A Foxy Experience
Posted On 25/07/2011

Ah!  It was one of the morning where I get ready for a Feng Shui audit at the western side of Singapore.  It was for a family of 3 and looks pretty normal to me, but little did I know that it has much more ‘happenings’ in store for me.

Let’s name the man of the house, Mr. Wong. He and his wife with their eldest child is staying in the apartment which I am going to audit. Their 2nd and 3rd daughter were already married and one of the reason why Mr. Wong engaged me according to him was to activate the Marriage luck for his eldest daughter, they were getting anxious as their eldest daughter was not getting any younger!

Upon reaching there, Mr. and Mrs. Wong welcome me cordially.  Mr. Wong did hint to me that his daughter is very against me from coming to do a Feng Shui audit as she do not believed in all these stuffs; but luckily she was out when I arrived.

I did the usual and was advising the couple halfway when the front door suddenly opens.  Their eldest daughter was back, she is rather pretty and in fact much prettier than many TV actress!  As her eyes falls on me, she glared hard at me and showed me a hostile face.

“Call Shifu”  Mr. Wong beckons his daughter to acknowledge me.

Miss Wong sashay towards me, still with a hostile look on her face and stands beside me.  She stands very near me, too near for my comfort and as she glared at me, she says in mandarin “what qualities do you have for me to call you Shifu?”  She repeated the sentence 3 times … and at the 3rd time of repeating she HUSH a gush of wind into my face and slowly walked off.  At this point when I look at Miss Wong, I saw a FOX face instead!

At this point, I knew Miss Wong was not okay (abnormal), yet it is inconvenient for me to discuss her issue in the house.  I quickly wrap up the Feng Shui audit n packed up my stuffs and make a move.  Told Mr. and Mrs. Wong that I will get back to them again.

I went to the nearby Kopitiam and called Mr. Wong for a meet up there.  As Mr. Wong arrives, I told him sternly that Miss. Wong is not okay and that she might be spiritually invaded.

Mr. Wong looked at me sheepishly and said, he know.  The real reason he engaged me is to ‘see’ what is wrong with his daughter.  Then he revealed that, every night Miss. Wong will sneaked out of the house and bring man back to their house.  It was always a different man each time and the man will leave before dawn.  They have found a lot of used condoms inside Miss. Wong’s room and it is worrying them to death. They did try to confront her before but landed up in very bad argument

As I probed further, Mr. Wong told me that 2 years back, they went to a Fox temple ( 狐仙庙) on a top of a mountainous area in Malaysia.  They went there to prayed for marriage luck for Miss. Wong and strange things happened after they got back from the Fox temple.

“Shifu, please help us.  Pease!”

I looked at Mr. Wong and shake my head.
“I would like to help, but this is beyond what I can do.  I do not know what promise you have made in the Fox temple and that once promise, must be done.  I would suggest you to bring your daughter back to the Fox Temple and talked to the in-charge there to solve the problem.”

With tears in Mr. Wong’s eyes, he nodded his head.

Do remember that all promises or vows to the Spiritual world should not be taken lightly.  You might have thought it was just a harmless comment, but the Spiritual world does not take it lightly.

You are responsible for your own speech and actions!

The Power of Malachite – 孔雀石
Posted On 21/07/2011

At the very mention of Peacock, what comes to your mind?  Beautiful fan of tail?  Unique ‘eye’s on the tail?

For those who do not know, Peacock is also associated with many myths and legends in many context.  In Hinduism, Peacock is associated with Saraswati, a deity representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and knowledge.

In Greco-Roman, Peacock’s eyes are said to symbolize the vault of heaven and the “eyes” of the stars.

In Christianity, Peacock is seem as a symbol of eternal life.  In Tibet, 孔雀明王 is the deity which many pay respect to.

Besides the tail of the Peacock which seems to contain lots of mystical power when used correctly, the Malachite stone also possess the same power, if not more.  The Malachite stone has the ‘eyes’ of a Peacock on it and is sought after by collectors all over the world.  Malachite are formed when copper is exposed to water and are not found in crystal form.

Let’s talk about the Power of Malachite stone – 孔雀石.

Malachite stone can be used to protect young children who are more sensitive to the Spiritual world.  By placing the Malachite stone underneath the pillow of a young child, it will enable the young child to have a good night’s sleep.

At the same time, it is an ideal Talisman for the frequent travelers as a protection in unfamiliar surroundings – you’ll never know what kind of negative entities might be lurking around!

For drivers, having a Malachite stone in the car is as good as placing deity statues in it for protection.  It is not so mighty as to prevent accidents from happening, but the occurrence of serious injury can be cushioned by the Power of Malachite stone.

For the above mentioned, the raw Malachite stone alone can be used (with proper cleansing); however with additional blessing of the Malachite stone, the power to ward off negative entities will be stronger and more effective.

The Malachite stone can be used as a wealth enhancement in Feng Shui.  By placing the Malachite stone in the correct wealth position in one’s house or office, it can generates good wealth luck as well as opportunities for more wealth!  This is a must for all business man!

By placing the Malachite stone in the office,  you are able to take the unnecessary pressure off the employees as well as maintaining a harmonious environment.

Well Being
For those who does meditation regularly, wearing the Malachite stone while meditating will be a good way to get in tune with your own body and the Malachite stone in turn will balance out the energy on your chakras. Healing can be done by wearing the Malachite stone while doing meditation.

For ladies who are always in great pain during the time of the month can place the Malachite stone 3 inches below your naval to relieve the symptoms

Besides the 3 main points mentioned above, the Malachite stone have many other good properties which are waiting for you to discover.

All Malachite stone will be specially bless by Zacken99 using孔雀明王增益法 – A special ritual which can further enhance the properties of the Malachite stone.

Contact Zacken99 at now for more information on the Malachite stone – 孔雀石or to make an appointment for a Feng Shui Audit to find out the best place to place the Malachite stone in the office / home.

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龙阁 – 开张了!
Posted On 19/07/2011

Dear all, It is with much happiness for me to announce that 龙阁 is finally opened!  I would like to thank all my 贵人 for all the assistance they have render to me in order for 龙阁’s opening. Still, pior appointment has to be made with me as I am not permanently station in 龙阁.  With the opening of my new office, I’ll have the facilities and opportunity to include a ‘Yi Jing Divination’ service for all as well.  This will be based on one Yi Jing Divination to one question basis – this is especially good for people who needs to make any urgent decision. Do keep your email / sms coming in for any queries or to make prior appointments with me.  Namaste! Yours sincerely, Zacken99