Tanah Merah Kecil
Posted On 29/10/2008

  Was Intro to Mr Tan by a friend, my friend told me  Mr Tan youngest son born in 1979 who had been praying to KMT  走火入魔, gave up his work for 1 year, left his wife and a 6 yr old son… I was not very keen to take up funny cases , cos the responsibility is too great at times…but whenever ppl mention  abt praying to kmt and 走火入魔, i will gt intrested cos after regretting intro kmt to ppl when i was in the younger days, i hv promise myself to save ppl from kmt wrong praying ….. I went to the house located at tanah merah kecil with my friend. When i reach the place, i gt a shock of my life…. the house was situated directly at a T junction, there is fav quote in old school fengshui, 十字路口,幽魂多….n i think it really applies in this case…there r tons of mindless soul congulating infront of the house….with great amaze, i went into the house, the front garden of the house was clutter with lots of barang barang…and same at outside the house, there r full of mindless soul! I was intro to Mr tan , and he gave me more details of his son…I ask him to bring his son dwn , as i would like to meet him…he went up to his son, but i hear his son shouted at him n refuse to see me… i went up his room, and he open his son room for me to see…guess wat, I saw my “old friend” reusi statue in his room and below it was a 1 feet tall KMT statue…his son was sleeping on the bed, I peep at him…he was bare upper body, and can see he is sooo skinny with bones, and his hair and face was so much like a reusi! Reusi was also known as a hermit, a forest yogis…before buddha gt enlighten, he gt all his knowledge and occult knowledge from a few teachers who are reusi…In SE asia , most occult masters pray to ruesi, cos he is a occult grand masters…I personally was a disiciple of ruesi for quite a number of yrs…I must state that he himself is not 邪,but alot of occult practitioner, misuse his magic and become 邪道…. after see the son,I had answer to my doubts earlier…. i took out my compass and do a FS analysis for the house, the house is a period 7 house facing North East, there is a double 7 stars at the facing… the son is a weak fire person with 廉贞化忌 in his zi wei dou shou life chamber, there is also a 天刑star too….in his ba zi, there is 2 十灵stars.all this info reveal that he is very high 6 sense person , and gt much affinity with religion…he should be a very high sensertive ling person.. In fs, NE is also known as 鬼门, usually it will not be activated, unless it is met with a 5 yellow stars or with physically conditions favourable for 阴煞. In this case, the T junction had activated this 鬼门. star 7 is a so call expired star in this period 8 era…thus its consider a negative star. star 7 is also known as a occult /五术stars.. NE in yi jing is know as 艮位,it also rep the youngest son of the house.there fore in this case, star 7 mus hv greatly affected the young man, making him moving towards occult learning, we can see that both FS and his ba zi hv soooo nicely collids , making him become a occult learner..but due to neg energy, he moves towards not so wholesome path… a fateful ruesi magic paractitoner..will eventually moves towards a hermit path…leave this mandune world…my analysis is that this young man, is actually hving some gong li in occult practise and he is starting to hv resentment for worldly affair, thats y he left his wife and son, dun tok to ppl and jus confining himself t his own room , will only wake up and b active in the nite…he is actually not towards he will be abit ying in energy …becos of the yin energy he is emiting and together with the house fengshui, thats y there r sooo many mindless soul being attraced to the house …this mindless soul will not harm anybody with intent..but the ying energy with them will cos a person energy to become stale aka suay….. this young man  is not 走火入魔,  but hv actually cultivate to a level that his soul aka ling had actually hving a fusion with reusi ling energy….but at this period, he is exp with ling trap as he hv not “clear”himself of negative karmic energy….he had totally ignore or realise his own past lives karmic sin.. after i explain this to his dad…he told me..actually b4 he became wat he is today, his son did tell him, that he can actually use a hair of a person to punish the person if he wanted to…he tot his son is jus bragging.. his dad plead me to save his son…and like wat usual desperate ppl will tell me…money is not a problem..hahahaahaha….ppl jus think money can solve all problem..but i think it doesnt apply in this case liao… i advsie the father 1> to move asap…, although fs is not the main factor for this case, but some how it does produce some push factors.. 2> i taught his dad 往生咒,TO 超度those spirits ,also to gain some karmic merits for his family.. 3> will seal the NE sector using 6 马头明王金钢杵 4> had a good “talk” with Phra Ruesi…this 1..really no confident 1…its not easy to learn ruesi magic, but once u r “connect” tis very very break the link. after i leave the house…the wole issue really bother me…there r jus too many “brave” young man learning occult nowadys with no proper guide…they only think abt great power they will hv, never spare a tot for their family and also the law of karma….they prefer to cultivate in a short cut way …chose to abondon proper dharma or soul cultivation..i was jus like him…same same…but im jus lucky enough to wake up early…

"X" man????
Posted On 14/10/2008

hv not been updating my blog for some time…as usual busy with consultations and personal cultivation…n nevertheless…montioring the progress of some “X” man..kakaka…   especially after being a “volunteer” at the temple..i had more n more encounters with people who r Ling “mutant” aka “x” man..hahaha.. sounds very bad yeah…well..they r not physically special..but their ling r very special…erm..let me quote a few cases..   1> candy   met candy in the temple..1 nite abt 3 am…usually whenever there is new people coming to the temple at wee hours, i will b at high alert..cos,no normal people will come at this hour… she came in and kneel at  the kuan yin statue and start praying…suddenly..her body start to jerk..and start to swirl ..then her hands start to shake curiousity was then highly arouse..i summon my ling energy to my 3rd eye chakra and look at her..there r total of 6 different energy colour on her…all in a big mess…and there is also a grey patch energy sparsely spread over her body… then she stop and move to another altar and start praying..maybe my stare at her is too obvoius..n she notice me…and start to be a bit pai say…and quickly..she wanted to leave the temple.. i tot of jus let her go..not to be kaypo..but my innerself..jus blurt out”hello….dun you find yourslef strange?!!??? she stop her exit and came forward to me…she very pai say and apolagise..i told her no need to..and ask her if she wana know y she is like dat…she knode her head..together with her, we sit infront of the buddha and start to explain ling theory to her..she was astonished to all my explaination and start to relate her histroy to me… she was praying like normal when she was young, untill 5 yrs ago, she went to a thai temple and after hv 6 monks together bless her, she start to feel some funny energy cosing her to move and swirl…unable o control herself… after that..when ever she go praying she will hv such actions..her hubby and children feel ashame to go temple with her…so she can only pray alone…..and also..those monks/nuns/or priest will say she is a demon lah/possesses lah..making her hubby thinking he had a demonic wife…she is so confuse untill the extend she wanted to give up on religion…she was here tonite..becos her son was sick and for quite a long time..the doc cant under bo bian situation then she come temple at this seek for blessing.. i had a long talk and explaination on 灵宗 with her….and also i taught her the fundamentals..on ling cultivation…i also taught her hw she can heal her son…b4 she left, we shoke hand, she tears….cos for all this the only 1 who is able to answer her all her doubts..and after knowing the truth,she dun hv to give up on religion…becos of fading faith… 2> Andrew… a very muscular guy around 36, he came to temple that day, while i was sweeping floor…he  bumped onto me and not only he didnt apolagise…he even stared at me..walao..i was thinking…where gt such rude ppl 1…he kneel infront of buddha..and pray quietly i ignore him and continue sweeping…when i look at him again, i saw his hand is making alot of mudras…i look colosely at those mudras..i was shocked! its not those normal  菩萨手印…..THEy ARE ARSURAS 魔天手印…these mudras r so called forbidden hand come he is doing it and some more infront of buddhas..i was wondering if he is jus merely mudras or mudras with energy..i decided to test him.. i visualise 大白伞盖佛母appear infront of me, i make her mudras and start to chant her mantra, i excert my ling energy on the mudras, and beam it at him , he like hands and legs being tied and start to roll on the floor..i could feel his energy is struggling with mine..his ling enegy is actually much stronger then mine..its jus that he dun know how to use..this really frighten me… i dispers my energy..and went to him and help him up..he shoo me away, and yell at me..”get lost not mad ok..dun think im mad!!!”..and glare at me.i smile at him…and throw him a comment ” wah..一个好失败的修罗众生….” “what you talking??? 修罗is the greatest ok…its just that i have  not cultivate as to be 1 nia..” “so you know your past life?” “yeah so? you also know my past life?” “what do you think? if not y would i said u 失败…? you want to know how to cultivate as a real 强者?” he knode his head…i ask him to sit down..we both sit infront of buddha and i start to share with him abt ling and also get to know his past exp.. when he was abt 3 , he was a very violent boy, often injured his bro and his mom brought him to see a fortune teller…the teller told her mom, he is a beast recarnation, and must forbide him to play with any weapon toys.. so after that he could only play with dolls…and when he is abt 16, becos of peers teasing, he bash 4 of his classmates and was expelled from school..and start to led astray …when he was 25, again becos of anger, he bashed some 1 and nearly gt jailed…becos of his impulsive nature, he face alot of failure in life….he is totally disapointed ab life and during this dwn turn, he met another fortune teller..the teller tell him abt his life without him saying anything and told him he is actually a asura in prviously and he needs to cultivate to be a real asura this life inorder to hv a good life.. he trust the teller words becos he is really zhun abt saying his life events…he start to read up on arsuras and start to prac meditation..and in his meditation, he will jus automatically making mudras and see alot of scene..he totally believe he is a inborn asuras… i took abt 2 hrs to “brain wash” him that being an asuras is totally unwholesome…he sould be cultivated towards the path of buddhahood…and explain to him on ling….n ling cultivation… he is a inborn high sensertive ling person…he dun need to qi ling..cos his ling is already awake.. such people r very dangerous, they r like a person carrying explosive around.. a wrong tot could easily make him become a demon…i know he believe wat i say..but im not confident he will able to put dwn his anger nature….haiz…   3> Ah Bing   he is a very skinny man around 40, he came to temple quite often..everytime he come..he will go to the yellow zambala and ask for 4D number..then he will meditate or shall is say site quietly on the floor at 1 corner..that very nite, while sitting, he suddenly blurt out a loud laughter..he was shocked and quickly gt up and rush to my shi xiong…and ask wat happen…my dear shi xiong refer him to me…. i did a energy scan on him..and ask he a tung kee???he said no…i ask agin and tell him dun lie..then he pai  say yes…..but was years ago…i ask him is he a tung kee for sah yeah peh…his eye become big n big and ask me how i know…i smile smile at him…and double check some of his life events with him…he confirmed them…. he is not in big trouble…becos of easy money he gt from his tung kee business..he was indulge in gambling..and he is landed in debts now…and beoc sof misuse…he is actuslly not a real tung kee for sah yeah peh but some spirits instead..and now the sipirtis energy hv already blend with his… soon..he will lost his mind …he gt tense and ask me to help.. i explain to him abt ling and ling cultivation..his only way out is to strengthen his own ling so that xie lie cant take ouver his body… i taught him some ling cultivation fundamentals. and ask him to go prac for 100 days b4 i teach him..the 2nd steps..well i hope he will listen..if not after 100 days i could only see him at lor buangkok…   there r many many such ling confusing cases i came across…some i dare not put it dwn cos i will soon be labeld as “MAD”..kakakaaka the knowledgs of ling of most of us..r really realy towards zero…hope i can spread more of this knowledge around and help as much as i can…

Posted On 07/10/2008

躲避,不一定躲得过….. 面对,不一定最难过….. 孤单,不一定不快乐….. 得到,不一定能长久….. 失去,不一定不再有…. 转身,不一定最软弱…. 别急着说别无选择…….. 别以为世上,只有对与错….. 许多事情的答案都不只是有一个, 一切都有它的因因果果….. 所以我们永远都有路可以走…. 你能找个理由难过…. 也一定能找到快乐…. 懂得放下的人,找到轻松…. 懂得遗忘的人,找到自由…. 懂得关怀的人,找到朋友.