Posted On 18/01/2010

tired…very drain…a rather long day for me… morning fengshui appt,afternoon ritual,evening DG coaching and jus now some day job assignments… everyday, i hv many events to go thru and every events, i seems to hv a role to play…and most of the roles its not my real self… one of the role i hated most is MR…i hate to be MR cos MR need to help ppl even he dun like the person…he need to teach ppl even he dun like..the person read BFG reply to my FB shout out…i feel like slap him..he is really living in denial…….i really wish to throw him out of my class….i see him as a pain in my neck… emo freak..act nice n freindly towards the rest..showing them he is  nice, but in very fact he is trying to win their good books due to his ego.. i ask myself many times am i being personal becos of wer??? no leh..i already buay song him b4 im with wer… i myself make 6 tarot reading and ask zar 2 times if i can kick him out.. but answer is no…shit… i think its my test…test f0r my patience… ok..cannot kick him rite..nv mind i will make him leave on his own!! yesh i will do it… he is really not fit to b my student…n with him around i i feel unsafe for the rest..