POSB Saving 033-12759-6 $100) before 30th September 2011.

Details of the actual ritual will be updated in my website & Facebook.

For emails which are received after 30th September 2011, the 超度法会 for the named deceased will be done in next month.


Past Life Regression
Posted On 14/09/2011

There is a reason for one to keep on having the same circumstances again and again in this lifetime.  For example, Ms. A who is always a 3rd party in a love relationship.  No matter what she do, or what vows she took, at the end of the day she is still the 3rd party but in different relationships.  Others might view it as a cause of wrong upbringing or simply the immoral character of the person, but from the spiritual side, it is the karma or the life lesson that Ms. A needs to pay back or learn.

So, what is karma?

In simple terms, it means the cause and effect of things done.  For every action, there is a reaction.  It is believed that life is one big karmic classroom and we reincarnate lifetime after lifetime the way a student enrolls in school year after school year to take new courses and learn new lessons until he or she has mastered all the requirements for a degree.  So, when one has not learn the lesson which he or she is suppose to, the lesson will keep on repeating in one’s life, until one learns.

With Past Life Regression, you will be taken to a journey where you can see and feel what happens in the past that enables you to have your lessons in this lifetime.  My job is to guide you, and you will get to experience the journey yourself.  What is past is past, but the shadows of the past are still retain in your deepest memory, that is why you have repeating life lessons now.  The remorse, the unhappiness, the hurt, the anger,etc which are trapped in your memory are unable to leave you, thus after your journey back to your past life, you will then release all the negative feelings back to where they belong.

By releasing them, you will be able to be feel more like your own self and not trapped in the shadow of the past.

However, there are cases where one is unable to view their past life, thus unable to release the shadow of the past.  There are quite a few reasons, namely

(A)   Rigid mind and does not believe in Past Life Regression
(B)   Suspicious mind
(C)   Unstable mind
(D)  Blocked mindset

So, in order to gain much from the Past Life Regression, one has to come with an open mind and the willingness to accept and let go of everything seen.

You have the deciding power to make changes – It’s your karma, not mine : )

Energy Healing
Posted On 05/09/2011

Energy healing is very common nowadays, they came in various names such as Reiki, Chi healing, Sound Healing, Prayer Healing, etc – thus some of you might be confused by which is which; generally they are the same, just using different methods.  Normally, we consult doctor when we are not feeling well. However do you know that many times, it’s not the physical body that required attention but the person’s own energy field which needs attention. This is the example when one visited the doctor or specialist who couldn’t find anything wrong and was sent home with pain killers or sleeping pills.

Everyone of us have our own energy field or aura.  Our aura changes color and shape when we are having different feeling at any time of the day.  While using public utilities or being in a place with many people, others aura (if stronger) then ours, tends to interfere with our own energy field and more than often, this is not a good thing.

Anger or sadness are very strong emotions. When your energy field gets ‘disturbed’ by such people’s strong emotions, you’ll tend to be easily irritated, or feels very tired easily.  That is the effect when your own energy field gets ‘interrupted’.  Smudging Sage or bathing with sea salt can assist in clearing the negative bits and pieces in your everyday life – this is the maintenance part for your own energy field.

For some others, energy healing is required before they can self maintain.  This is because, too much negative energy or ‘disturbing energy’ has interfered with their own energy field.  Their energy field can no longer sustain on their own and unknowingly, they will ‘suck’ on the energy field of others, making people around them a victim of the energy vampire.  The ignorance energy vampire however, will be emotionally unstable and cannot think properly.

Some others felt that instead of asking others for help, why don’t they learn energy healing themselves?  For those who have a positive and clean energy field, they are able to self heal themselves and even help others.  But for those who are already full of negative energy, self heal does not help much and what do you think happens when they tried to heal others?  Passing on their negative energy to their ‘patients’? Oh no!

To be able to help others, you must help yourself first.  Build up your positive mindset, energy field and physical body; only then you can help others.  Even if helping others is not on your list of things to do (people are too busy nowadays!), having a positive energy aura is the love you can give yourself to lead your life to the fullest.

All you need, is to be willing to accept the healing with an open heart (no doubts) and the path to a better life will be yours!