求子= 求苦
Posted On 08/02/2010

well it hv been so long i nv update my blogs.. cos most r common cases no need to blog …..

for the pass 3 months i see many fs for childless couples..n also doing 超度 ritual for abortion couples… its so ironic they r so many couples dieing to hv kids yet there so many dieing to abort their kids….

LG n her hubby see me the 1 st time in 2006…they r dieing to hv kids… but i gave them very sad news that according to their ba zi they were nt destined to hv any… Lg was quite piss wif me.. n the session ended by her storming away… then in 2008 … lg called me 1 day.. she purposely called to scold me lousy cos doc hv confirm her pregnancy then… of cos i was quite disappoint with my lousy prediction…but i jus hv to let go… few month ago, lg hubby called me to make a house call appt.. i was shocked… n i accept it… when i reach their house on the appt day, lg n her hubby greeted me warmly… we chat abit of bo liao stuff, then i asked them for the real purpose of asking me come… lg face change n she walk to her room n came bk with a kid in her hand, she pass me the kid n signal me to carry… i love kids n happily i carried her. i look at the kid n i gt a shock!! she hv an abnormal face n i saw her legs were actually deformed….

my tears spilled uncontrolably..i use my ling energy to read her pass life n i saw a fish…. its a fish ling going for her 23 times of recarnation… it hv not fully develop to b recarnated as a normal human form….

the couples appolagise for their rudeness in the pass n hope i can help the girl… i explaine the ling progression theory to them n told them its immpossible for them to hv this kid, they must hv done something more to hv this kid…..

they told me in a very pai say tone… after i told them they will nv hv kids, they were very depress n intro by some relatives, they went to malacca, a temple to pray for a kid n months later lg gt preg…

i ask for the diety they pray to… i checked with my 无形 friends…then i understand the whole story… the diety they pray to actually arrange to gave them this fish ling developing kid after he saw hw wu sim the couple is n they actually tell the diety they dun mind wat kind of kids, they will love it…

i told the couples abt my finding they were shocked! n start curse n swear… i. stopped them n explain to them its nt the diety fault…. they r destinated nt to hv kid… they wana play with karma n thus they gt this as a result .. so nothing to blame… its jus karma….

i taught them proper way of bring up 动物进化灵。。n left with a mix feelings…relieve cos i hv never miss calculate… sad…y man kind hv to so 执着。…. always believe in wrong beliefs n when thry noe they wrong liao, they expect they shld b forgiven n remedy shold b given to them….
haiz… 一切随缘、莫强求!!!!!!