2011 辛卯年
Posted On 19/01/2011

Well , a new lunar year is coming again…

This year is 辛卯年, 辛is metal and 卯 is wood. Therefore its a metal wood year or some call it metal rabbit year.

in the element theory, metal clash wood. Therefore its another clashing year…which we would expect alot of east and west countries confrontation in this year.. western countries like U S and eastern country like china.

In 2011, as wood is being clash by metal, wood is 仁 so we would expect to see more news on 无仁义道德事件发生。。。。

wood in element theory, is east, so would also expect eastern countries like Japan, Taiwan etc etc may exp alot of economic or disaster issues.

The flying stars for this year, the evil star 5 will be at east. so eastern part of any country will exp negative issue and when zoom in to each individual household, the east sector will be negative energy gathering sector. do not renovate or make any changes for this sector and properly cushion it, if not you might exp negative issue. east sector in 易经 reflect 震,which is the 1st son of the family, so we can conclude that if this sector of the house is not properly cushion with the ba zi 用神 ,the 1st son will exp bad issue for the year 2011.

This year star 2, the quarrel some and illness star will be at southern sector 离卦, and if it is not properly cushion, illness and quarrel might occur in the family and the 2nd daughter might get sick easily or bad social luck for 2011

Star 3, the gossip star will be at North sector,坎卦. This star if not dealt properly, the 2nd son of the family will have reputation or marriage probelm in 2011.

Star 7 the bloodshed/accident star is at the centre of the house. as its at the centre of the house, it will affect the whole energy of the house. if this star is accidentally activated….members of the family whose 八字大运/年运 is bad might exp “blood shed”

The lucky star 8 for 2011 will be flew to northwest sector. Northwest is 乾卦, reflecting the father or the male owner of the house. So if this star is properly activated, it will bring great fortune to the father of the house /owner of the shop,office, house etc etc..

fengshui involves space and time…a place will hv big fengshui change every 20 years and small change every year due to the period stars formation and annual stars formation respectively. So its good to audit your house fengshui for the 20 year period 1st and then annual stars audit, so to ensure all the family members is not under the bad influece of the stars unknowingly.

This year people born in 1939,1948,1957,1966,1975,1984 and1993.
most of them will exprience rather down of luck…its a very challenging year for such ppl

People whose ba zi need metal, congrats, cos this 2011 is a year with strong metal energy. as long as u r not born in the above mentioned years of birth. you should be hving laughter round this year.

people whose ba zi need water, this is a average yr for u,cos metal do produce some water for you in the 1st half of the yr but it was badly used up by wood in the 2nd half to strengten itself from metal clashing.

people whose ba zi need wood, is a drastic year, becos wood energy was draining from you in the 1st half of yr and given to you in the 2nd half but was constantly under the treat from metal.

people whose ba zi need fire, as fire burns metal, exhaust wood, he will be a busy year and rather eventful. do rest more and use more assit u to gather more success.

people whose ba zi need earth, is a giving year for you,health is bad and stress year. As metal use earth to produce and wood break earth, so earth energy is low..

So a general advice for 2011, do avoid eastern countries for tour, precious metal and oil is a good investment. cushion the centre,southern sector,north sector and east sector of your house fenghshui. do not mess with your east sector of house. activate the northwest sector of your house. Be appriecative towards ppl’s kindness and be benevolent……………keep your complaints!!!

福神 〉〉〉〉刘海禅(蟾)师
Posted On 08/01/2011

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