Fengshui Zoo
Posted On 15/10/2010

Mr Lam, currently about 50yrs old. Own a company and factory in woodlands area.

He engaged my fengshui audit service for his company mid last year.

He started this company 20 over yrs ago and along the years he faces lots and ups and dwn in his business but.. this 2 yrs.. business was really bad……for him.

I reach his office slightly earlier than the appointment time… i hv this practice, i like to walk 1 round outside the premises that i were to audit for fengshui b4 going in to meet my client…

the office was around woodlands area n a macro view of the piece of land, the energy was jus so so… not too bad..

i tried to locate the 龙气 and 龙头 of the place…and found that this piece of land is at the mid point of the dragon , its at the 龙肚…however no nest were found…

1 good thing of this land is that there is a 有情水环抱… so i guess its shouldnt be too bad..then

I went into the office thru the factory area and met Mr Lam…

I was soooo amaze that there were soooooo many fengshui ornament inside…

1>30 pair of big dragon

2> 20 over pair of big 天禄

3> 10 over pair of big 麒麟

4> alot of big n small chinese lions ( lost count)

5> gt 6 big eagles

6> 8 big elephants

7> many many other different fengshui celestial animals ornaments big n small lying all around the factory n office..

basically the whole place were like fengshui celestial animal zoo !

we sat dwn and start a former greetings and chat with him. He start telling me his life exp….

Mr lam explain to me, im actually his 4th geomancer engaged to help him…he follow the previous 3 master advice, nothing improve yet business became worse..

i check with him, did they ask him to place all those fengshui celestial animal ornaments? he told me actually some were ask by them but some is bought by himself for collection cos he likes…all this type of fengshui celestial animal.. he collected them along the years..

I check with him again did he or the previous masters injected any energy into those animals figurine?

the answer were no…….

i start walking around and audit the factory n office fengshui…

as we move from a point to another i told him the ways and cures to change or add…to the area.

after going 1 full round, I told him to remove all the fengshui celestial animal figurines in the office and factory..all must be remove except only l pair of big 麒麟

Mr lam face change….he asked me y? and he keep telling me he likes them n he told me ,all that were auspicious animal figurine that should be good for fengshui y should he remove..this n that.. he keep going on n on…trying his best to persuade me to leave his “fengshui zoo” alone

after he finish complaining …

I explain to him a few points…

1> most of the fengshui animal figurines in his premises r of no use..because they were all place at the wrong position and they carries no energy at all and they were made of not natural elements .when a fengshui item carries no energy…it hv no effect to the fengshui at all……

2> the office feng shui originally is really not that bad… its he himself who destroy his own fengshui cos a few of the figurine had harness negative energy and had attract unwanted earth spirits into the factory. His office earth position is in such a way that it will trap spirits or negative energy inside the premises.

3> a true fengshui setup should be using only the 5 elements as cures.. using fengshui celestial animal ornaments is not authentic fengshui setup..however since he like them so much then it still can be use if wanted to but it hv to fufill a few conditions.

a> the celestial animal figurine must be made of natural material.

b> the made shape must be make as sharp n real as possible.

c> the celestial animal figurine must BE INJECTED WITH ENERGY AND


e> the positioning of the figurine is also very very important..its must b place at the correct position according to the owner ba zi and the premises shape,facing,sitting,n date of building….

if the above 5 points is not meet.. then the placing of any fengshui celestial animal ornaments inside is redundant and for worse it will incurred alots of harm!

i proposed to Mr Lam ,i chose the pair of 麒麟 to be left for use becos 麒麟 is a very power celestial animal, it is very 正 and its a 仁兽. if the 分身灵 of a 麒麟 is present in a premises it can attract lots n lots of good energy into the premises so that the so call wealth of the place will increase n it can protect the ppl in the premises from harm and also it can prevent and clear unwanted energy into the premises.

after some calculation n measurement i located a point to place the 麒麟…and i ask Mr lam to sent the pair of about 1 metre tall 麒麟 to my house for a 7 days cleansing and another 7 days of energy insertion. n will place at the chosen location on a calculated date n time. and i will be there summoning the 分身灵 of the 麒麟


well i recieve..a thank you call from Mr Lam few days ago..his company is “back to life” cos he had mange to close a few big deals..over the past few months.

I congrats him…n warned him to remember not to set up zoo again….