Posted On 31/08/2011

On the last day of the lunar 7th month, one of my student did a 烟供 for all sentinent beings, bringing the wandering souls back to the place where they could cultivate and recarnate.

Lunar 7th month is never a month meant for burning of joss paper for deceased. Would you want your deceased family/friends  to continue staying in hell or wandering around as a wandering soul with lots of ‘money’?  I’m sure you would very much prefer them to be in a better place where they could continue accumulating merits and get out of the samsara.

烟供 is the compassionate way to treat all suffering souls; not the burning of joss paper.   烟供 can be done by anyone with the correct procedure and of course, it brings much merits to the one doing the 烟供.



Posted On 29/08/2011

超度法会 done by one of my students.

Ba Zi Reading
Posted On 22/08/2011

Many people have the wrong concept of Ba Zi (Destiny Analysis).  Many thought that it’s only for the adults and it was only when met with much obstacles that they came and seek for help through Ba Zi reading.  Have you ever wonder, if you were to know your favorable elements and type of obstacles which you will be facing since young, things be much smoother for you?

Parents always emphasis on the importance of educating their kids, but have forgotten that to lead them to a life path which ain’t full of obstacles is perhaps the best gift they could give them.

As a parent, aren’t you interested to find out what type of character your child has in order to use the most appropriate way to communicate with him/her?

As a parent, aren’t you interested to know what kind of colors, elements or industry your child will be getting the most benefit in?

As a parent, don’t you want to know which are the years you need to exert extra care and concern to your child as that might be one of the worst year for him/her?

I hope after reading this, parents would take the initiative to look into the Ba Zi Analysis for their child.

Many of my friends and clients came to me and start to complain about their life of down luck. They start to point fingers at things that people around them do that cause them to have Ill luck, but little did they know it’s actually non of others business but just because they are going through down luck of their destiny template.

Ba Zi, Ba Zi, in mandarin it means 8 characters.  What are the 8 characters?  Year of birth, Month of birth,  Date of birth & Time of birth,which in turn will break down further into 4 pillars  and them  into 8  different sectors that  makes up the Ba Zi for each and every one of us.

As I have mentioned before, the Ba Zi is the ‘Destiny code’ for us.  To know the secret behind it, you will have to break the Destiny code through Ba Zi Read. Though there might have high chances that there is exact same Ba Zi as another, but for sure, the life path might not be exactly the same as we have to factor in the cause and effects of karma (past lives) and present life, life happenings and up bringing.

Speaking of that, many people came asking me why is it that they have done so many donations (for example) and yet, there are no improvements to their life?  The cause and effects of Karma is one thing, the other thing is, it is important to make the ‘correct’ donations with referral to your own destiny.

A layman example would be, if you are having a fever, you wouldn’t be feeding yourself cough mixture in hope of getting better right? So, in my Ba Zi analysis, I will be touching on past life issues as well.

For those whom I have did the Ba Zi reading for you, you’ll know exactly what kind of donations I required you to do in order for you to ‘take the right medicine’. Another example, if one’s past life has incur a lot of karma through verbal abusing, in this life time, it will be good for him/her to Accumulate merits through practise of verbal merits when compare to making donations to orphanages.

So, are you doing the ‘correct’ kind of donations?

As for the late 30s / 40s many have thought that since they have already been through much in their life, they need not waste time and money to do a Ba Zi Reading.  But is that so? Don’t’ you want to find out what to look out for in terms of your health?

There is a saying in Singapore, ‘you can die, but should never fall sick’.  This is due to the rising medical cost in our country and many people are suffering because they are not able to get medical help in time.  With the knowledge of your Ba Zi analysis, you will know what elements are weak and elements are link to the organs in your body.  From there, you can take appropriate attention to it before it worsen.

Many of my clients came to me for advise on  their career issue. There seems to be full of challenges in their career throughout their life and after analysising their ba zi, we realize it’s actually of wrong choices of career and wrong choice of company that cause them to face all this obstacles.

Of course, I wouldn’t say Ba Zi analysis is a dictionary to every issue of your life but its clear macro view of your life template. It helps to deciphers some secrets of your life which you might not know even till the day you die!

With the answers to these secrets, you can be sure that you are on your way to a better life!


Zacken99 Mojo Bag
Posted On 03/08/2011

What is a MOJO bag?
Taken from Wikipedia, the definition is as such that is a term commonly encountered in the African-American folk belief called hoodoo. A mojo is an amulet of African-American hoodoo practice, a flannel bag containing one or more magical items. It is related to the West African word “mojuba,” meaning a prayer of praise and homage. It is a “prayer in a bag”, or a spell that can be carried with or on the host’s body.

In laymen’s term, it is a lucky charm for all.

Different master can conjuncture their own style of MOJO bag.  For Zacken99’s MOJO bag, you can take your pick on

1) strengthening your relationships (be it with life partner, family or networking, etc),

2) enhancing wealth luck (opening up more financial opportunities for you, etc)

3)protection from the Cosmic world (this is specially for people who are sensitive to the cosmic world or are prone to attract spitirts).

In Zacken99’s MOJO bag, there will be energy generating stones, Talisman and some other secret ingredients, the MOJO bag will then be ‘sealed’ up with Zacken99’s energy (Ling Li) .  I would give a warning to all, not to open up the MOJO bag and peeped.  It will extinguished the energy sealed inside the MOJO bag.

For those who are skeptical, I would urged you not to get the MOJO bag and try it.  The possibility of the MOJO bag not working for you will be high.  Remember the faith within, that you should have for anytime to work, the MOJO bag is just the catalyst for you.

Everyone is suitable to have a MOJO bag, but the only condition is that, to enable the MOJO bag to work it’s power, you will have to bring it along with you at all times (can be placed inside your bag/pocket, etc).

Email me at to order one today!

Posted On 01/08/2011

Not too long ago, I was being invited to our neighboring country for a Feng Shui audit.  It was a Feng Shui audit for a very huge factory situated at the rural side of the country.

Upon reaching there, I did my usual and took out my Luo Pan to find the directions around the factory.  From where I was standing, the needle was showing Direction A in front of me.

As I move towards the inner part of the factory (still maintaining a straight line), the needle point to Direction B. Feeling bewildered, I walked further into the factory and guess what … now the needle of the Luo Pan shows Direction C in front of me!

For the same direction facing in a straight line it actually give me 3 totally different direction reading.

Are there spirits around playing tricks with me? Checked – No.

Are there any problems with my Luo Pan? Checked – I went back to the car and got my spare Luo Pan and yet the results was the same, the direction was inconsistent.

Are there any spiritual obstacles obstructing my view?  Checked – I lit a joss stick at the factory’s altar and asked the local Tu Di Gong for more information, but Tu Di Gong don’t want to hiew me.

At this point, I was feeling a bit kan cheong.  Told the owners of factory that I need to get out of the factory to view the outer infrastructure and I used this opportunity to calm down and think of a solution.

As I stood outside the factory, I noticed that there was a greenish haze covering the whole of the factory.  But it was not the work of any evil beings or playful spirits.  I closed my eyes and suddenly an answer just popped into my head …

Since I am in the foreign neighboring country, I should have seek information from local Na Tuk instead of ‘Tu Di Gong’ since Na Tuk was the significant Earth Deity there.   There was a small shrine nearby and I quickly walk towards the shrine.  Closed my eyes and ‘talked’ to the Na Tuk, telling him my purpose there, blah blah and asked for spiritual assistance.

Once done, I returned back to the factory where the owners were already getting a bit impatient.

Took my Luo Pan and seek the directions again.  This time round, everything is consistent and the whole Feng Shui audit runs smoothly.


So there again, we must remember to ‘入乡随俗’ … when in Rome, do what the Romans do, even in the spiritual world.

A rather interesting n “educating” lesson learnt