Posted On 29/11/2007

靠山,山会倒, 靠人,人会老 靠己,是最好

most of us since the sec we are born, we start to find support in life….

we start with our parents, we cry to attract their attention, we cry to gain their support.. its seems to be our nature instinct that we need supports…

however, the ideal of gaining support in life, became our weak point…many times we do alot of things jus to make sure we dun lose the support… friends, lovers etc , we give alot…with an ideal they will give bk….if they dun, we will be upset…sometime we will try harder to make sure we can get bk wat we give…and also not to lose such support… we see many of friends around us when out of love, he or she will cry, will beg their lover not to leave them, even to an extent , they self torture…hoping to  soften their heart… hoping to gain bk the support..

we all afraid of losing support,…the want in keep it is a biggest torture we ever hv…  we often forget.. we came to this life all  by ourself..and when we die we leave by ourself too.. its ignorant to think that some1 will always acompany u or support u..all the way in life..

a happy person is some1 realise it and is able to self support… we all becos of affinity we met,  affinity..takes time to gathern also take time to difuse…n when time up..affinity will jus dismiss…

there is a time span for affinity…

beside ppl, we also tend to rely on object….

i guess many hv this 臭臭 thing…it could be a pillow or a doll u hug to sleep since young, n this thing never been wash…every nite must smell it then can sleep..this r sign of insecure …

some cannot lost the support of religion, everyday b4 step out of house must wear they amulet..sometime forgt will whole day feel uneasy n insecure..n hv to quickly go hm n take…wonder its u r the 1 who wear amulet or its the amulet that wears u….

another latest thing  most of us cant leave hm without  it….handphone….

emotion could also become a support…some ppl will indulge in self pity..sadness or anger..cos with such emotions it gives then the strenght to live on…n it become a support in life for them…and some time its soooooo acustom to the feelings that u jus angry for the sake of  angry n sad for nothing…

idolizingis also a form of attachment….we project an imaginery goodness on another person,another human that is also suffering from neg karma living in a realm same to u and me….we often see fans of singer or actor doing things to express their love for their idol, without knowing them truefully we start to shout I LOVE YOU…, scream and cheers…we ignorantly take him or her as a flawless human.. we take all his words as divine instruction, we tried not to remind ourself  that the idol that we idolize might not even aware of our extistent , if yes..he or she might jus take us as a customer that buy their product

its all the insecure in u that makes u think that u need support….and its the wants in keeping and holding on to the support that makes u led a suffering  life…

so in simple words….if a person want a happy n carefree life…u must learn to b self sufficient…n be the support for ur ownself, also we shld min all our attachments

Having attachments.. is the root of sufferings…

To be…
Posted On 27/11/2007

To be in the world , but not of it………

sounds simple…but not easy..

play ur role well in life…but dun get affected by it..

continue to love and recieve love, continue to trust and be trust,

treat life as a game, play hard but dun be a fanatic,

dun hurt urself or hurt others during the game, its only a game

win or lose…u still recieve the same door gift…the game is just a game

when in the game enjoy the game….the happiness,sadness, anxiety etc etc surface during the game…is all ur self delusion…du hv to keep carry it …

being con again……..
Posted On 26/11/2007

recieve a call from my indonesia customer, CK  in the afternoon..he sounds urgent i ask hin isit becos of business as …i tot its like normal time..whenever he came to sg, he will consult me regarding his business..he say yes, so abt 8pm, i happily go to trader hotel to meet him… when he open the door, i sense something not rite! how come there is a smell of ling jie …and my left hand was  shaking like mad…. i ask him is it his wife, he nod his head.. i came into the room, his wife was tied up lying on the bed moaning, Sam , CK bodyguard , stand nex to the bed… he told me His mdm when past a river  on saturday and that nite she keep crying, moaning and keep using her right hand to hit the wall…totally not behave like herself as i came unprepared…i was like walao…jia lat liao… i sit dwn on the floor, i ask sam to untie her …. start summoning zhen qi and at the same time i chant Chinnabunchorn, mdm start to cry and vomit, she from bed roll dwn to floor, after i filled liao, i went over to mdm, sam help me to straighten  her, i ask her wat she want in english..but she answer me in malayu,CK who is hiding in the toilet , walk to me n translate … the spirit was a 16 yr old ger, she was rob and killed, the robber hv chop off her right hand and she was dead for 10 yrs. i ask ck to ask her wat she want,she reply she want a home and mdm right hand. i was really puzzle want mdm hand for wat, i ask ck to reply for me , for the nex abt 20 mins terms was still not settle , i decide not to talk anymore, i project my energy at her and start chanting liao..mdm scream and keep hitting her head at the wall, sam tried to get hold of her, but cant hold well, nex she  start biting her tongue liao.. i quickly stop, she talk again, ck said she is willing to stop if they willing to put up her at their hm, she jus want a home while waiting for the time..she dun want to wander any more. i ask ck…and tried very hard to convince ck its a best soultion and i promise him, he will hv no told her we agreed ,she nodded her head and give a very cold smile and fall flat on ground. mdm was unconcious liao, i told ck she will b fine. i teach ck and sam wat to do when they go bk…ck still very worry, i explain to him that its jus like a sword , can attack  n can defend…if he do according to wat he promise , she will do wat she promise as well….i also teach ck a mantra to b recite to the spirit everyday so as to help her to rebirth faster. haiz….tot is jus a simple consultation appointment who knows it turns out to be soooo ma fan….again its proves my theory, customer cant be trusted………..

Posted On 25/11/2007

世間情執一定要放下,貪愛五欲六塵、名聞利養,決定障礙往生。經上說,有機會聽到淨土法門、無量壽經,這都是過去生中曾經修過無量劫的善根福德,有這樣深厚的善根,為什麼還不能成就?就是因為情執沒放下。如果我們還是放不下,空過這一生,來生恐怕要再經過無量劫,才能夠遇得到這個稀有難逢的機緣。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)

"Can u please hurry up! my child is still nameless!"
Posted On 25/11/2007

After 2 days of endless appoinments, i finally can sit dwn infront of my laptop, drink my coke , using my half past six ang mo to type my blog… for the past 2 days i total recieve 15 calls requesting for naming service for new born babies….. from my list of xuan xue service…naming is the 1 most tedious to me…. most of the time i reject this service….but many times…under the bo bian situation i …….do lor… reason i find this service tedious 1> before i could come up with the name i need to do a very thorough destiny analysis for the find his useful element and also need to know his weak point in character .. 2. I need to find out from their parents wat chinese character do they prefer and wat are the taboo character to them. 3> i need to go thru the chinese dictioner to slect the chinese character that matches the useful element of the baby ba zhi 4>from the range of chinese character i selected, i need to mix n match , so that the total strokes for the name is auspicious 5> i need to come up with more than 5 names to propose to the parents, and i must explain to them y and how good is the name… 6> the name beside hv to carry good luck it also must carry good meaning…best if i can come up with poems to illustraet the meaning of the names… 7> i hv to be very up to date.. i cannot use character that is old , for boys, wat 雄,财,水,火,明,兴, for girl ,eg 朱,玲,红,莲,. normally i took 6 hrs to complete the whole thing, but frankly speaking….i where gt the luxuary to sit dwn n peacefully  do it for 6 hrs…. usually i b4 accept this service i told my client i will need at lease 4 to 5 days… on sat , when i told mdm cheong , she said its ok…but jus only…she call me. and in aloud tone she said “Can u please hurry up! my child is still nameless!” haiz.. i know i m doing a service and should prac customer is always rite theory…but.. its ok…for the happiness of those cutie…i will work hard 🙂

“YOU hypnotize me!!!”
Posted On 21/11/2007

few days ago Met a man born in 1971  for a ba zhi consultation. A very charismatic chap working as a marketing consultant.

He is a Tian fu xing person , so i hv expected him to be a money sensertive and full of pride person. By right , such a person will not be intrested in knowing ba zhi..but he seems to be very eager to meet me…

as usual i met him at my favourite Mac…from his eyes i can see sadness and when i shake his hand i feel a very stale energy, so i believe 1 of his family member must hv jus pass away…n true enough after a small chat he reveal that his dad jus pass away 3 days ago…

I asked him for the reason he wanted to see ba zhi but he jus casually said that its for fun…so as usual i started my destiny analysis introduction….

as i hv expected, he gave me a  nonchalant attitude…its only till I touch the karma part..he started to show some intrest….I breifly told him what i hv in my vision…and he keep asking….

he told me actually b4 me he had already consulted 4 others and they all said the same thing abt his previous life…all advise him to  move away from his parents when he reach 35….but he refused to believe..n now he is guilty of his father death..

He was a person who take away many lives in his previous life, there are alot of ye qi carried in him…he is destined to ke fu ke mu ke xiong ke di ke qi ke zi ke nu…his liu  qing yuan is super bad…

he wants me to prove my stand….i brought him to my house….i played my mantra CD and ask him to lied dwn on the floor…i inject my ling ci li to induce his ling…his body start to shake violently…and he start to yell…my parents were shock and dash into my room….i quickly signal them to leave the room….

the yelling last for 20mins ….then i woke him up…he burst out in tears…and start to grab my shoulder and keep shouting at me , said i hypnotize him and gave him false images…he was in great depression….

He took quite awhile to calm dwn…he asked me a shocking Qn,.should he kill himself to atone his sin.. so that his mom and his wife will not be affected..

it took me alot of effort to ease him and talk him round to follow my advise of xiu xing…

well.. tis 1 is really one of my headache cases…to make a guilty person to continue  facing  life positively is really tough….

this case do affect me alot…karmic debtors, they r soo well coordinated………..they can attack us through our siblings and loves 1…also through emotions and mentality…

i hv no confidence at all ….i can only try my best..haiz…im still a ling trap in a body after all………..

Posted On 19/11/2007

受戒燃香,跟點蠟燭的意義相同,也就是發願要以智慧、才藝、體力和所有的一切,盡心盡力幫助一切眾生破迷開悟,離苦得樂。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)

having Money is having good fortune????
Posted On 18/11/2007

one day there is an old demon, he saw that the human world is too peaceful n nice liao…he wanted to create some that human will still remember there is demon..

he sent a small demon dwn to disturb a farmer…becos he saw the farmer work very hard everyday but he gain only very little yet he still live his life happily..he is very contented..this make the old demon very buay song..

the little demon uses his magic n change the farm ground of the farmer to b very hard so that he hv a problem to plough his land..hwever the plot of the demon fail, the farmer although abit sad but still he work even harder to plough the land without any complains…

the little demon..make a 2nd attempt..this time..he decide to take away his food and water…he tot the farmer will be angry this time but..the farmer did not angry at all…instead he think the 1 who stole his food n water must be some 1 that needs it more than him..

the little demon…think n think finally he decided on 1 plot. he transform himself to a human body n start to make friend with he farmer, becos he hv magic power n could predict weather, he start to advise the farmer when is good to farm n wat is good to farm….n becos of his accurate prediction, the farmer after 3 yrs start to accumulate some money.. n the little demon start to teach the farmer abt trading…n soon the farmer becom a trader and start to earn lots n lots of money..n become a wealthy person.

he change his house from a hut to a mansion, hv lots of servents , a beautiful wife and 2 healthy kids…he had convince himself that he is a fortunate person….

the little demon finally decide its time to complete his mission…

the demon summon a fire to b broke out in his house, the fire wipe out his house, his money,his wife and his kids….

the farmer in one day was transform bk  to a pauper n alone again in 1 day…

he was totally devastated…he was full of hatred,pain and anger…he can no longer b the farmer that was calm, peaceful n contented….from 0 to unexpected… from 1 bk to zero..was also unexpected but its soooo difficult to accept lose…

The demon hv won…

Posted On 17/11/2007



All the closest person or the most love person around us hvtheir living needs and wants.

do not think they are god or angels,..they hv no needs in life..

The most horrible thing in life is not human,ghost,demon…..etc etc..its our self indulgence…

we all like to assume the person closest to us should be selfless,always be with us when we need them,…..we hate or try to hid the truth..that they will also sacrifise us when there is a need for it….or when we cant provide enough to satisfy them in emotions, they will also “betray” us..

when this happen, we will feel horrible, sad and even depress…..but please we shouldnt blame them…its u, urself to b blame…cause its ur own assumptions..that they will do this do that..

as long as u r a moving living thing, u will hv ur own surviving skill..animals,human….hv an inborn surviving skill..inorder to survive, our body and mind will react accordingly as we grow……

No matter , love ones,relatives,friends etc etc…we all hv expectations on them,we tot that as ong as there is such a relationship present, there is a garuntee for the fullfilling of the expectations…however the cruel truth is that there is never never a garuntee relationship..

becos of survival….in mind or in physical….relationship is fragile…

usually the 1 who hurt us most is our closes or love 1…., but actually its not them who hurt us…is u urself keep living in the memory of the “relationship pact”..refuse to accept reality..the struggle in u induce the bitter…its u..its u ….its u………..YOURSELF…

many of us must hv buy insurance…., there r all kinds of insurance in the market…but there will be no relationship insurance….n to be more blunt….there is no Insurance for our destiny..

alot of us..see ourself as the 主角 of our life…jus like a 主角 in a movie…n hv this thinking that we r suppose to b living happily and smoothly…any mishaps or unlucky is not include….if hv.its must be some where go wrong liao…..

another cruel truth is that….living itself is suppose to be full of sworrow….being lucky or good in life is an “unexpectations”…

our living world is a 共业道场….meaning becos of our bad karma, u and me are rebirth in this human realm…so dun expect smoothness…in some way or another…there must be bad happening to us….dun keep living in the dream that u  r suppose to b rich,healthy,comfortable or even had a good death….

we should always live in the present….past r mirage, future is uncertain….be responsible to ur present  role in life…

excuse me…my house gt guan yim ma bo?
Posted On 15/11/2007

heehee, the above phrase is often ask by my client when i went to their place for fengshui viewing..

alot of us tot that hving a statue of a divine being at house will meant hving them at home… well..the ugly true that, its not true… Bodhisattva ,god , goddess etc etc..are just a force of divine energy, when we r praying we r not praying to the statue or the statue is alive looking at u…. when we r praying its our intention, or in a more “science ” way, our brain waves is reaching the divine energy… so dun hv to b too particular about hw n wat the statue look…

alot of ppl spent tons of money to chrome their statue n spend bombs on high ended statue…thinking it show hw sincere they r n hoping that they will recieve more blessing… the ugly truth is that, a person praying to a gold statue without TAO intention n a person with TAO intention praying to a piece of pic or jus even to the sky…the later will able to recieve n connect to the divine energy easier….. if every house hv guan yin statue n every statue hv so call guan yin present…wah..guess…goddess of mercy must be very busy….

i know of group of ppl..even more cute…. they pray to akind of myterious god…n they hv so call ritual with dripping wax on statue,n using the statue to do funny formation, saying by such will increase the “power” of the god….its really sooo cute..if a god need his devotors to do funny things on the statue to increase its energy…wah..the god also abit pathetic…

i gt a case where by a nice lady is soooooooo against praying to the goddes of mercy… the reason is that this lady was initially when young was very devoted to goddes of mercy…she will pray to her every morning when wake up, talk to her , and must pray to her b4 sleep…really supper devoted 1…but then 1 day ..her brother meet an accident and dead…from that day onwards.. she start to hv very negative feelings to goddes of mercy..she dun understand y she so devoted n she seek the goddes for her family protection everydayn y such tragedy still happen…???? Is she being betray by goddes of mercy?

i believe this is not an isolated case…many do hv such exp..when in trouble u pray to god for protection, but problem still dun solve…..hv our prayers being turn to deaf ears by the divine beings..???? well…hving the above really being unjust to the divine beings…. 1st..they hv never ask us to pray to them, its us out of our admiration to them n start praying to them….they r divine beings…they can still b around even without our prayers…they r not our house security guards or our insurance agents..

2nd..the real judge to our life is not the gods…its karma, that decide our life…karma is the real judge to our life….god n goddes are jus our defending lawyers… if u hv convicted crimes n wish to plead for a lighter sentences…u still need to provide our defending lawyerswith valid proof ( which is our merits) so he or she can fight for us…if we dun hv proof… there is nothing he can do…… there are so many n really tooooooooo many ppl with wrong ideal n knowledge passing dwns from parents to kids, kids to kids..around us…

if we can start to see  things with more TAO, maybe..the misery of living will be much cushioned…..

good buddhism info…
Posted On 14/11/2007

Posted On 13/11/2007

彌陀經上「善男子、善女人」的標準,就在於「聞是經」、「聞諸佛名受持者」,佛名包括阿彌陀佛及十方一切諸佛的名號。我們現在雖然已經聽到佛的名號,但是沒有真正的受持,也就是沒有做到「淨念相繼」的標準,所以不能稱為善男子女人。「淨念」是接受,「相繼」是保持,換句話說,真正發願往生、淨念相繼的人,才是彌陀經上所說的「善男子、善女人」。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)

Posted On 13/11/2007

There are many types of fortune telling method in the market…one of the oldest and accurate 1 will be zhi ping ba zhi…. In zhi ping ba zhi, Our year , month, day and time of birth were transform to eight different sectors and wear represent by using the 5 elements, aka metal,water,wood,fire and earth. usually we define a good ba zhi is 1 that hv the  5 elements and also a balance 1…. the imbalance of the ba zhi will resulted the “sickness” of the person in destiny…. In our physical body, there r also a present of 5 elements energy. and the 5 element energy will control our emotions………….. metal is 悲 water is 恐 wood is 怒 fire is 喜 earth is 思 金能克木,所以悲能胜怒 水能克火,所以恐能胜喜 木能克土,所以怒能胜思 火能克金,所以喜能胜忧 土能克水,所以思能胜恐 the above theory also fits into chinese physician theory…  an example of hw the above theory appl to us… when a person is angry, he will start to vent anger on another person , till the person who was being scolded start to show 悲, he will feel good… our emotions is always affected by the 5 elements energy in our body. and in turn, our emotions affects our life… if we can learn to control our 5 elements energy, our life would be better… meditation is a good way to help us to control this elements energy in our body… when we talk abt meditation, many ppl will start to suggest diferent different types of meditation methods..n some will feel leh during meditation..some will say cannot anyhow meditate if not will zhou hyo ru mo…many etc etc…. well….to many of us, meditation  is jus abt sitting dwn, dun think of anything n concentrate on breathing thats all… thats only half true… i will like to introduce a safe n effective meditation method… before start meditation, we need to seek energy protection from higher beings.. we  cant recite: sit dwn place ur right leg on top of left leg, right hand on top of left hand with both thumb touching each other… imagine a ray of white light beaming on top of ur head…. relax ur body…..jus concentrate on chanting the a mi tuo fo…… dun b bother of anything u see or feel…. a person with high 灵感,will start to feel energy n start to shake, or ppl who hv hatred, sworrow,sadness buried deep in urself will start to tears,its normal, dun b afraid n b bother with it. some normal person will not feel anything, dun b bother..its normal.. some who hv already some cultivation background will see lots of purple or gold lights…its normal, dun b bothered…

you are not you………
Posted On 11/11/2007

In << 金刚经>>, we r being reminded many times, when we r walking, this walking person is not real,n not existing, only the scene is temporary there.  when we had a dream, we dreamt that there is someone aftering us, we were so scared, n keep running, then suddenly we drop into a pit,n felt pain.Then we woke up, n realise we r comfortable lying on the bed.n that was a nightmare…. if the 1 with body is me.. then who is the 1 who was being chase in the dream? so from this.. u may start to realise, the 1 with a physical body is not a real u…our physical body is jus a tool use by us in this mandune world…its jus like when we go disney land,a mickey mouse came to us n shake hand,n hug us…the mickey mouse was jus a human wearing some costume ..when the show time ended, n the person remove the costume the mickey mouse will not move…n the man will become another mandune world identity… same like our body…when its time is due.. n start to fail, we will leave this body..n the body will soon becum a pile of skeleton or  some ash… so if the physical body is not us.. then wat is us? We all might hv see a tornado…aka long juan feng, look carefully at it…the center part of it/ the eye,  is actually form….yet it could control the whole thing…n so strong that it swept..everyting that is passes.. same thing to us.. our body is jus like the part outside the eye of the tornado…n the eye , the hollow part is our real self….n this is wat we call….无相,无色,无型. there is this old guard was given a task to sent a criminal to exile…n the criminal happens to b a monk… the monk wanted to escape.. n start to befriend with the guard..n tried to make the guard to rest assure he will not run…then come 1 day jus be4 there reach their destination,the guard start to lessen  his attention on the monk n start to drink..n got drunk the monk freed himself ..n b4 he leave ,he lock the guard,exchange his attire with the guard n shave the guard’s hair… the next day when the guard wake up,he cant find the monk n start to panic, then suddenly he touches his head n talk to himself” hey…the monk was here actually”n he quickly check other luggage n found no lost…n again talk to himslef” the monk is here, the luggage is here, my weapon is here.., but where am i ?” from the above…we might realise that we are always concern abt physical thing around us, sturborn with appearance,..but however…all physical stuff is jus a end result of a temp combination of different affinity… the guard is drunk becos he drink,n becos he drunk, the monk manage to run away, ..the scene will never go bk to b4 where the monk is still keep as prisoner, it hv become history n will never b the same again… BUT, we all jus like to live in history, live in  scenes that is  kept in our memory…. when we 1st day start a job…there were many helpful collegues there to guide us..but after half year with the job..when we get use to the company, those collegue will start to pay lesser attention on us..but we will start to ponder hw come our collegues like start to dislike us.. we r not aware, things r different 6 mths ago n 6 mth later….our mind is till stick with 6 mth ago that comfy memory.. we like to hv old memories….keep hving the sweet tots of the love life in younger days,or  those old good days… memories….but to b blunt..this r all fake..when we open our eyes..all this memories will b gone, alot of us like to live in memories, cant bear to shake off the fake illusion, we r all stuborn….we r all self center…becos  gt I , then  can see a you,..n becos there is a difference between you and I …thats y our mandune world is never at peace… We all like to see mirror, from  the time we woke up till we sleep at nite , we must hv  see the  mirror upteen times, keep checking ourself if there r changes,..every time we look, it jus show how much we r stuborn with our physical part…… hv we ever look carefully into the mirror….is the person in the mirror the real u ? or you are not you?

wakie wakie….
Posted On 10/11/2007

when we were 1st born, we keep hving our own thinking , perspective and  our own expectation to see this world. The world in our mind is totally different from this real world. We r constantly living in our own dream n couldnt wake up…  When a truck was actually going head on towards us but we tot its a cute dog running towards us n  still thinking of hugging it… many of us also keep thinking that we r very popular, never care abt others comments or even suaning…can jus take them as positive comments… yes we can jus live in dreams all our life…..but there should b a time that we hv to wake up n stop living in our own dream world.. actually this real world that we see is a big dream by itself… we like to indugle ourself in this big fantasy dream world…..refuse to forsake the attractions , emotions attachment of this dream world. a road is a road,a place is a place,…hower many of us tends to take some place as ur own “special” place…The “special effect” is not due to the place…its actually our own “imaginary” feel… many ppl tends to think that dhama is very chim..difficult to understand,  but actually wat buddha wanted to tell us is just that what while we r going thru in this living world is just a dream….when a person enlighten,he will smile .cos he will realise that in this living world ..all good,bad,happy, sad is jus a short live dream… when we went to catch a show in the cinema, for that 90 min or so…our emotion will b affected by the show….laughter, tears…all can b resulted due to the manupilation of the show…but when the show ended…n the cinema starts to light up again, no matter hw sad the show was jus now or hw happy was the show jus nw…all hv become a dream….all r fake…we will jus leave the cinema…no 1 will stay put in the cinema..continue to cry or laugh…  share a story………….hope we can use TAO  to see the story there is this man who hate coffee alot alot.. but his wife loves coffee very much…the man never share with his wife abt his dislike towards coffee…therefor the caring wife will prepare a flask of coffee for the man to bring to work..everyday although the man dun like but he refuse to waste the coffee or hurt his wife by stoping he will bring the coffee to work without drinking n upon reaching hm from work, he will jus pour bk the coffe  to his house coffee that the wife could drink… then come 1 nite…the wife dream that the hubby gt an affair outside ..the dream continousely last for a week…n the wife start to believe her dream n tot her hubby must hv betray her….n thus she start her revenge project… she put drugs into her hubby coffee flask,…not knowing she will b the 1 drinking it…in the end only till the day she die….she realise… many of us hv experince unpredictable bad luck like sudden death of family members, lost of wealth, reputation,bankrupcy,illness or jus simply lost of everything over nite… from the above so call bad luck event.. we can actually see clearly that, actually even ur close ones or love one  can betray us, career, assets,reputation, car, big house, shares , friendship, love etc etc, all comes to u due to alot of affinity…if only a slight change..they can anytime become dream bubbles… buddha is full of compassion, he sees every1 of us as equal, he will find a suitable time to remind u its time to wake up…dun wait till the  killer truck bang on u then its too late… in time to come , we should all understand the place that u like is no longer a place… the person that u love is no longer a person…they are actually a scene or effect form due to alot of affinity…. some of us hv already wake up..some is struggle to wake up…some simply refuse to wake up….some scared to wake up…

everton park
Posted On 08/11/2007

view a 5 room flat at everton park yesterday….According to the owner, the price was really steep..but  i can say it was a very cosy unit…. the unit hv a double 8 facing …n a facing suitable to the owner…quite ok…the real big problem is the master room…it hv a very lousy layout…a room with 2 entrance n a shape of a  C. n hv a star of 2 and 5 .. spent  2 hour to convince the owner to accept my proposal… partition the room n seal 1 entrance, n hang my special takrut … will give my best shot to help him since he hv putted so much trust in me… 🙂

Posted On 07/11/2007

佛陀教導我們內心要遠離「塵」「緣」,遠離「妄想、分別、執著」。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)

Posted On 05/11/2007

知恩報恩,是做人的基本條件。別人對自己有滴水的恩德,都應該銘記在心,更何況是父母、師長的大恩大德,我們更要念念不忘;這是培養自己忠厚的品德。別人對我不好,不必放在心上;別人有好處,則要念念不忘;能夠學到這一點,我們的心地才會真正清淨,德行才能成就。(節錄 淨空法師語錄)

Posted On 05/11/2007

There are actually 3 basic layer of a mankind. 心,身,灵  心, doesnt mean our heart, it means our mind.where we process our thoughts and emotions…many times to pamper this part of us we will try to do things that make us happy… 身, this means our physical body, we eat nice food, drink water ,tonics etc etc to pamper this part. 灵, this is the most abstract part…many call it our subconcious or the hidden self…also many refuse to enknowledge this part of us… our 灵, is like a black box…it contains all our past life information….its the real self of us.. when our body age and die, our 灵 will come out of the dead body and when time and affinity is matured, it will enter a new body and continue life….this is wat we call recarnation… for this 3 layer of us..many or should i say abt 90% of us hv never pamper or do any thing for it…. 灵, only awake when we are partial awake and sleep…when we are awake, mind and body took over, when we r asleep, 灵 is being suppress… thats why many ppl when they r in the half sleep mode..they tend to hv all sort of spiritual experice like OBE, see funny things and even dejavu…. so what does our  灵 need? well it need 2 things, univeral unconditional loving light energy and mother nature qi…. there are many cases of depression, unknow anxiety, etc etc cases around…many thought its some type of mental problem… its actully not true…its our 灵 being hurt…and “hungry”… a person with a healthy 灵, will look radiant, healthy, life force energy strong, clear mind, good in luck  etc etc… Its being cos, a healthy and well “fed” 灵 will be able to radiate our strong auric energy, protect and cure our physical body and mind… Not only applicable to mankind, same to animals N  plant.  god aka 神灵, is a “end product” of a cultivated human 灵  邪灵in another way is a corrupted human 灵….  人is万物之灵, because in the six realms or shall i say in the 9 realms , only human have the gift of a full form  心,身,灵….. only  we human hv the such a great gift and opportunity to 修 our灵 and then  using it to 行 TAO….so that we can get out of samsara…. but most  us human becos of short sighting ,desire,greed n etc etc….we give up such great opportuniy..and live life in great mist…keep going through the samsara..reapeating the vicious cycle…. we all like to use 以为,认为,觉得to suppress our 灵, making it in great agony…

Good feng shui
Posted On 05/11/2007

View an apartment at lake shore condo last weekends… Very surprisingly, the fengshui of that particular apartment was so good.., it hit abt 85%, the facing gt good water star and the sitting hv good mountain star, the xuan kong da kua was sheng gua for the facing, the physical feature at the facing was like a qi reservoir, the energy of the house was light and smooth..wee u wee really one the best i hv see for this year… the owner was a young chap abt 30.. ..his face features was good too.. his forehead was more that 4 finger wide, his nose hv a good bridge …..good career sia. He is a person whose ba zhi need metal and water, now this apartment is in west , a metal element suits him perfectly… his zi wei dou shu was wu qu tan lang…wow really hard to believe…got such a lucky man around… hv a 2.5 hr consultation with him..throughout..he was polite and humble…share with him abt my 无极自发功, he was quite intrested… i hope he will aperson with such good karma, if he can open up his ling, i believe he will help more ppl around more poor ling and create more metta around..!